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Growing Number of Teens Becoming Victims of Online Identity Theft Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America with 18-29 year olds being the largest group of victims. Educating 13-18 year olds about how and why they are being targeted is critical in preventing new victims. Clean credit and a low level of identity theft awareness are two top reasons teens are targeted. A new survey from Qwest Communications Teen Council Program shows that an alarming number of teens are making it easier for thieves to steal their identity. With answers from more than 1,600 students about their online habits, the report identified the top 5 ways teens are compromising their identities. - Posting their real name, address, date of birth and school on social networking sites like MySpace - Talking with strangers through their social networking page – and in some cases meeting in person - Divulging social security numbers on online job applications - Unable to recognize “phishing” emails - Storing personal information like their social security number and passwords in cell phones Experts warn that a teen’s identity is more valuable than money and the best way to protect against ID theft is awareness of the problem. Most teens are willing to share personal information as a means of feeling more popular within their peer group. Better communication at home can help families stay safer online. To view the entire Teen Council report and get additional information about protecting your identity go to IncredibleInternet****. Produced for Qwest
20 Jun 2007
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Hi! This trick is called 'IDENTITY'. I don't think anyone have a trick like this. I'll make a tutorial soon when I have 20,000 views..
1 Jul 2007
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Discover the 31 ways they commit identity theft and why knowing them will help you from becoming their next victim. See how they do it to anyone, with the amazing secrets and discoveries in this just released report that is dramatically changing lives literally overnight. Strictly For Academic Study Only!
5 Aug 2007
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Protect yourself from Identity Theft.
14 Aug 2007
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Animated Ident for Leeds Met Uni
20 Sep 2007
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An informational video presented by www.BestCreditQuote**** that discusses 10 ways in which thieves make identity theft happen.
29 Oct 2007
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Preventing identity theft, as explained on www.BestCreditQuote****, can be accomplished through these steps.
8 Nov 2007
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Trailer of Bourne Identity
14 Nov 2007
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Franklin D. Roosevelt loved murder mysteries, and he posed a question to fiction writers of the time: how could a millionaire disappear, leave his identity behind, and retain his wealth? Several took up the challenge, and the novel produced became an instant best seller. The President’s Mystery is the film based on this novel with its clever presidential premise still in tact. Thanks to pointed dialogue and great acting, the film did not disappoint fans of the novel. The protagonist is played by the apt Henry Wilcoxon who decides that he would like a fresh start with a new identity. Faking his suicide, Wilcoxon ingeniously robs himself to retain his fortune! After taking up as a different citizen, Wilcoxon discovers there are problems with his scheme. Pushing towards a rousing crescendo of action and tantalizing drama, The President’s Mystery continues to fascinate to this day.
10 Dec 2007
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10 Jan 2008
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The TWIN BROTHERS Productions presents Odd Jobs! Ron Croft and Don Croft are Identical Twins doing more Canadian short videos, eh! Website: www.thetwinbrothers****
2 Feb 2008
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Is your credit union compliant with the new FACT ACT Red Flag rules? NCUIS provides information about identity theft and a fully compliant and economical solution for your credit union.
28 Feb 2008
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