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Improvising at Am Bm and Em playing minor harmonic minor and diminished scales Enjoy...
15 Jan 2007
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It's me, Uri, improvising on the guitar. I play one year and half. Hope you enjoy it.
13 Feb 2007
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i've heard this song a few times, but had to improvise on it to cover up the fact that i don't know where it goes after the first part
21 May 2007
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This is my improvisation Bossa Nova Style. Hope you like it.
6 Aug 2007
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A little contemporary jazz improvisation on the guitar ...
1 Oct 2007
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Robert improvising using a Squier Telecaster and a Digitech Whammy, a pedal which can deliver some freaked out sounds.
16 Oct 2007
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The blues is a very special kind of music, it has SOUL! I have quite a lot of fun playing it. This is a little improvisation that I did for those of you who like the blues, thanks for watching. If you would like to learn how to play this blues solo, you are welcome to check out a video on my website "how to play blues piano improvisation". *******www.pianomusicdownload.blogspot****
19 Nov 2007
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Hi guys!!! So I present you my first video on Metacafe. It's an improvisation of piano I make today. I call this song "After the Storm" because I make it after a big tempest in my little town. So, put up the volume and listen! PS: Sorry for my english, I'm french :) If I make some mistake, please tell to me!
28 Oct 2008
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Shlomit Fundaminsky - improvisation solo 071122
10 Mar 2008
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"Pask" Guitar Improvisation by Dave Ward www.soundclick****/adave One guitar piece improvised in one take. Then the guitar was triple tracked octave effects were added to the center track in post production all video footatge is public domain.
30 Mar 2008
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This song is improvised and played back on the keyboard my hands are not synchronised with the music because it' s playback
5 Apr 2008
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This is my piano blues style. Do you like my blues improvisation on piano? Visit *******www.namipuk**** to see more.
16 May 2008
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Sonny’s Piano Improvisation; Connie Crothers & Kazzrie Jaxen Piano Duo; Sonny’s Piano & Yoga Tips; Four Piano Video Tours
25 Jun 2008
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www.SonnysPianoTV**** Sonny's Piano Improvisation; Connie Crothers & Kazzrie Jaxen Piano Duo; Sonny's Piano Playing & Yoga Tips; Video tours of a Steinway, Sohmer, Chickering & Schumann Baby grand Pianos.
6 Jul 2008
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Piano Improvisation & Blues Lesson 8, Free Video Lessons, Tips & Piano TV Show, Learn the basic blues scales and how to improvise around some basic chord patterns. This is a great lesson that will introduce you to blues and improvisation. There’s even an improvise with Sonny part in this lesson. Enjoy Sonny’s completely unique, relax and get into the flow approach to playing piano instantly, these lesson are unlike anything else on the internet. Emphasis is on breathing, relaxing and enjoying yourself and tapping into your musician within. See Sonny’s cutting edge lessons and piano website at *******SonnysPianoTV**** for more lessons, PianoTV Shows, video tours of pianos for sale and people playing the piano, and a place where you can join the fun and upload your own piano videos.
20 Nov 2008
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Well here's my 100th video guys! This improvisation is dedicated to those who are suffering from the earthquake. It is so saddening to see so many people die resulting in lost childs or orphanage. So in this video I have tried something very different for my 100th video and for the victims. I tried to capture the abstract emotions... Also can anyone think of a better title? Website: for sale on site.
29 Aug 2008
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