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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare | Performance Test Ultra Settings | Intel Core i5 2500K | NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580 Sli
24 Nov 2016
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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare | Performance Test Ultra Settings | Intel Core i5 2500K | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 ABOUT THE GAME : Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare delivers something for every Call of Duty fan with three unique game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Delivering a rich and engaging narrative in a setting unlike anything to date in a Call of Duty game, the campaign is a return to the franchise’s gritty, military roots throughout new environments never before seen in the franchise. The player will embark on a classic war story about grand scale naval warfare; all set in a grounded future where human conflict has spread throughout our solar system. Multiplayer action combines Call of Duty’s popular chained-based movement system with ground-breaking gameplay innovations to deliver the deepest and most engaging Call of Duty experience to date. The title introduces stunning, never before seen, multi-planetary environments, new weaponry, and all-new player abilities to Call of Duty. In addition, the new Zombies experience will thrill co-op players with an original, direction featuring fun and unique gameplay, all wrapped into an uproarious narrative sure to excite fans.
21 Dec 2016
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1 Jul 2017
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(Xbox One PS4 PC)
22 Jul 2017
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Gameplay Trailer
12 Aug 2017
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(Xbox One, PS4, PC)
12 Aug 2017
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✚ ******* ▶ Click Here to Watch "TOP 5 REASONS TO NOT BUY SUPPLY DROPS! - By HonorTheCall!" ✚ COD NEWS PLAYLIST - SEE ALL COD NEWS VIDEOS HERE ▶ ******* ✚ DIRECTOR: Call of Duty News By HonorTheCall! ▶ CHANNEL: ******* ✚ TODAY'S CALL OF DUTY NEWS: ▶ 0:12 - Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (#CallofDuty #InfiniteWarfare #COD2016) Pre-Order Numbers Are Looking Low Compared To That of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (#BlackOps3 #BO3), It Is Expected That An Increase In Pre-Orders Will Occur When The Beta Happens During August, What Do You Think? ▶ 0:58 - HonorTheCall Was BLOCKED By ChaosxSilencer On Twitter Recently After HonorTheCall Criticized Him For Not Shining A Light On The Call of Duty Endowment Valor Calling Cards Without Sending A Tweet Or A DM. Is It Fair For Bigger YouTubers To Think They Can Simply Block Criticisms Towards Them And Will That Come Back To Bite Him? Is ChaosxSilencer That Frustrated (Guilty?) To Go Through His 2,000+ Friends List On PSN And Block HonorTheCall There Too? As It Turns Out, Many Big Call of Duty YouTubers Including ChaosxSilencer Have Low In-Game Time For Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Even Though It Is Their Full Time Job To Create Videos And Be A Supposed Expert On The Game. ▶ 1:50 - TmarTn Made A Video Recently Pretty Much Damage Controlling The Unavoidable Negative Attention He Is Getting For Being More Favorable To Activision And Their Games Than Some People Believe They Deserve. HonorTheCall Has Doubts As To TmarTn's Actual In-Game Time And Experience As Well. Is It Fair For Someone Like TmarTn To Possibly Rarely Play The Call of Duty Games He Talks About And Then Year After Year Tell His Fans That "This Year 'X' Developer Will Turn Call of Duty Around" And Hype Up The Next Call of Duty (On Activision's Behalf?). What Do You Guys Think About His Video, Leave Your Comments Below!
23 Sep 2016
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Call of Duty News By HonorTheCall! TODAY'S CALL OF DUTY NEWS: Activision Released A New Trailer That Contained New Weapons For Call of Duty Black Ops 3, While Charlie Intel, TmarTn And ChaosxSilencer All Had The Trailers Uploaded, It Was Not On The Official Call of Duty YouTube Channel! It Turns Out The Video Was On Their Channel But It Was Unlisted And Was Sent To The Big YouTubers Privately By Activision So They Can Get A Head Start In Uploading The Trailer And Talking About The New DLC Weapons! Is This Fair? Leave Your Comments Below!
1 Dec 2016
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15 Jun 2017
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Ayyyyyyye a new video!!!! Music used: Song: JKE - SAVAGE
17 Jul 2017
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Let me know what challenges I should do.
18 Jul 2017
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DOUBLE KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Song: Voiders - Ectoplasmic
19 Jul 2017
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