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"The Trail of the Cold Mountain Monk" or "Hanshan Monk Trail ": its music is smooth, like a quiet night, the moon is shining in my heart, and my heart feels peaceful. The lyrics are wonderfully written: first the scene is written, and then the feeling is born from the scene. I visited Zen in the middle of the night and climbed up the rugged mountains. The sky and the mountains are just in a hazy fog. There is no whistling of the city, and there is no feasting, singing and dancing. Fame and fortune are like the moon in the water, and the flower in the mirror disappears in a flash. All the dharmas, the world-born dharmas, are all united, all are illusions, and all have no self-nature. In a blink of an eye, there is still only the Buddha Dharma lamp illuminating all beings. The suffering and happiness of the world drifted with the wind along with the tolling bells of Hanshan. All living beings must not want to chase dreams after clouds, only see the benefits in front of them, chasing dreams after clouds is not desirable, because glory and wealth disappear like clouds and mists, like dreams disillusioned, and what they get is like the sunset in the evening. Let go of everything, recite the Buddha honestly, and get rid of all evil thoughts such as greed, hatred, and ignorance. Like fallen leaves, come and go calmly. We came to the world naked, and we must go naked to the West to bliss. Why do you need to look for the footprints of the monk, or calm down, be an honest man, read the Buddha honestly, and focus on the Buddha. Zen Master Wude praised this song well: your breath is Sanskrit singing, your pulse is the bell and drum, your body is the temple, your ears are bodhi, and there is no place not for tranquility. Lyricist: Chen Jianming (Taiwan songwriter) Composer: Chen Dawei (mainland composer) A night visitor of Zen climbed the steep hill peak There is only a hazy fog in the mountains Moon in the water abd flowers in the mirror, thoughts floating Void is not differe
20 Jul 2021
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An amazing 3D illusion.
27 Jul 2006
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Painting illusion amazing.
20 Apr 2006
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A 3D illusion. Beautiful !
17 Apr 2006
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'Illusions', a new spot for the Audi A6, is worth a second glance. Or two. Indeed, the more times you see 'Illusions', the more the sophisticated visual trickery concealed beneath its serene surface becomes apparent.
11 Apr 2006
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Anamorphic illusions drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint.
20 Jul 2006
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My Modern Art Illusion...
31 Jul 2006
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some cool illusions, and some nunchakus at the end
4 Oct 2006
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Cyril Takayama, makes the impossible possible with this illusion.
27 Sep 2006
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Very nice illusion, makes you wonder!
22 Oct 2006
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Funny optical illusion, the dragon never seems to stare at you!
24 Oct 2006
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An optical illusion that makes the dragons head follow you around the room. Everyone should have one of these friendly little dragons!!!!
24 Oct 2006
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