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*******audioimagery**** So. I made this song in 3 hours. From the moment I started making the beat, through recording, and mixing I was done in about 3 hours flat. I listened to the acappella maybe 2 twice prior to me working with it. I'm not trying to toot my own horn but geez - Sometimes I wonder what I could make if all my time was dedicated to music. And if i had a studio like the pros do. I could make hits like Barry Bonds.... Hits like a bat... its a metaphor or something. Get it? LOL Anyway, enough "dreaming". Enjoy the track. I can't stop listening to it. I much prefer this version than the original but still surprised the original is so high on the Billboard 100. Honest I was immediately turned of from the vocals and the track of the original so I saw it as a challenge to create a version of the song I like. Mission Accomplished. :) I actually just free styled the lyrics but here they are written for your reading pleasure. Verse 1: Ooo, Its so hard to let go Ooo, When you love someone so Much that you would go to hell and back But now i'm in hell cause now your gone Prechorus: Love of my Life My shorty, My wife She left me, I'm tied Cause I knew that this just ain't right Verse 2: Ooo, I'm running out of things to say Ooo, today don't feel the same without you baby Can't stop thinking about you when you were the
29 Oct 2010
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*******audioimagery**** I am really happy with the way this song turned out. I started this song months ago and I never finished it. I was going through the unfinished stuff and this one stuck out like a sore thumb. I just had to finish it. The feeling of it just feels right. Much thanks to Larry who made a small comment that he probably thought I ignored - his words inspired me to calmly rap the verse. Before there was too much frustration through intensity instead of emotion captured by inflection. thanks homie. Anyway, some might consider it one of my darker songs but enjoy it regardless. Oh by the way I freestyled the entire verse. At first didn't write a single word down, I just pressed record 3 times and the verse was done - apparently my brain was connected to this topic......... I did then write down the lyrics and then re-rap it but I am proud of this verse!!!!! Comments welcome! ~Audio Lyrics - Verse 1: Still love her even though its time to go Her fears are nails, tears are spears in my soul cause when you hear a heart breaking you want to put it back together its so hard to walk away when its raining with no umbrella in her heart Pre-Chorus: wanted to break up needed to wake up wanted to say go our separate ways But when her eyes cried, I just couldn’t do it, no Chorus: She said never let me go Never let me go, Never let me go She said never let me go Never let me go, Never let me go Verse 2: I never would put my worst ememy through a pain like this Now She she clings to me as I try to give her one last kiss So as I reminisce about all of our great moments that we have spent together baby its hard so let it go, but I got to go Rap: How am I supposed to go, When she is looking cold Colder than she ever did before So put on a coat But that coat is comfort and I can’t give her no comfort when I am supposed to leave So I just turn my back and look the other direction I feel like I am being dissected I feel like there is an eiffle tower inside of my heart that is being erected And torn down all at the time (and) look at the timing, the clock keep ticking (and) I feel a little sickening inside of my stomach (and) She’s like whey are you running, I’m like I’m not I say this as my heart is exploding right on the spot I’m like baby please I really gotta go Its not about you, its about me as a whole Cause if I’m not whole by my damn self How are we supposed to be complete
24 Jan 2011
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*******audioimagery**** So I thought this song was gonna stay on the charts a bit longer than it has. I just dropped like two weeks ago but went from like 13 on the charts to 31. Hmm... Got to choose my remixes more carefully LOL. I mean Grenade is number one in the charts now and I released that remix like 2 months ago. Crazy. Anyway, This is just a fun remix brought to you by yours truely. Enjoy. Share. ~Audio Verse: You don’t want nothing serious , Loud and clear with both ears Hey girl don’t take me for a fool and make me look embarrassed Cause for realsky, your just maybe a 5 you know what kills me, you think you are a 9 But you got it all wrong, when we get it on, all night long, long in the morn, morn, morn Ima throw deuces up wave em in the air like a pom pom pom Whoaaaaooooo you’re the one beggin for me when I’m gone gone gone, am I wrong wrong wrong??? Naw, oh look who just called… and you say that when we making love, it got you singing songs like whoa, love is like whoa But you expect me to wait, while you keep playing games Hell nooo, hell nooo
1 Feb 2011
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Boris & Cristiana... you inspire me to try.. i hope you like it.. i sure do.. thank you .... credits go to:::::::: Bendersify Vivaldifriend Thank you, and thanks for the cool tune.. i tried it was so difficult to find somethang catchy... :) (: LOVE YOU, RY
24 Jan 2012
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We are the Image enhancers specialized to process your High End E-Commerce , Advertising and Marketing Images.
14 Mar 2018
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We are majorly working on multiple views of a Products/Pack shots that helps a buyer choose the product online. Our Process starts from basic editing to resizing, High end Retouching and color correcting.
23 Apr 2018
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Let us beautify your world, and share our stories with you - along with our images.
1 Nov 2018
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Preparation process used to create the Crystal Imagery (crushed stained glass pictures)
4 Nov 2007
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Crystal Imagery is my uniquely created art form with a stunning sparkling effect that reflects the light using irregular shapes of crushed stained glass. The slivers or shards are placed one-by-one to produce a wonderful paint brush appearance finely detailed for every image.
8 Nov 2007
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PS3 Game Video Assassin's Super imagery
18 Jan 2008
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Another new feature in Google Earth is " Historical Imagery." This feature lets you go back in time to see what an area looked like in the past. A Internet tutorial series by butterscotch****.
6 Oct 2009
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Video reflects presence of Organized Crime in Gainesville, Florida- and the University of Florida campus. Video was taken on University Avenue- across the street from the University of Florida campus. First shot is of "juvenile skeleton" featured on poster of an advertisement kiosk on University Avenue. This Image echoes "apocalyptic theme" of human exploitation reflective of the organized crime related activities of Gainesville professionals- and the unethical behavior of many individuals in the community of Gainesville- behaviors that are destructive to human life and prosperity- behaviors that cause pain and human suffering- both in this community and elsewhere. It also foreshadows plans by organized crime- Univ. of Fla.- to engage in sociopolitical violence in the near future- which could potentially involve a major loss of life in Gainesville- University of Florida campus-and in other locations around the world. Other symbolism in the immediate area includes: phallic imagery such as "hot dogs" and "angry banana" symbolism- in ads for various businesses and artistic groups. Furthermore, "common grounds" coffee- is most likely a subtextual reference to Vice President Joe Biden and "cemetaries"-"death"- an allusion to his corruption by Organized Crime leaders in the Gainesville area. Reference to "big planes" publication in this video I believe reflects the involvement of Organized Crime in the Sept. 11, 2001 Terror Attacks. Other allusions-symbolism related to this theme include: Tombstone imagery [archlike formations] associated with "I Love New York Pizza" restaurant -and the presence of "Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream Shop"- A reference to Van Gogh's famous painting "The Scream"- an allusion to Sept. 11 Terror Attacks- to the presence of Radical Islam on the U.F. campus- and plans being made by Radical Islam and Organized Crime enact widespread violence and victimize students and others around Gainesville and elsewhere. Also note "Coca Cola" imagery. "Coca-cola" is- I believe- "cocaine-related symbolism"-another organized crime related allusion. A sexually related "condom theme" is also present in this video- in the form of a sign on University Avenue which reads- "Beat the Trojans". This is a football related sign but also alludes to organized crime related activities such as "prostitution", "human trafficking," and the "sexual exploitation of men-women", both "children and adults." Finally note: Video ends with the "Grog House" sign- a business sign- located on University Avenue- symbolically placed across from the UF campus. I believe this "name" is a reference to "the drugging and sexual exploitation"- of both myself and others- by members of Organized Crime- UF- Gainesville, Florida. [Note also: Reflects perverted and disgusting "frog theme" in relation to "sexual exploitation of women- a hurtful and insulting reference to me- and more broadly to women in general.]
30 Mar 2010
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Video is a social protest of 34th street wall- Gainesville, Florida- a University of Florida affiliated wall. Note: Wall contains insults to myself- I.E. the following: name "Heather" painted on the sidewalk next to this wall and "frog imagery" painted on the wall, as well as other insulting references. Also note that imagery along this wall and on the sidewalk juxtaposed to this wall frequently communicates hatred towards women in general and towards me specifically. Furthermore, this wall often contains death threats to me. This wall is being used on a regular basis by Organized Crime Gainesville, Florida- the University of Florida- to express misanthropic ideology and feelings toward myself and others. This both saddens and offends me- and I have presented this video in protest. I would like to express my unhappiness with this community- which on a regular basis supports, defends, cooperates and conspires with Organized Crime Gainesville, Florida- engaging in activities harmful to both me and others around the world.
9 Feb 2012
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*******www.robertsimagery**** Roberts Imagery 813-928-6349 - Quality Wedding Photography at its best in Tampa, FL. Call today for packages, pricing and more information.
11 May 2012
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*******www.robertsimagery**** Roberts Imagery 813-928-6349 - Quality Wedding Photography at its best in Tampa, FL. Call today for packages, pricing and more information.
11 May 2012
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