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Informative website designs have so many different elements that work together to convey information in a usable and organized manner. For an informative website to be effective, every element on the page, from the header to the footer, needs to add to its overall usability and readability.
24 Oct 2017
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Promotional video for a pregnancy information website with the actual website removed and the blogspot link overlayed.
11 Dec 2007
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Ross Perot, business leader and former presidential candidate, announced today the launch of "PerotCharts****," a public information website that contains objective, factual information about the current economic crisis in America. The site is being launched as an alert and appeal for American citizens to inform themselves about federal government spending. Perot said, "The U.S. national debt reached $9.4 TRILLION on April 30, and it is increasing by more than $1 billion every day. We are leaving our children and grandchildren with debt they cannot possibly pay." PerotCharts**** consists of three major components: a video featuring Ross Perot discussing the purpose of the website, a blog where new charts and other information are posted daily for study and comment, and a narrated chart presentation explaining the economic problems our country faces. The website is not affiliated with any political party or candidate. Most of the data and research for the charts is gathered from official government sources. "The economic crisis facing America today is far greater than anything since the Great Depression," said Perot. "Our federal government continues to spend us deeper into debt. The American people must get directly involved and demand an end to deficit spending. This website will provide information for citizens to do just that." To view Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/perot/33555/
17 Jun 2008
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This is a compendium of thousands of useful articles on just about every subject and more subjects are constantly added. Acne, Automobiles, Aviation, Babies, Beauty, Blogging, Cancer, College, Cooking, Credit, Debt, Decorating, Divorce, Ebooks, Fashion, Fitness, Games, Goals, GPS, Hardware, Hobbies, Holidays, Home, Humor, Insurance, Internet, Investing, Landscaping, Loans, Marriages, Mortgages, Movies, Music, Outdoors, Parenting, Pets, Photography, Poetry, Real Estate, Search Engine Optimization, Software, Spam, Sports, Taxes, Vacation, VOIP, Websites
18 Oct 2007
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Pregnancy information. Hospital.
11 Dec 2007
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*******www.annuityinform**** Index Annuity Education in Phoenix. Fixed Annuity Specialist in Phoenix, Arizona. Retirement Income Specialist in Phoenix. Safe Money Specialist in Phoenix. IRA education in Phoenix, Arizona. Annuity Inform
20 Mar 2012
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Performing Arts Information website offers performing arts resources for performers around the world. The website is full pack with information regarding any kind of performing arts genre.
10 Mar 2012
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Tour of the Grand Canyon on Google Earth
11 Nov 2007
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See more Microsoft Office SharePoint Server demos at ***********/en-us/help/FX100485311033.aspx. When you use a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 site, you can use the search feature to help you find information, files, Web sites, and people. In this demo, you will see how an employee at a fictitious company called Adventure Works uses search to locate information on a SharePoint site and complete job-related tasks.
3 Dec 2009
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY MALLORY PERRYMAN You're watching multisource tech news from Newsy. Wikileaks has sprung a leak. The whistle-blowing site’s former second-in-command has launched… OpenLeaks- expected to go live anytime now. So why did Julian Assange’s old number two Daniel Domscheit-Berg trade Wiki for Open? SHEPARD SMITH: “And the man running it doesn’t care much for Julian Assange. The Associated Press reports the former Wikileaks staffer quit because he says the organization’s decision-making process just wasn’t transparent enough.” (Fox News) Reports claim Domscheit-Berg left Wikileaks when Assange released 400,000 classified documents about the war in Iraq without taking out the names of informants. A Portfolio reporter quotes the OpenLeaks founder saying Wikileaks has become… "…too much focused on one person, and one person is always much weaker than an organization." Domscheit-Berg also says Wikileaks wasn’t moving in the right direction. “"If you preach transparency to everyone else, you have to be transparent yourself." The site will basically act as a middle man for leakers to send information directly to news organizations. “Openleaks will not directly publish information it receives but will allow media outlets and other organisations to access the system and disclose what they want… The group will serve as a neutral intermediary with no political agenda, which could minimise any heat from governments.” (ZDNet) In The Wall Street Journal, Gordon Crovitz says that change is critical. It means Openleaks understands the importance of accountability. “Mr. Assange's conceit was that no one would be responsible for the actions of WikiLeaks, especially itself. Media organizations should welcome this role; in an era of mass leaks, news judgment is even more important. …editors should prefer to work with groups, that...give them accountability for what becomes public, how it becomes public, and for deciding what information must remain confidential.” Forbes’ Andy Greenberg points out- Openleaks isn’t the only Wikileaks spin-off. A group of former EU employees have launched BrusselsLeaks. A Bulgarian expat in Paris has set up BalkanLeaks. And Wikileaks even pointed its followers toward IndoLeaks- although that site seems to have been brought down by technical problems. So is Openleaks the new Wikileaks? Or - just another copycat? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy.
14 Dec 2010
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21 Oct 2011
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Did you know that having an amazingly designed website is not enough to keep your business going? All you need is to add attractive features to your website to generate great user experience.
28 Jun 2018
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