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*******www.nucleusinc****/medical-animation This animation depicts the reasons for a carotid endarterectomy; carotid artery stenosis may cause a transient ischemic attack or a stroke. The steps involved in a carotid endarterectomy are shown: the incision, the placement of clamps and shunt, and the removal of the plaque.
23 Feb 2011
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Just replace the sound of the Windows Start with some scary like a screaming ghost or gun shots! This video was distributed by "startcut video promotion" *******startcut****
20 Jun 2012
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This AMV is about what 'Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi' would be like if it was a pharmaceutical company. This AMV uses the song 'Paracetomoxyfrusebendroneomycin' by The Amateur Transplants. There is some strong language in this. This song starts slow (there is little action for the first 30 seconds) but then it rapidly speeds up. During the first 30 seconds I add in the Paracetomoxyfrusebendroneomycin pill I made, originally I planned to add this in whenever Paracetomoxyfrusebendroneomycin was mentioned but I decided to add health claims instead. On the pill is the letter 'P' is an Edwardian font, however since the pill is sideways it looks like an 'S'. Here is a list of the medical terminology used in the song. AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. BNF: British National Formulary. COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. DVT: Deep-vein Thrombosis. HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus. IV: Intravenous. ME: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. MI: Myocardial Infarction. MS: Multiple Sclerosis. NHS: National Health Service. PE: Premature Ejaculation. SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. This AMV won Best Comedy and Best of Show in the Phoenix Anime Fest (*******www.animemusicvideos****/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=75589).
19 Feb 2007
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A deadly arrhythmia, commonest cause of death of myocardial infarction. More on *******www.mediscuss****/talk/forumdisplay.php?f=65
6 Sep 2009
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*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/hyperbaric-chamber.html <a href="*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/hyperbaric-chamber.html">Autism Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers</a> <a href="*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/hyperbaric-chamber.html">Autism Hbot</a> *******www.balancedhealthtoday**** This research paper was presented at the National Stroke Association Conference in Boston, October 16-18, 1997.Oxygen is Mother Nature's most natural drug, most important nutrient and the element most essential to life. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a unique and important treatment which uses oxygen under pressure for the correction and healing of stroke and traumatically brain injured (TBI) individuals. The first clinical use of hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of stroke patients was reported in 1965 and many studies have been done since then proving its safety and effectiveness. Most people believe that a stroke is due to the death of brain cells. Brain cells are thought to die as a direct result of the interruption of blood flow and the resulting lack of oxygen to a part of the brain. This concept of what a stroke ishas been dogma for at least the last 100 years. This traditional concept of infarction, that the brain tissue dies from a blood and oxygen shortage lasting more than a few minutes, is no longer valid.1 A different concept has been slowly evolving over the past 25 years that the death of brain cells occurs only when the flow of blood falls below a certain level (approximately 8-10 ml/100 gr./min.) while at slightly higher levels the tissue remains alive but not able to function. Thus in the acute stroke the affected central core brain tissue may die while the more peripheral tissues remain alive for many years after the initial insult, depending on the amount of blood the brain tissue receives. Switzerland, Bern Croatia, Zagreb Billings, Montana <a href="*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/products.html">Autism Products</a> *******www.balancedhealthtoday****/blog/
12 Sep 2009
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*******tinyurl****/q58682 Mexico is an affordable option for people who are unable to afford the high cost of heart surgery in the USA. Angiogram, Catheter Angiography, Angiography or even known as arteriography is about one third in price in Tijuana Mexico. Coronary Angioplasty is a interventional cardiology procedure to mechanically widen the heart arteries or blood vessels. A pressured Baloon is many times passed to open the narrowed or obstructed artery. Many times a stent (some times medicated) is used. also known as carotid artery stenosis. Here a Mexican cardiologist provides insight on his education & credentials. Many advanced in medicine are coming in regards to handling blocked heart arteries. Like Stem Cells, carotid stenting versus endarterectomy and more. India, Mexico, Jordan, Thailand Turkey are some of the international destinations that provide affordable angioplasty surgery. Coronary angioplasty is also used to stop a heart attack (acute myocardial infarction) . In addition to angioplasty and stenting, Mexican doctor in this video does CABG, Bi-Ventricular Pace Maker, Mitral valve repair and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Mexico.
24 Aug 2010
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In this FMA AMV I decided to that even the Humunculi, Dante, the Chemeras, and everyone that Ed and Al encounter are all part of a bigger plan. That even if any of them think they are the ones in control and watching from the outside, infarct they are only a small part of the larger puzzle.
13 Oct 2009
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December 22, 2009 (FinancialWire) -- Athersys, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATHX Quote Chart News PowerRating) has entered into an agreement with Pfizer Inc. to develop and commercialize MultiStem(R) for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). MultiStem is an investigational stem cell therapy currently in development by Athersys for several other conditions, including acute myocardial infarction, bone marrow transplant support, and ischemic stroke. Under the terms of the agreement, Athersys will receive an up-front cash payment of $6 million from Pfizer, as well as research funding and support during the initial phase of the collaboration. In addition, Athersys is also eligible to receive milestone payments of up to $105 million upon the successful achievement of certain development, regulatory and commercial milestones. Pfizer will have responsibility for development, regulatory and commercialization and will pay Athersys tiered royalties on worldwide commercial sales of MultiStem IBD products. Alternatively, in lieu of royalties and certain commercialization milestones, Athersys may elect to co-develop with Pfizer and the parties will share development and commercialization expenses and profits/losses on an agreed basis beginning at phase III clinical development. Source : *******www.athersys****/ ***********/ *******www.medcitynews****/index.php/2009/12/pfizer-regenerative-medicine-aims-at-working-with-athersys-to-make-valuable-therapies-for-patients/ *******www.tradingmarkets****/.site/news/Stock%20News/2743533/
12 May 2010
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34- Is auto-hemotherapy valid in complications of diabetes? It would be valid, because in cases of gangrene, for instance, I had a patient that had an ulcer on her leg, and foot, actually going down as far as her ankle, it was already possible to see her tendons. It was a case that had got to the point of amputation. The amputation of her foot was booked for 2 (two) or 3 (three) days later. This lady had been a diabetic for many years. I was called to see her and I felt that we should try auto-hemotherapy to prevent the amputation. She had the treatment for a few weeks, the ulcer closed and she didn't have to have an amputation. She died about 20 (twenty) years later, with her foot on. She died as a result of diabetes - of an acute vascular accident, myocardial infarction, because diabetes causes these vascular accidents. But she died with her foot that was going to be amputated some 20 (twenty) years ago. This is to say, she gained 20 (twenty) years of a better quality life, because she was still able to walk perfectly without using any aids. In blindness it happens that diabetes produces an arteritis, an inflammation in the core of the arteries, and this is the reason why it leads to blindness, to a lack of oxygenation in the tissues due to a blockage. Auto-hemotherapy can really have an influence in some way, because it provides a better protection to the cell, it increases the resistance of the cell to glucose irritation. Not that it cures - is doesn't work as a cure for diabetes, not at all - but, at least, it protects the cell and the adverse effects take longer to happen. It is a way to delay the destruction of cells that occurs as a result of diabetes, which affects the whole vascular system - not only the small blood vessels, it affects the bigger ones later. It is a disease that needs to be fought with many medicines that act against free radicals. Controlling the glucose is not enough, it is necessary to avoid the cells being attacked by free radicals, this is achieved with vitamins A, E and C, selenium and several substances that protect the cells.
10 Jan 2010
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02- PART 2: Beginnings and application of the auto-hemotherapy practice: We went to the X-ray. And there was no obstruction anymore. And so he continued to live until he was more than ninety, walking along this street, the General Roca street. He was more than 95 when he died, without ever being operated on. As a reward, he decided to give me a present of two works: one from Dr. Jesse Teixeira and the other from Dr. Ricardo Veronesi. There is a gap of 36 years between these two works, one is from 1940 and the other from 1976. But it gives the impression that one was made for the other, to combine, one to the other. Why? Because while the work of Dr. Jesse Teixeira was limited to the action of auto-hemotherapy in avoiding post-operative infections, the work of Professor Ricardo Veronesi, who is a teacher at the University of Santos , immunology had already advanced much further and it had been discovered that the Reticulo-endothelial System (RES) has many other functions besides fighting bacteria, much more than that. The main functions of the Reticulo-endothelial System are (in italic, text taken from the work of Dr. Ricardo Veronesi). Dr Luiz Mouras comments and explanations appear in brackets): 1) Clearance of foreign particles from the blood or tissues, including neoplasics (cancerous) cells, toxins and other toxic substances. 2) Clearance of steroids and their biotransformation. (Elimination of hormones, i. e., the steroids). 3) Removal of micro aggregates of fibrin and prevention of intravascular coagulation. (This is why I have auto-hemotherapy, to prevent infarctions and thromboses, cerebral thromboses, infarctions of the coronary arteries, because it prevents intravascular coagulation, it removes a possible clotting that might have happened, as it removed the fibrin that clotted the femoral artery of Dr Garofalo. This is why I use auto-hemotherapy). 4) Ingestion of antigen, its processing and delivery later to the B and T-lymphocytes. (The antigen that produces an allergic reaction, and has a great action on treatment of allergies.). 5) Biotransformation and excretion of cholesterol. 6) Iron metabolism and the formation of bilirubin. 7) Metabolism of proteins and the removal of denatured proteins. (Abnormal proteins.). 8) Detoxification and metabolism of drugs. (Imagine, the metabolism of proteins and removal of denatured proteins! Now today when it is known that the encephalitis that causes mad cow disease is caused by a prion protein that is denatured. So then, auto-hemotherapy could help in the treatment of this disease.). Being responsible for so many and such important functions, it is easy to understand the role played by the Reticulo-endothelial System in both a favourable or unfavourable determinism of so many different morbid processes, such as infectious, neoplasics (cancer), degenerative and auto-immune ones.. This was when I started using auto-hemotherapy on auto-immune diseases. Very well, now the sad thing is that what Professor Jesse Teixeira discovered in 1940 that in 1976 was still being studied in first world countries in rats didn't have the dissemination it should have had here. (Then Dr. Luiz Moura reads out another passage from Dr. Ricardo Veronesis work. And he makes comments in brackets): Degenerative diseases: The Reticulo-endothelial System plays an important role in the homeostasis, i.e., it maintains the organism healthy... (more)
14 Jan 2010
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This narrated 3d medical animation illustrates the story of a heart attack (myocardial infarction) from a blocked coronary artery due to atherosclerosis, which is chronic inflammation of the blood vessels. Beginning with damage to the endothelial arterial wall, the animation shows how a white blood cell entering the wall of the artery differentiates (changes) into a macrophage, grabbing and digesting cholesterol. rnrnAs the cell does its job, it transforms into a foam cell, which, unfortunately, becomes part of the plaque within the blood vessel wall. Ultimately, over a period of years, the plaque grows and ruptures the blood vessel wall, spilling into the blood stream and eventually blocking the left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) supplying the left ventricle. rnrnThe animation ends showing an external view of the heart with dark area representing the death of the ventricle wall.
13 Dec 2010
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It is reported that as of early 2012, there were over twelve thousand lawsuits filed against the manufacturer of the drug. All these suits were due to the suffering and pain that the drug inflicts upon those who use it. Not only is the drug known to cause heart attacks, strokes, gallbladder complications blood clots and myocardial infarction, it is also known in some instances to cause Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVA) and sometimes also result into death of the user.
9 Nov 2012
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Get the facts on Hypertension with this 100%-accurate animated video. Part of Focus Apps' Understanding Disease: Cardiovascular Medicine series, the Hypertension app gives a detailed description of the heart and its anatomy, disease conditions, atherosclerosis, and myocardial infarction. Understand the symptoms of hypertension and how it creates a risk for cardiovascular complications, stroke, and kidney failure. Explore measurement, pathophysiology, risk factors, complications, medications, and lifestyle changes.
9 Nov 2012
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3 Jan 2013
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herbscellnutrition com Can Atrial Fibrillation Cause A Heart Attack? Your risk of a heart attack is not increased due to atrial fibrillation, a rapid and irregular heartbeat that can cause symptoms requiring medical attention. The condition does not cause a heart attack. However, atrial fibrillation can lead to other serious complications, so it needs to be treated promptly and monitored closely. During atrial fibrillation, the heart's two upper chambers beat chaotically and irregularly, out of coordination with the two lower chambers (ventricles). Because of the uncoordinated heartbeat it produces, atrial fibrillation causes your heart to pump less effectively than normal. The result is that the heart sends less blood out to your body with each beat. This can cause a variety of symptoms, including decreased blood pressure, light-headedness, weakness and shortness of breath. Occasionally, the rapid heart rate associated with atrial fibrillation can result in chest pain or discomfort (angina) because of reduced blood flow to the heart muscle. People who have pre-existing heart disease are particularly susceptible to this symptom of atrial fibrillation. Angina can be hard to distinguish from other types of chest pain, so if you experience chest pain, it is important to seek medical attention right away. Although it can cause chest pain and other symptoms that are similar to a heart attack, atrial fibrillation doesn't lead to a heart attack. Instead, a heart attack (myocardial infarction) occurs when the coronary artery, which supplies blood to the heart, becomes blocked, depriving the heart of vital blood and oxygen.
9 May 2017
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As they say,” Precaution is better than cure.” We, too, believe in the saying that is why we came up with nine ways to minimize your heart disease and keep your heart healthy. In today’s life, 1 out of 4 people die because of heart disease. The reasons for heart diseases today being so common among people is due to poor lifestyle. Which could be due to poor diet, high Blood Pressure, high blood cholesterol level, Diabetes, Obesity, Stress, Smoking, Drinking, Poor Hygiene, Age, Gender, Family History, Certain chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy for cancer, etc. In today’s era, every 3rd person is suffering from poor heart health. Multiple heart diseases are getting standard day by day, which are arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, Ischemic, congenital, rheumatic, cyanotic, valvular, cyanotic congenital, and coronary heart disease, etc. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a game-changer for your heart’s health. So let’s dig into how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.
19 Dec 2019
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