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In this episode we look at all the attention Justine Ezarik has been getting lately. She made a video about her first iPhone bill that was shipped to her in a box that contained 300 pages. That video became very popular being featured on the front page of Yahoo! She was also interviewed on CNN. We stopped into her live feed to say hi... Visit iJustine at: *******
18 Aug 2007
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Commentary on an iJustine movie that never turned into anything the world wanted to see.
5 Feb 2008
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FREE mp3, lyrics, chords and more below: What should you do with your iPod when it dies? Watch and find out! Thanks to Iresq**** for all the iPods and for helping make this video possible! *******www.iresq****/ Thanks to iJustine (*******tastyblogsnack****) for collaborating with us on this! And thanks to Brookers (***********/user/Brookers) for the cameo! Get the free mp3 here: *******www.rhettandlink****/blog/2008/02/18/deadipodsong Chords: Verse: G F# C B Am D; Bridge: Em Am; Rap: C B Am Lyrics: within every electronic device there lies a seed dormant and waiting to be...released somewhere between 18mos and 2yrs it will sprout...and begin to choke the life out and if you’ve got an iPod, you know exactly what we’re talking about you pressed the power button and what happened was nothin’ iTunes won’t even see it now you wish you’d warranted it the Doom Seed has germinated your iPod shall not be resuscitated! now you gotta figure out whatchoo gon do with your dead iPod write a eulogy and bury it in your backyard even though it’s broke you can pretend like its not to avoid conversation with strangers at the bus stop use it as a weapon if you’re being attacked... you know what, on second thought, scratch that. tape it to your body, call it a bod-switch put it in a hoagie, call it an iPod-wich a paper weight is lame unless there’s a fan on your desk, and even in that case, a man hole cover works best. or keep it simple ‘cause less is more; put it in a shoebox in the back of a drawer then 50 years from today your grandkids will find it and say: “you listened to music on this!? you mean when you were a kid, you didn’t have music uploaded directly to your brain?! and you’ll say “nah, we just had iPods.”
20 Feb 2008
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iJustine and Brook Brodack visit our office and become movie producers! Moments are shared, and even a little juggling. :) Join us: *******www.the1secondfilm****
7 Mar 2008
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*******www.the1secondfilm**** iJustine and Brooke Brodack visit our office and become movie producers! Moments are shared, movie deals are made, and there's even a little juggling. :)
7 Mar 2008
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Join us: *******www.the1secondfilm**** iJustine and Brook Brodack visit our office and become movie producers! Moments are shared, and even a little juggling. :)
26 Mar 2008
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ijustine answers calls on blogTV in her Superman outfit! - it's LIVE tv, it's Socialive! You can enjoy more of ijustine at *******www.blogtv****/People/ijustine
26 May 2008
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The secret agent comedy Get Smart premieres in Las Vegas with internet sensation iJustine & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Watch as iJustine talks tech and brings along one curious photo...
21 Jun 2008
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iJustine meets Mark Mothersbaugh at the opening of his art gallery showing in LA. You may remember Mark from a little band called Devo!
18 Aug 2008
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iJustine, a Mac user, blogger, internet lover and new media connoisseur, joined eBillme Shopping Confessions contest as a judge. Welcome iJustine! More info: *******www.ShopandConfess**** AND *******www.eBillme****
25 Sep 2008
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This is my SuperNote! We'll so win! TEAM iJustine!
26 Sep 2008
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Daisy Whitney interviews Web video celebrity iJustine at the Pixel Corps offices. *******www.tvweek****/news/2008/05/video_ijustine_on_making_a_web.php
26 Sep 2008
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I was filming my submission for In2itions "Off the Grid" challenge when the craziest thing happened! Go to *******www.take180****/ijustine to see what happened next! Then, submit your idea for getting off the grid to Take180 and you could win a trip to L.A. and a $500 Apple Store shopping spree with ME! Come shopping!!
27 Apr 2009
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DJLunchbox of the WrestlingMayhemShow**** dances with iJustine.
3 Dec 2008
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Justine Ezarik (iJustine) with one reason why she thinks geeks are cool. Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Dec 2008
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