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ice fishing in Canada's North is very safe, but it's far from easy!
5 Feb 2008
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you like ice fishing? whach this wideo and don't go fish any more.
29 Jan 2008
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Good little ice fishing video here! More ice fishing videos like this one can be found at www.pondreviews****
11 Apr 2008
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In the winter of 2007/08 I was working as a ski instructor in Canada living with my brother. My little brother fresh from year 12 exams visited we thought we should do more than just ski. We went ice fishing www.adventureproject****
29 Oct 2008
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You may be wondering, what in the world am I doing in these videos? I never used to make these videos before, so what am I thinking? Well, basically its just going to be like, a video blog, where Im just going to tell you different things about my week. Every Monday, Im going to give you guys a YouTube video of the week, a song of the week, and a saying or word of the week. Every Wednesday, theres going to be something random. Probably just me talking about my week, things I did, things Im doing, and maybe a tutorial here and there. Just some kind of video about something. Then Friday, Im going to give you guys one of three things. The first Friday of the month is going to be movie Friday, of the month, thing. So basically, Im just going to give you guys a movie, that I saw that I liked, that I saw that month, that I thought was good, and Im going to give you what I thought of it and a little bit about it. Then we are going to have the game of the month. Basically thats going to be, a favorite game that I liked for that month. Either a game that I played, a demo of a game thats coming out, or just a game of some kind that Ive previewed in some way, that I thought was worth it for that month. The third Friday of the month is going to be, a gadget or hardware, software, programs, or something that I found that month that I thought was worth mentioning. It could be some kind of website that offers some kind of program or service. The last Friday of the month when there is one, is going to be some kind of random video, like Wednesdays, but probably some kind of tutorial. So basically, since its a Wednesday, Im going to tell you whats going on with my week. Yesterday, I got my fishing license, so now I can go ice fishing. With my license, I received the standard book. Inside the book, theres a lot of pictures, but of only summer fishing, nothing regarding ice fishing of any kind. Anyway, I found another thing this week, my harmonica. I dont really know how to play it very well, but I can play a little. If you're looking to buy one, check this out: *******tinyurl****/ca388r. Thats pretty much it, but keep coming back and checking out whats happening while Im trying to get stuff rolling. If you could, SUBSCRIBE if you haven't, keep watching my videos, and tell your friends, or anyone else who might like them.
4 Feb 2009
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Experience an outdoor culinary adventure, by joining locals from Saskatchewan as they share in the art of ice fishing. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit *******
12 Jun 2009
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Funny ice fishing
6 Jul 2009
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Ice Fishing - *******conradsharry.blogspot****
20 Dec 2009
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Ice fishing trout on New years, limited out within an hour, we sure caught a bunch of perch too.
21 Jan 2010
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Ice Fishing Trout in Utah, werent the biggest fish but it was a fun day!
19 Jan 2010
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Ice Fishing
31 Jan 2011
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A mild and relatively calm December day, so I took my big AP plane out to get some video of the little ice fishing village that pops up on our lake every winter.
4 Jan 2012
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