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www.BrentDelhamer**** talks about Marketing, Marketing, Marketing - the MOST Important Item your Agent can do for your home!. We encourage you to voice your opinion by sending FEEDBACK (# of STARS, Text Comments, or Email) regarding this video on YouTube or you can email your feedback to brentbrentdelhamer****. Please feel free to watch all of the Brent Delhamer Real Estate Video Blogs www.BrentDelhamerTV****. Thank you for Watching!
22 Dec 2009
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A video showcase of various products The Elephant Walk Home Store in Rancho Mirage, California offers to their clients.
19 Feb 2017
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Tips to Make Sure Your Vehicle is “Up to Speed” Before Hitting the Road According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration vehicle crashes due to neglected maintenance cause more than 2,600 deaths a year. As the winter winds down, your thoughts may be turning to sunny locations for rest and rejuvenation. But before you pack up the kids and hit the road on a Spring Break trip, be sure to pay attention to a few very important items. Car batteries don’t last forever and need to be checked to make sure they are clean. If the battery is over three years old have a load check performed. You should also make sure your tires are properly inflated (check the spare too!) and also that your vehicles’ coolant fluid is topped off. Since oil is the lifeblood of the engine, you might want to get a lube, oil and filter change as well. All this is very easy to accomplish and will only take a few minutes and can lead to safe motoring. If you don’t feel you are qualified to inspect your own vehicle, look for a multi-point inspection from your dealer or someone trained specifically on your brand of automobile. Produced for General Motors
20 Mar 2007
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Troops conducting search operations in the Thoppigala jungle have found a Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) of the LTTE terrorists in the Omunugala area at around 12:00 noon, today ( July 18). The MBRL is one of the important items of heavy armour of the LTTE terrorists, and had been used against both troops and civilians. According to Defence sources in the East, the troops had dug up the MBRL which was found dumped at a location close Omunugala, West of Narakamula. This is a part of the heavy armour the LTTE had abandoned when it fled the Thoppigala jungle as troops moved in for the final assault on Baron's Cap. The LTTE terrorists had damaged some of heavy armour and vehicles they left behind as they fled Thoppigala. It is believed that some more heavy guns of the terrorists could be lying hidden in the jungle terrain of Thoppigala. More search operations will be under way to recover these. The troops made today's find amid the campaign by certain political elements in the South to bring disgrace to the soldiers who won an important victory against the terrorists in the Eastern province. Some of these politicians have even gone to the extent of insulting the soldiers by raising ill-informed questions about the fate of the LTTE's arsenal in Thoppigala.
19 Jul 2007
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In this episode, Ben tries to do all of the important items on his to-do list. Will he accomplish his tasks? Or will his life crumble before his very eyes? Really, could it get any worse?
4 Oct 2007
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Dr. Mercola examines the issue of vaccines for foreign travel and important items you need to consider when traveling overseas
15 Apr 2008
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Heading tags. What are they and what do they do? As some of you may or may not know, heading tags can make or break you when it comes to search engine optimization. With more than 15 blogs under my belt I truly have experienced the best way to optimize my heading tags to full performance. But if you don't know what heading tags are and if you don't know what they do, how can you truly know that my post titled SEO Tips - Heading Tags and Blogger is even true? What are heading tags? Heading tags can be defined as html applied, to surround the title of something. This 'something,' will usually headline what's to come on that page or that post. In reality, heading tags should be used to guide your reader to the title of your website, followed by a sub post title, and then a navigation. Be sure to check out this post titled, Correct use of heading tags to see how to properly use the SEO optimizer. What do heading tags do? Heading tags are used by webmasters everywhere to make their site user-friendly and search engine optimized. Heading tags tell google crawlers the order of your content and how important it is to that specific page on your site. For instance, if you look at the title of this article, Heading Tags - What do they do? It is placed in an h2 tag. This tells google, "Hey. I am the second most important item on this page next to the h1 tag," or what should be the title of your website. Once google crawls your page and recognizes the heading tag codes it will run through many factors to determine where your site will rank for that heading. In short, that's the basic idea of heading tags. To learn more about how you can rank highly and be found via search engine read this post titled, Optimizing blog post titles - SEO.
12 Jun 2008
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Don't let their small size fool you as these pushpin-sized magnets are ultra strong. No more blaming the cat for important items falling off the fridge from weak magnets. These magnets are made from Neodymium, which is the strongest type of permanent magnet on the planet. They are typically used in professional microphones, speakers, or headphones.
22 Nov 2008
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Fine Art Packing and Shipping with the Box Depot Los Angeles California. In this video The Box Depot is introduced as one of the 5 star locations featured on myfavoriteplacestoday****. It is located right near CBS in LA. A demonstration of the process of fine art packing is given by Rod Ramsey President. Charlie Reeds Executive Vice President of Globalgoals Inc. who has presented the past three Presidents of the United States with the Global Lifetime Award and is known for his role in the Paramount deal endorses The Box Depot as the best place that he has found for packing and shipping of expensive important items. The Box Depot also provides all services and products related to boxing, shipping and freight both at their location and also from their website theboxdepot****.
14 Dec 2008
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This is just a quick video to show some of the new import items we plan on offering for the 2009 and newer Honda Fit.
18 Apr 2009
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*******InternetSponsoringNow**** So many have talked about the joining of Donald Trump and Network Marketing in the last year, no issue whether you have heard of it or not. But, why have so many gone on and on about this new opportunity, and all the fanfare really justified? Without a doubt, this was one of the biggest launches in the home business industry in the past few years, with many Trump Network distributors jumping in and using Donald Trump's name as a leverage point and conversation piece to attempt to grow their business. When you even go to the replicated website that they give you at www.trumpnetwork****, you see Donald's image and a video of him on there. One important item to think about however, is that as you build your Donald Trump Network Marketing business for yourself is that even though it might help in the beginning using the hype and buzz surrounding the owner of the company, this isn't the proper way to grow your own business in the long run. Think of it this way, when you get past the big name and all the promotion going on in the first few months of this re-formed MLM company, what are you left with to grow your own business? One thing that you'll never hear in any trump network training is that it is extremely important to set yourself apart and differentiating yourself from the pack of other "me too" business builders in that company. I want to get this clear first though, the donald trump network marketing combo is good, along with a top notch product and solid MLM company, but big stars come and go from this industry all the time. If you centerpiece yourself, this immunizes you from that kind of turmoil and gives you a much more solid foundation to build upon. Think about this for one second, why is a prospect going to join you in your business. Is there any kind of value that you have to offer them to help them achieve what they desire? By learning how to market, and by this I mean really market, and not spam people about your Trump Network opportunity will build your own worth to potential business partners. Learning some basic marketing skills and applying them to the internet will allow you to reach the biggest target for your potential customers or business partners.
2 Jan 2010
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Check out these Cool Cobalt Shooters a item that is particularly popular at weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. These quality shot glass items hold more than the average shot glass which makes them fun and an important item in any barware collection. For more shot glasses go to Discount Mugs****.
6 Jan 2010
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