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Photza Studio – photo processing service by professional retouchers. Perfect for the professionals (magazines, photographers) and for your personal use (photos for the family album, social networks). The site presents detailed description of services with before / after examples of retouching. Affordable prices for editing start from $3 per photo and up to $15. The term of photo editing is just 48 hours (excluding weekends). If you wonder which service to choose, you may use "Free photo evaluation" and get a professional Retoucher’s advice. There is also a blog on the website which helps new retouchers to study simple but effective methods of editing photos.
Da Clipping path is a world leading Photo Editing Studio. We have expert team of designer in our studios. We Provide our Services in Globally. We will help you about the graphic design services like, Digital image processing, images editing, image Clipping Path, Image Masking, Color Separation, background knockout, Photo/Image Retouch and Re design, catalog, magazine design, Illustration, 2D/3D modeling & animation,3D product modeling and animation, video editing and color grading, CGI,VFX.
25 May 2019
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Daclipping Path was incorporated in January 2007 to cater to the growing need for innovative Digital Imaging, Advertising and Branding services in Different Countries in the World Like USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Dubai, UAE around the Globe. Since our incorporation, our growth rate has been close to 200% every year. Our pool of experienced and creative photo editing specialists from all over the industry have proven their class time and again. We are a growing company of over 200+ trained Graphic Design professionals and expanding rapidly. Our team of design specialists works round the clock and thereby deliver the work in shortest turnaround time. If You Need this kinds of Service Please feel free to contact with us.
25 May 2019
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Clipping Path Specialist is well known for its dedication to bringing on a single platform numerous photo editing services including clipping path, image masking, image retouching, photo editing and others.
20 Jun 2013
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More vids, an awesome design blog, and online printing at *******www.astroprint****.au In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to easily change the size of a nose using the liquify tool. This simple image enhancement is one of the retouching effects that many magazines use when enhancing their photos.
25 May 2009
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More vids, an awesome design blog, and online printing at *******www.astroprint****.au In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you just how to achieve smooth skin that is free of imperfections. Ever wondered how they enhance those models in the magazines? This is exactly what they do! With this tutorial, you will learn how to achieve natural looking, smooth, perfect skin.
23 Sep 2009
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We at Retouching Expert provide professional Retouching Services across the globe at affordable price.
I’m going to show you how I use the Clone Stamp Tool, however before I do that I’m going to show you how I don’t actually use it. Like many of the photoshop options, the more advanced it gets, the harder it becomes to learn. In this video, I go through all the different options, checkboxes, and pull down menus.
13 Feb 2011
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In this video I will be doing one of the hardest retouching parts of the human anatomy, which is going to be the neck, chin, and general jowl area. The reason it's so difficult is that a gradient runs underneath the chin from dark to light, you have creases, a texture shift and there's all different sorts things going on. So it makes incredibly difficult to do satisfactory retouching, where you can't tell that anything was done at all.
13 Feb 2011
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This is a video PictoColor iCorrect Editlab Pro 6 Review. It's Friday at 4:35pm.Your boss says that he wants you to get this group of images ready for a print proof on Monday morning. Ugh... you want to go home. Now what do you do? Go through several different adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop... for each image? Nope. You open up Pictocolor iCorrect EditLab 6 and apply the SmartColor Feature. Bam, your going home on time. Use the PictoColor EditLab Coupon Code: "ART11" for 11% Off the entire order. Yeah, that's 10%, kicked up a notch. Actually, if your boss doesn't even want to buy Adobe Photoshop, you can tell him that iCorrect EditLab Pro is also available as a stand alone application for JPEG & TIFF batch processing. No need for that extra $600 investment, to get the same results. You can even work with 16-Bit images on a 64-Bit Processor. All the code is designed for optimal, professional use. No need to deal with any old legacy stuff. The program is made up with four distinct tabs: PictoColor iCorrect Editlab 6 ToolTab01 Color Balance: Remove color casts and balance the whites by simply clicking on any neutral colors. You can even manually adjust the color balance with sliders. PictoColor iCorrect Editlab 6 ToolTab02 Tonal Range: Full control over the tonal range by setting the white point, black point and midpoint of your images using an eye dropper, slider, or automatic SmartColor technology. PictoColor iCorrect Editlab 6 ToolTab03 Brightness/Contrast/Saturation: Control the brightness, contrast and saturation of by individually targeting highlights and shadows using sliders or the automatic SmartColor technology. PictoColor iCorrect Editlab 6 ToolTab04 Hue-Selective Edits: With hue-selective edits, you can automatically correct repetitive colors, like your standard backdrops, skin tones, or water. Additionally, you can convert to black and white or sepia. One benefit of Pictocolor iCorrect EditLab Pro is ProcessQ. This completely redesigned image queue that allows you to easily view, sort and manage your color corrections for efficient, time-saving workflows. Pictocolor's website boasts "We color corrected 15, 3MB+ images with similar color issues in 2 minutes and 4 seconds" and I can certainly tell you, it's quite possible. With the automatic adjustments from the SmartColor technology, you can be done in to time, with frustration-free, professional quality results. Pictocolor iCorrect EditLab Pro is an essential program for the serious photographer.This simplified approach to selective color correction and color editing allows you to spend your time doing what you do best, behind the camera. Use the PictoColor EditLab Coupon Code: "ART11" for 11% Off the entire order.
28 Jul 2011
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Photoshop Services to your photography allows fixing your photographs by applying various Photoshop editing techniques, tonal and coloring adjustment with and other their levels. Due to bad lighting and poor camera settings your photography will looking too dull and darkened. These problems are technically called photo editing issues. Fixing images and make its look perfect efficiently is not the easiest thing. It requires bunches of photograph altering abilities to accomplish it. At the point when your business and non-business comes into an online business, it must be cleaned with no shading issues. Since, the photos which were taken at the correct lighting circumstances will pull in more online guests. Henceforth, photojournalists and Business owners could understand the shading improvements in their photography and product images continued their site inventories with professional photoshop services.
15 Feb 2017
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The Wedding is the extraordinary and memorable function will happen once in everybody lifetime. The photo which was tackled your wedding delightfully clarifies the brilliant minutes and highlighting wonderful feelings and expressions on the pride. For keeping this most forgettable minutes until the end of your life can just conceivable with wedding Photography. This photography will recall your agreeable life and beautiful minutes to your future eras too. Thus, individuals might want to contract proficient wedding photojournalists to shoot their life occasion or life event.
28 Feb 2017
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Online Retailers who want to make product images to stand out and attract greater sales. By following a few simple steps you can enhance your product images, quickly, conveniently, cost-effectively and in a secure manner.
10 Jul 2017
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Payforimage is ideal for e-Commerce website holders who wish to present their products in an attractive way.
31 Jul 2017
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