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Jon's traveling through Europe this week on his way to IFA, so this episode is spearheaded by Noah Kravitz, host of Rumor Round Up. Noah shares his experience with having his favorite gadgets stolen, provides his thoughts on 720p displays on phones, jailbreaking iOS devices, exercise for bloggers and much, much more!
30 Aug 2011
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First Hands On Look at the new Samsung MV800, equipped with a 3.0" touch-screen Flip-out LCD display. However, this is not your typical horizontally revolving LCD! From IFA in Berlin
1 Sep 2011
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Samsung unveils the sleek new 7.7" Galaxy Tab android tablet at IFA in Berlin. Check out the TechnoBuffalo hands on!
2 Sep 2011
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Hands on with the new Samsung Wave 3! This is one good looking phone. From IFA 2011 in Berlin.
3 Sep 2011
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Hands on with the new Samsung NX200 and MV800 cameras live from IFA 2011
4 Sep 2011
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Live from IFA 2011 in Berlin, Jon gets his hands on the innovative Sony Tablet P clamshell tablet.
6 Sep 2011
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Jon's been at IFA in Berlin all week week, so this episode is spearheaded by Noah Kravitz, host of Rumor Round Up. Noah provides some prognostication on the future of HTC and Dr. Dre and he channels his inner audiophile / musician with some headphone speak. All this and more in this episode of Ask the B!
6 Sep 2011
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*******,,3005492,00.html Nihat Halıcı tarafından hazırlanan programda, üç boyutlu televizyonun geleceği, Berlin Tüketici Elektroniği Fuarı IFA'dan izlenimler ve denizlerde petrol tehdidi konuları ele alınıyor.Elektronik şöleni başlıyor Denizlerde petrol tehdidi
19 Oct 2011
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First look at the multi-view camera at IFA
23 Dec 2011
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The best from the world of 3D at IFA 2011
23 Dec 2011
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Hi, I'm Grant Abbott and I'm principal of SMSF Strategies. Today we're talking about contributions reserves. Now these are not new things. I started talking about contributions reserves way back in 1998 when the superannuation surcharge was first introduced into Australia. It's had a long, long history, went away but then has come back again with the release of obviously the excess concessional, excess non-concessional caps, has really come to the fore. I remember talking about it at a spa conference way back in 2009. In fact it might have even been 2008; the contributions reserves were absolutely crucial for people to get a tax deduction in this current year to maximise or go above their threshold and carry some of the contributions over to the next year. Since that time, around about two years ago, the Commissioner started looking at it in the National Tax Liaison Group and basically gave a big thumbs-up. In the 2011 SMSF Strategy Day that we did with IFA, I went through all the particular issues around it and we were all quite happy, the contributions reserves are all a-okay from the Commissioner.
16 Jun 2012
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Tatra vehicles for military and construction sectors are the best terrain trucks in the world from the Czech Republic. výslovnost překladu Tatra has a history and present significant achievements in the Dakar Rally . Czech carmaker LIAZ also disappeared but her car is still fully pres considerable age and this is one of the most successful vehicles for mixed operation in which any mode of transport, in the past mněli vehicles LIAZ considerable success in the Dakar Rally . výslovnost překladu Czech car brand Praga V3S made ​​mainly for military and civilian sectors have great clearness terrain and many of them still serve as a prez in 2012 celebrated 60 years of Praga V3S , currently it is replaced in the Army 810th Tatra výslovnost překladu Then there is the East German IFA and a couple of specials produced for these plants and also the perfect Russian URAL . The vehicles are modified but not fundamentally transformed , even the basic version are almost able to such performances. Tatras are modified for this race only tiny bits and added to the protective frame, the base of the Tatra cars are racing for the whole series and in such a field can completely let go of serial cars TATRA , currently the latest Tatra Phoenix.
6 Oct 2012
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On 16th May, Carles Puyol launched tickets for FIFA U-17 World Cup at exactly 19:11 hours The chosen time was a tribute to the 1911 Mohun Bagan team that became the first side to defeat an English team and win the IFA Shield. Of course, we couldn't let Puyol go without having some fun! On 16th night, the legendary footballer visited the Bank of Baroda Andheri Metro Station and interacted with fans, but not in a conventional way. Have a look at the video to find out how!
16 Jun 2017
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