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This is another video, proving to the world the originality in Mark Twight's great workouts..this sort of variety of strength and endurance is what determines gym goers from an overall fitness also underlines the importancce of having immense oxygen available further stimlulating muscles and endurance
6 May 2007
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Chemtrails... of what we are speaking? Contrails are provoked from the transformation of the watery vapor, produced from the combustion of the fuel, in aghetti of ice, caused from the conditions of humidities, pressure and temperature that are only found to high quotas flight. According to NASA, the contrails they are formed therefore to generally advanced altitudes to the 9,000 meters, advanced relative humidity values to 72% and inferior temperatures to -41° Celsius. Whichever aircraft that plentiful releases wakes to inferior quotas and conditions of not suitable humidities and temperature, are a chemical airplane. The name "scie chimiche" is the translation of the term "chemtrails", coined for before the time in 1996, year in which, in Canada, the first sights of the same ones were had. The wakes chemistries come defined such for the simple reason that are not wakes of condensation (contrails), but they are generated artificially, to quotas and conditions of not suitable temperature and humidities to the formation of the contrails typical. The wakes of condense, in fact, are formed to advanced quotas to the 9,000 meters, advanced humidity values to 72% and inferior temperatures to -41° Celsius. The governments and the soldiers have executed experimentations on popolate areas, sin from the end of years forty and on this one has been collection impressive documentation. With incredible depreciation of the human life, the governments yesterday and today have completed and complete still experiments on unarmed and unconscious citizens. In 2003, Italy has stipulated an agreement of collaboration with the United States called "Italy-USA Cooperation on Science and Technology of the climatic changes". This agreement, officially is face under consideration of the atmospheric phenomena, but in reality, like it is deduced from several the paragraphs of the document, implies the spread of substances harmful chemistries in atmosphere, through airplane opportunely equiped, in order to verify the effects of the same ones on the biosfera. We have found tens of licences, later on acquires from the N.A.S.A and other American organisms that allow the modification of the phenomena meteorology through the aerial cospargiment of chemical elements like aluminum, sulfur, titanato of barium, radioactive thorium, branch, selenio, manganese, quartz, silicon. The aerosol of tons of particolato in low and high atmosphere in immense areas of the world is modifying in irreparabile way the climatic equilibriums biological us and and, even though these aerosol operations come dealt for tried you to mitigate the effect greenhouse, they instead, cause the contrary effect. And in fact demonstrated that the artificial barrier created through the "chemtrails", beyond preventing the passage of necessary the solar light for the life on the earth, imprisons the heat in the low layers of the atmosphere, with a consequent increase of the temperatures. We do not forget moreover that along period of siccity that will plague several parts of the world without a doubt it is caused from highly barium spread in atmosphere. If truly such aerosol operations were aimed to mitigate the effect greenhouse, in order which reason, airplane reservior KC-135 fly low in the nocturnal hours? ************************* Le scie di condensa sono provocate dalla trasformazione del vapore acqueo, prodotto dalla combustione del carburante, in aghetti di ghiaccio, causata dalle condizioni di umidità, pressione e temperatura che si riscontrano solo ad alte quote di volo. Secondo la NASA, le contrails si formano quindi ad altitudini in genere superiori ai 9.000 metri, valori di umidità relativa superiori al 72% e temperature inferiori a -41° Celsius. Qualsiasi velivolo che rilasci copiose scie a quote inferiori e condizioni di umidità e temperatura non idonee, è un aereo chimico. Il nome "scie chimiche" è la traduzione del termine "chemtrails", coniato per la prima volta nel 1996, anno in cui, in Canada, si ebbero i primi avvistamenti delle medesime. Le scie chimiche vengono definite tali per il semplice motivo che non sono scie di condensazione (contrails), ma sono generate artificialmente, a quote e condizioni di temperatura ed umidità non idonee alla formazione delle scie di condensa tipiche. Le scie di condensa, infatti, si formano a quote superiori ai 9.000 metri, valori di umidità superiori al 72% e temperature inferiori a -41° Celsius. I governi ed i i militari hanno eseguito sperimentazioni su aree popolate, sin dalla fine degli anni quaranta e su questo è stata raccolta una documentazione impressionante. Con incredibile disprezzo della vita umana, i governi di ieri ed oggi hanno compiuto e compiono tuttora esperimenti su cittadini inermi ed inconsapevoli. Nel 2003, l'Italia ha stipulato un accordo di collaborazione con gli Stati Uniti denominato "Cooperazione Italia-USA su Scienza e Tecnologia dei cambiamenti climatici". Questo accordo, ufficialmente è volto allo studio dei fenomeni atmosferici, ma in realtà, come si deduce dai vari paragrafi del documento, implica la diffusione di sostanze chimiche dannose in atmosfera, tramite aerei opportunamente attrezzati, per verificare gli effetti delle stesse sulla biosfera. Abbiamo reperito decine di brevetti, acquistati in seguito dalla N.A.S.A. e da altri organismi statunitensi che permettono la modificazione dei fenomeni meteorologi attraverso il cospargimento aereo di elementi chimici come alluminio, zolfo, titanato di bario, torio radioattivo, rame, selenio, manganese, quarzo, silicio. L'irrorazione di tonnellate di particolato in bassa ed alta atmosfera in vaste aree del mondo sta modificando in modo irreparabile gli equilibri climatici e biologici e, seppure queste operazioni di aerosol vengano spacciate per tentativi di mitigare l'effetto serra, esse invece, sortiscono l'effetto contrario. E' infatti dimostrato che la barriera artificiale creata tramite le "scie chimiche", oltre ad impedire il passaggio della luce solare necessaria per la vita sulla terra, imprigiona il calore negli strati bassi dell'atmosfera, con un conseguente aumento delle temperature. Non dimentichiamo inoltre che il lungo periodo di siccità che affliggerà varie parti del mondo è senza dubbio causato dalla massiccia diffusione di bario in atmosfera. Se veramente tali operazioni di aerosol fossero mirate a mitigare l'effetto serra, per quale motivo, aerei cisterna KC-135 volano bassi nelle ore notturne?
14 Aug 2007
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Become a member: *******therealnews****/web/index.php?... Join the Mailing list: *******therealnews****/web/index.php?... Visit *******therealnews**** '[The Real News] has a global perspective... and an immense range of potential contributors. If done well, it's going to be great, exciting television!' Danny Schechter is Founder and Executive Editor of MediaChannel and Founder and Vice- President/Executive Producer of Globalvision. A journalist on CNN and ABC, he is the author of The More You Watch, The Less You Know, and Embedded: Weapons of Mass Deception (book and film). --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
25 Aug 2007
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President Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell address to the Nation. This conjunction of an immense military establishment and large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence economic, political, even spiritual is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government. We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought by the military-industrial complex. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.
2 Oct 2007
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Contrary to popular belief, Web 2.0 does not signify a replacement to its 1.0 predecessor. The term Web 2.0 implies the web has changed but not in its entirety. With an immense number of web pages and millions of website owners, the web will more than likely always be a merging of the new and old. Web 2.0 brings a new definition to the term web usability and the innovative technologies that drive it. Web 2.0 is more of a concept rather than a version and is more closely defined by dynamic web pages that encourage user interaction. Unlike its Web 1.0 forerunner, where the primary option available to users was reading static web pages, Web 2.0 has been compared to readers helping write a book instead of being restricted to only reading it. Web 2.0 is characterized by blogs, wikis (brought about by the success of Wikipedia), social networking sites such as MySpace, and RSS feeds, where organizations offer a variety of delivery and targeted news options. These seemingly innocuous technologies are expected to sway the enterprise for completely unexpectedly reasons.
14 Nov 2007
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A satire of the Ipod Nano commercial that keeps playing over and over again this season. This is in no way an anti-Nano video, it's just a joke about how a song can get stuck in your head and drive you crazy. The Ipod Nano actually looks really cool, and you might buy one and watch videos on it and enjoy yourself immensely. It comes in colors.
21 Dec 2007
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Corvette ZR1 on track footage featured by Garage 419. Video exhibits the immense power and capabilities of the ZR1.
12 Jan 2008
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Johnny Suede is a young man with an attitude and an immense pompadour, who wants to be a rock n' roll star like his idol Ricky Nelson. He has all the stylistic accouterments, except a pair of black suede shoes. And one night, after leaving a nightclub, like manna from heaven, a pair of black suede shoes falls at his feet. Soon afterwards, the recently completed Johnny meets Darlette, a sultry bohemian whom he beds down for the night. In spite of Darlette's abusive boyfriend with a gun, Johnny begins to see Darlette everyday. But when Johnny is forced to pawn his guitar for rent money, Darlette mysteriously leaves him. Johnny's pal Deke fronts him the money to get his guitar out of hock, and the two form a band. Depressed about Darlette's desertion, he wanders aimlessly, and he meets Yvonne, a woman much wiser than Johnny who teaches him that there are things in life much more important than a pair of black suede shoes.
8 Feb 2008
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It must be a pretty tough life, what with all the girls competing for Rin's affections. Kaede's running herself ragged to keep his belly full and his house clean. Spunky Asa can't keep her hands off him, even if most of the time she's just slapping the poor boy silly. Nerine's making omelet after omelet, immensely proud of her first cooking achievement. Sia's seeking divine advice and the perfect pair of panties. And the ever-silent Primula just stares after Rin with her big, sad eyes. They all have their charms, that's for sure. But summer break's around the corner and the action's sure to heat up!
4 Apr 2008
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-- *******ebooks-guides****/#jeuxvideos -- technique sympa pour commander des jeux récents sans dépenser d'€z. frontlines fuel of war est le petit frère de battlefield : les explosions de frontlines fuel of war sont impressionantes. L'univers de frontlines fuel of war est frappé par une guerre de fou. Les balles fusent dans frontlines fuel of war et c'est de toute beauté. Les voix françaises de frontlines fuel of war sont bien retranscritent. frontlines fuel of war propose un eventail d'armes très variés et des véhicules. De plus les maps créées pour frontlines fuel of war sont immenses et le plus beau c'est que frontlines fuel of war dispose d'un mode 32 multijoueurs. frontlines fuel of war est dispo sur ps3, xbox 360, wii, pc
8 Mar 2008
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Based on the immensely successful radio program, the Dr Christian movies were embraced by a public yearning for wholesome values and enjoyable characters. Here in The Courageous Dr. Christian, Jean Hersholt plays the affable Danish doctor on a mission to improve the health of indigents living in squalor. The film takes on a more ambitious scope, however, when Dr. Christian is confronted by wealthy elites who want him to spend less time with the ailing impoverished. A true calling for elevated social consciousness, the film stands rich and poor on their heads as the entire community is threatened by an epidemic! Warm, friendly, and endearing, The Courageous Dr. Christian is family entertainment that has stood the test of time.
11 Mar 2008
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2 Apr 2008
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Simply amazing. Turn your volume up and experience what it was like to be attacked by a WW2 plane. This caught us all completely by suprise. I must admit that I was lucky to keep the camera pointing in the right direction. After buzzing the crowd of around 100 people at the top of Mt Iron in Wanaka NZ, the pilot did a victory roll. We reckon he enjoyed that little stunt immensely. 23.3.2008
15 Sep 2008
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Enjoy the resort life at Barcelona, you can have it all. Luxurious gated apartment living in one of Orange County's finest master planned communities where you are minutes from restaurants, shopping, Aliso Viejo Resort & Golf Club, breathtaking canyons, and nature trails. Picture yourself alongside a sparkling Jr. Olympic size pool and spa. Better yet, take in an exhilarating game of tennis. Enjoy the convenience of an immense work out facility and scheduled exercise classes. Are you ready for a change of view? Your passport to Sport gives you access to two more fitness facilities at the resort communities of Innsbruck and St. Moritz including instructor led aerobic classes, volleyball, racquetball courts and so much more. With this resort living, each day is a new adventure. And when the day is through, you'll enjoy all the comforts of home; roman style tubs, large private balconies and patios, ceilings fans, walk-in closets, wood burning fireplaces, direct access garages, and many more designer features. Imagine the life. The Resort life. View these apartments for rent online at ForRent****: *******www.forrent****/apartment-community-profile/1005643.php
26 Mar 2008
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19 Apr 2008
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A Mr. Turtle Production. The filming and editing of this short film took place between March 29, 2008, 12:30 am - 2:30 am.We are immensely proud of this video and would like to give special thanks to Mr. Turtle for being our inspiration. I won't give a description of the video. Watch it yourself and be amazed, surprised and humoured. Stay tuned after the film for some rather comical bloopers.
30 Mar 2008
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