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Serenity is a contemporary instrumental record label, specializing in music for massage, reiki, relaxation, guided imagery, and guided visualization Millions have experienced the music that Jim Moeller, Serenity founder, has been producing since 1985. Now Jim takes the reader to a deeper level as he shares his unique experiences, spiritual strengths, and prayerful hopes. For More Details Please Visit Our WebSite *******www.serenitymusic****
20 Jun 2012
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The Value Of Graphic & Gruesome Imagery In M
21 Feb 2018
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An animated collage of Marilyn Monroe.
22 Apr 2007
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Ladies and Gentleman, I’m pleased to see that my ballpoint pen drawings, sketches, doodles or ink artworks are being excepted so well by the public. This particular video was adapted to those interested in black and white sketches, doodles, inklings or line works. Ink artworks have been around for the past four thousand years or so therefore such a market or audience certainly exits.***** I’ve been drawing, producing, publishing or documenting what a ballpoint can do as an art medium. That’s been going on for over fifty-four years in order to introduce BallPoint Pen Art as the largest undeveloped art movement in history! Cheers, Jerry Stith
12 Oct 2009
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******* Download this hypnosis mp3 program at Amazon****. What if your anger was perceived to be like a fuel? Most people are afraid to even show anger because they don't trust that they can experience anger and still be in control. What if you could? Use self hypnosis and NLP to change your life and manage anger.
5 Feb 2010
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This is a full length guided meditation for whole-body Healing. To download, visit *******www.DoctorMoses****. Let me guide you into a wonderful state of Healing Love. (Yes, the entire meditation is posted here!) -Dr. Moses Thank you for listening! May the Divine Spirit fill You with Peace and Love.
21 Mar 2012
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For more information Visit here:*******www.theyogakids****
8 Mar 2013
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Graphics Experts Ltd is a graphic studio with its main office in UK and offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh. GEL offers clipping path, masking in Photoshop, retouching images, adding drop shadows and other photo editing services. GEL has highly skilled designers who are dedicated to quality of work.
10 Nov 2018
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GeoEye To Provide Google With Highest Resolution Commercial Color Imagery
31 Aug 2008
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Frank Gruber of SOMEWHAT FRANK & co-founder of TECH cocktail visits the office of GeoEye a commercial satellite imagery provider that recently launched the GeoEye-1 satellite. It provides imagery for Google and Frank talks to Mark Brender about it. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Oct 2008
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VIDEO OF SOCIAL PROTEST- OF CIRCUMSTANCES EXISTING IN GAINESVILLE, FLA.: Video of 34th street wall- Gainesville, Florida- A University of Florida affiliated wall. Note: Wall contains imagery, symbolism, metaphors and double entendres- placed there on a regular basis by Organized Crime-University of Florida. In this Instance, I believe "Suicide" refers not only to "desperate feelings of despair" but also to "political undercurrents in our community" in the form of "suicide bombers." I believe that Organized Crime in Gainesville plans to use members of the [radical] islamic community to set off a wave of suicide bombers in this area in the near future- and is foreshadowing these events by the word "Suicide?" scribbled on the wall. Unfortunately, this logic [use of subversive symbolism to foreshadow events planned by them] is consistent with my experience with these individuals. Finally note that the discovery of this hidden entendre was a distressing realization and one that I believe should be taken seriously and investigated in our community- and on the University of Florida campus. Also note that further corroboration of this theory includes: the presence of a shadowy figure on the wall and sidewalk- whom I've named "foreshadowman"- located near [in the foreground] of a painted panel commemorating the victims of the "gainesville student murders" that took place in September of 1991- probably the most gruesome and terrifying events ever to occur in the Gainesville area. To foreshadow anything of this nature happening again- is both disturbing and heartbreaking.
28 Mar 2010
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*******endyourdepression.plus101**** ---Eliminate Depression Natural Therapies Cure. Eliminating depression is all about mindset and focus. It's all about gaining the mental power you need to dominate and control your depression. Just think about every other depression treatment you have tried... Pills, prescriptions, diets, therapies... No matter how different the treatments were, you were always focused on your depression. And even when these treatments gave you a little relief... your depression was always still in control. Eliminate Depression Natural Therapies Cure alternative eliminating therapy natural complementary treatment herbs herbal remedies supplement meditation reflexology exercise guided imagery visualization music acupuncture massage relaxation response
28 Jul 2011
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Tapping into the heart's wisdom through creative visualization is an ancient practice, but today guided imagery is used as an adjunct to conventional medical therapies for health issues, ranging from cancer and heart disease to post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction. This inspiring guide provides contemporary techniques for using it to transform moments of pain, emotional turmoil, and interpersonal conflict into opportunities for growth and self-realization.
28 Oct 2011
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10 Aug 2012
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10 Aug 2012
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