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"By the year 2010, an additional $1 Trillion ANNUALLY of the U.S. Economy will be devoted to the Wellness Industry" - Paul Zane Pilzer Imagine that's the Potential Your Opportunity To Cash IN!!!
16 Feb 2008
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can u imagine that
24 Feb 2008
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It's beyond our imagination that a large stuff like that could be swallowed..........
3 Mar 2008
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A classic Loretta Young thriller, Cause for Alarm boasts strong performances and a gripping story. George Jones, having just suffered a heart attack, starts to imagine that his devoted wife and his doctor are having an affair and are also plotting to murder him. He writes a letter to his lawyer telling of his fears and gives it to his wife to send. After she does so, George tells her what was in the letter and pulls a gun on her. But before he can harm her, he falls dead of another heart attack. Now his wife, Loretta Young, is in a race against time to retrieve the misleading letter.
23 Jun 2009
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Traditionally when people talk about audit reconsideration, particularly at the IRS, what they're talking about is the reconsideration of an audit determination where you’ve gotten one of those love letters that says hey guess what, John Smith? Bring your box of receipts down to your local IRS office. We’re going to go through those things line by line and basically try to increase your tax liability to a number larger than you’ve ever imagined. That’s not really what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about something even more common that that, and that’s audit reconsideration – when the IRS has prepared what's known as a substitute for return for you because you didn’t bother filing a return. Have you ever gotten an IRS notice in the mail for a tax year that you know you didn’t file a tax return, but instead there is a big giant number there attached to it. So you know you never filed a tax for 2000 return, but wow, where’d they get the number $13,472 that I owe them? What's happened is the IRS has prepared what's known as a substitute for return for you. A substitute for return is prepared for a taxpayer when they don’t bother to get around to it. In other words, the IRS knows that you're probably going to owe money or suspect strongly that you're going to owe them money. So what they do is they gather up all the W2s and 1099s and add up that number. They go ahead and give you one exemption, one dependent (yourself), pick the highest filing status that they can find and go ahead and prepare the return. They add up all the numbers, multiply by the tax rate, and out comes a big fat number. Then they go ahead and add a bunch of penalties and interest on there and then they start trying to collect it from you. Sometimes they’ll actually follow the rules and send out a notice of deficiency first, which is your ticket to tax court. But if you're like most of my clients anyway, you’ve moved roughly 37 times since the last time you filed a tax return and so you never got the notice. At any rate, a taxpayer can then go ahead and file an original return subsequent (which means after) the IRS has prepared a substitute for return, and the law provides that the IRS may accept your figure and abate (which means reduce or eliminate) the excess tax penalties and interest. Pretty cool deal. Let me tell you a quick story. I recently had a client come in, and she had a tax bill for over $200,000 – big number even to me, and I’m used to dealing with big numbers. So she owes $200,000 according to the IRS. So we sit down here in my office, and we have a friendly little talk. During the talk, I realize hey, this is a substitute for return. This is an SFR; we might actually have the ability to refile a correct return and get this thing to go down. I talk to her for a bit, and I find out that the tax bill was so high because it’s based upon the sale of her house. I ask her a few follow up questions and low and behold, I find out that that wasn’t even a taxable transaction. We file the return for the first time. We followed some special secrets and procedures that I know about, and within six months, we almost totally eliminate the liability. It went down from $200,000 to $600. Is that a deal or what!
8 Mar 2008
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Silent Film sensation Buster Keaton was one of the most innovative and successful comics during the early days of the motion picture. Known for his outrageous physical antics, as well as the use of props and slapstick comedy, Keaton made movies with a bravado and imagination that few will ever achieve. Here in Daydreams, Keaton plays a young man who’s off to seek his fortune in the big city. The sidesplitting gags come from Keaton trying, and failing, in virtually ever job imaginable. Daydreams is another gem in Keaton’s large body of top notch cinematic work that never fails to please.
25 Apr 2009
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Oxygen’s has a new reality show with the sports legend himself – Deion Sanders. Watch him with his lovely wife, Pilar, run their household in good ol’ Texas. In this clip, Deion meets his daughters date…with a bat. Imagine that greeting you at the door! Watch the premiere of Deion and Pilar: Prime Time Love on Tuesday at 10:30/9:30C only on Oxygen. www.oxygen****
21 Mar 2009
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Stalkers to red-heads, more Star Wars battles and a new legal precedent. Courtroom drama is up next. Hi everyone. Welcome to Get-the-Daily-dot-com. I’m Dana Ward with the latest in the legal system. Ever imagine that a priest might stalk a celebrity? Well, one Boston priest did just this. On Tuesday, Reverend David Ajemian pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct involving late-night talkshow-host, Conan O’Brien. Ajemian admitted to sending D-V-Ds and letters to O’Brien’s home and work, starting back in late 2006. The Boston Archdiocese placed the man on leave, after police arrested him for trying to enter a New-York taping of Conan’s show. Ajemian is ruled fit to withstand trial, although he claims to have psychiatric issues. And it seems there’s a new battle for the Star Wars saga, and the Stormtrooper helmet is at the center of it all. Most recently, the prop designer from the first Star Wars back in 1977 is suing Lucasfilm, claiming he owns the copyright to the famous white helmet, and actually requests a share of the merchandising profit from the 6 Star Wars films – 24-million-US-dollars, to be exact. This comes as a counter-attack suit, as Lucasfilm already won a 20-million-dollar California lawsuit in 2006 against Andrew Ainsworth. Lucasfilm seeks to have the original judgment upheld in the U-K. The movie company claims that George Lucas and his artistic team designed the helmet and Ainsworth simply molded the design. Ainsworth has been selling Stormtrooper helmet replicas on his website for a few thousand U-S dollars for years. And a humorous change to the legal system. Send out the studied attorneys and bring in the stand-up comedians. These days, legal clients are being represented by funny-guys on a new Direct-T-V courtroom drama. On the Supreme Court of Comedy, real-life small claims disputes are brought to justice with the help of celeb comics, including Sinbad, Tom Arnold, Paul Rodriguez and more. You can find Dom Irrera as the judge presiding over each case, shot at L-A’s famous Laugh Factory. That’s your legal news for now. From Get-the-Daily-dot-com, I’m Dana Ward. Be sure to watch tomorrow for more news.
16 Mar 2009
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Just to imagine that we all agree to do what this video on a large supermarket ... Ma runs a pendentive ...
3 Nov 2008
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J.L. "Red" Rountree had been known as an upstanding, straightlaced guy. Though he had fallen on hard times in his later years, no one could have imagined that this 87-year-old would walk into a bank with an envelope marked "robbery" and demand cash.
23 Sep 2008
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"Galaxy Gulp" is a short machinima film made to illustrate different concepts and techniques for making machinima using Valve’s Source game engine. It is a comedy set in a gas station located on an asteroid in the middle of space. When making the film, we wanted to show some of the different models in action that had already been developed for previous Noesis Interactive projects. However, their diversity was so extreme that no typical setting seemed to encompass them. Thus, an environment was imagined that was detached from the standard Half-Life sphere and promoted the melding of characters, situations and realities. Many different techniques were used in creating this movie, resulting in a piece both entertaining and bizarre.
10 May 2008
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I captured this humorous little scene while in India. Gives a whole new meaning to the question, Got a monkey on your back. I'd imagine that dog get's quite annoyed by his little friend sometimes!
4 Jun 2008
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