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Food Philosophy Video #5: CheddarVision The gents from CheddarVision join us for a discussion about flavor shapes (yes, flavor shapes), the concept of CheddarVision, and how their site has welcomed nearly 1.5 million visitors since its launch. Who knew so many people loved to watch cheese as it quietly ages. *******www.farmhousecheesemakers****/ *******
23 Jan 2008
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Food Philosophy Video #4: Chef Rick Bayless Chef Mark and I caught up with Chef Rick Bayless at the Fancy Food Show in NYC, where he was promoting his line of Frontera Foods gourmet products. The foremost expert on Mexican cuisine this side of the border, Chef Bayless shared his passion for revealing the country's true flavors to an American audience, going beyond what we normally see on our grocery shelves. You know how much we dig that. www.fronterakitchens****
25 Feb 2008
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Food Philosophy Video #12: Chestnuts in Bolzano Here's a quick bit of nut trivia for you as Chef Mark and I spot some roasted chestnuts on the streets of Bolzano, Italy.
20 Jan 2008
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Food Philosophy Video #14: Gascony Wines I discovered an intriguing line of wines from Domaine du Tariquet in the Gascony region of France. Importer Bobby Kacher shares his passion about this unusual varietal, and surprises us with white wines that can hold up to hearty winter foods. www.robertkacherselections**** www.culinarymedianetwork****
29 Feb 2008
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Food Philosophy Video #19: Holiday Beer Pairings Eager to serve some beer and food pairings for the festive season? Brewmaster Jane Killebrew-Galeski takes us through delicious options for different courses, from light beers to organic microbrews. Cheers, and happy holidays! www.culinarymedianetwork****
9 Feb 2009
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Food Philosophy Video #17: Cocina 88 - Guadalajara Chef Mark and I explored the delicious flavors of Guadalajara, Mexico with a dinner at Cocina 88, where I tasted the freshest, most tender calamari that has ever found its way to my lips. This restaurant is a must if you are visiting Guadalajara. Special thanks to our gracious host, Juan Pablo Diz, from Partida Tequila -- he's become one of my favorite dining companions! *******cocina88****/
23 Jan 2008
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Reggie Jackson (Mr. October himself) joins me for a tasting of Original SoupMan (TM) soups. The soup man, Al Yeganeh, is the inspiration behind Seinfeld's "No soup for you!" Be sure to watch all the way to the end, because he lets me hold The Ring!
8 Jan 2010
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Jennifer and Chef Mark take a peek behind the scenes at the Gems of Denver dinner at the James Beard House in NYC -- and Jennifer offers a sneak preview of some very sassy quirks in the house itself. www.culinarymedianetwork****
7 Apr 2008
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Take a tour with me through James Beard's former home in NYC. Suffice it to say that anyone with a mirrored ceiling in the bedroom is a hero in my book. Food Philosophy is a production of the Culinary Media Network. www.culinarymedianetwork****
21 May 2008
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Any product that can inspire an "O" face is one worth trying. The new Tondo fruit-flavored balsamic vinegars are to die for -- gorgeous flavors of lemon, citrus, pomegranate and fig. Join me for a taste with artisan purveyor Alessandro Calveri.
15 Apr 2008
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On Food Philosophy 59 I took you on a little journey through Calabria, which included a dinner at San Domenico restaurant in NYC. Now step with me behind the kitchen doors as I speak with Chef Odette Fada to talk about her culinary creations -- and get a little glimpse of some chefs at play! Chef Fada was named one of the best Italian chefs by Wine Spectator, and was a James Beard Award nominee for Best Chef NY. She's also completely adorable, and made our time in the kitchen a lot of fun (she managed to flail less than I did!). *******www.italianmade****/ *******www.sandomeniconewyork****/
1 Jun 2008
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The products of Round Pond have been some of my favorite finds from the last couple of years. Their artisanal olive oils, red wine vinegars and fruit syrups are made from hand-picked fruits from their own sustainably-farmed estate in the Napa Valley. I ran into them at the farmer's market when I was out in wine country, and became giddy when I discovered the new fruit syrups. Meyer lemon syrup over cheesecake, anyone? I thought so. They now offer estate wines as well, and tours of the olive mill, so if you're on the west coast this would definitely be worth a peek. *******www.roundpond****/
1 Jun 2008
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Taste of the Nation Miami After sampling some delicious morsels at Miami's Taste of the Nation, celebrating its 20th year in the fight against hunger, I chatted with the cherubic Allen Susser, coordinating chef of the event and chef/owner of the notable Chef Allen's. I never cease to be amazed at the energy exuded by chefs to feed hungry people of all income levels, and Taste of the Nation is one of the finest charity events in the U.S. Not only does it benefit local food banks and charities, but it gives you, the guest, an opportunity to sample a city's most incredible tastes under one roof for an extremely reasonable price. This is capitalism and charity in a beautiful win-win relationship. *******www.chefallens****/ *******www.strength****/
1 Jun 2008
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Crab Rolls at Fisherman's Wharf Join me for my first taste of a San Francisco crab roll, complete with the luscious taste of sourdough, at Fisherman's Wharf. If you've heard that a New York bagel cannot be replicated outside of the five boroughs (which is true, by the way), you'll find the same applies to the infamous sourdough.
9 Feb 2009
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The Stinking Rose Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have gone to video. Check out our adventures (that would be me and the Chef called Mark) at The Stinking Rose Restaurant in San Francisco, including the sampling of some deeelicious garlic ice cream!
1 Jun 2008
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