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Custom video game shoes, replicating gnomes, Hypercolor dragons and your favorite mobile games of all time.RADARKyozo Kicks: *******kyozokicks****/ParadoxArtistry: *******www.etsy****/shop.php?user_id=7106755Sceene Shoes: *******www.myspace****/sceeneshoesThe Underside Demo 3: *******www.insignificantstudios****/TIGSource Adult/Educational Compo: *******forums.tigsource****/index.php?topic=6883.0Anthony's Big Debut: *******www.gamerdrome****/video/TWnkal1HGrundislav Games: *******www.grundislavgames****FREE INDIE RAPID FIREHow to Raise a Dragon: Flash, Platformer, Gregory Weir - *******tinyurl****/raiseadragonCastle Corp: Flash, Strategy, Nitrome - *******tinyurl****/castlecorpCutCopyPasteGnome: Flash, Strategy, Turtlesoup - *******tinyurl****/cutcopypastegnomeSEND IN YOUR BIRTHDAY VIDEO/VOICEMAIL FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE SHIRT FROM NINJA-BOT AND HALOLZ!LIVE CHAT TONIGHT AT 8:00 PM EST WITH ED MCMILLEN AND TOMMY REFENES OF SUPER MEAT BOY! *******www.stickam****/bytejacker
3 Jul 2009
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It’s our birthday, biz-natches! We are one year old today, and we are celebrating like we are insane children, because we are insane children. The Radar: The Kid’s rundown of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade (Which I kept calling “Summer of Games” for some idiot reason): *******www.bytejacker****/blog The Blackwell Convergence Contest! Leave your best Joey Mallone Impressions as video or audio comments on our site to win! Wadjet Eye Games: *******www.wadjeteyegames****/convergence Puzzle Bots Trailer: *******www.livelyivy****/?p=114 Ninja-Bot**** Birthday Wish Winners! Joe Larson: Balloon Sega Mascots – *******www.bytejacker****/episodes/043/comment-page-1#comment-3595 Fuxter: Mega Love Gun Acoustic Mix - ***********/watch?v=jhIJFjdPH-4 Legendary: Silly Anthony, Don’t Run Away While I’m Filming (The Bytejacker Video Game) – *******www.tinyurl****/bytejackergame Free Indie Rapid Fire: Dungeons and Dungeons: Flash, Platformer, This is Pop – *******tinyurl****/getdungeons Parasite: Flash, Platformer, Nitrome – LINK Post I.T. Shooter: Windows, Shmup, Petri Purho – *******tinyurl****/getparasite Experimental Gameplay Project – *******www.experimentalgameplay****/blog
16 Jul 2009
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'Splosion Man blasts its way onto XBLA this week. How does it compare to Twisted Pixel's last effort, The Maw? Also: what games did you choose as the best RPGs ever? 'Splosion Man - Xbox 360, Platformer, Twisted Pixel: *******www.twistedpixelgames****/ Karah Barton's Custom NES Sprite Hats: *******tinyurl****/spritehats Galactic Commandos - Flash, Platformer, Explosive Barrel: *******tinyurl****/galacticcommandos Seven - Flash, Puzzle, Makibishi Inc.: *******14-7****/ Wonder Bounce - Flash, Arcade, Darthlupi: *******tinyurl****/wonderbounce This week's music is all from the album "3-Way Split," which is available here: *******www.ptesquad****/more/pte015.html
30 Jul 2009
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It's multiplayer meme-hem (ugh) as we check out Nihilistic Software's Zombie Apocalypse for 360 and PS3. We also get your opinions on the best game levels ever and Anthony proves just how uncoordinated he really is.
7 Oct 2009
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We revel in the FMV cheesiness with <i>Command and Conquer: Red Alert Commander's Challenge</i>, get your picks for the best fighting game characters of all time, and drop as many F-bombs as humanly possible.
7 Oct 2009
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We get psychedelic with Llamasoft's <i>Gridrunner Revolution</i>, check out the games with the best character designs of all time, and get turned into a fine mist at 6427m.
8 Oct 2009
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We're taking leaps of faith with SpeedRunGames' Grappling Hook and finding out what games you want most for the holidays.
16 Oct 2009
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This week we're checking out some clever hacks and products made from old NES cartridges, listing the best music games of all time, and making fajitas. I am lying about the fajitas.
23 Oct 2009
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The long-awaited sequel to everyone's favorite WiiWare launch title is here and we put it through its paces. Plus we've got your picks for the scariest games of all time <i>and</i> we've forced Anthony to dress like tiny forest folk. Hooray!
29 Oct 2009
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Frontier's back with the second installment of their novel fantasy franchise. Did they fix the shortcomings of the first?
31 Oct 2009
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We check out all the game-related Halloween costumes you sent in (and we even let a couple non-game ones slide -- why not). Plus the best First Person Shooters of all-time and some great new indie releases!
6 Nov 2009
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We asked our viewers to send in their gaming (and non-gaming) related Halloween costumes and we got some awesome results - including a L4D Cosplay Rap! To Gangster's Paradise! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNSEE IT.
7 Nov 2009
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