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The introduction to the newest show at MCPTV. A cooking shows that promises in 5 minutes or less, a meal with 5 or less ingredients and for under 5 dollars per person. Todays menu - Clams And Citrus Tomatoes.
11 Oct 2007
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Just A Few Simple Ingrediants To make Giant Bubbles!
11 Oct 2007
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Aloha! We make Natural Soap in Hawaii at the North Shore Soap Factory. Our Soap Factory is located on the Island of Oahu and we use local ingredients native to Hawaii like Kukui Nut Oil and Ginger. Our soap is love by lots of people who have found us exploring the Island while on holiday and I would love to introduce our Natural skin care products to you. If you would like to give our Natural soaps a try our flat rate shipping of six dollars might help out. Mahalo
12 Oct 2007
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Ingredients and procedure for the chocolate cake
14 Oct 2007
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Howard's take on Chipotle is just like their ingredients...F-R-E-S-H.
16 Oct 2007
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Students in Mexico city create couture designs using food Instead of luxury fabrics like silk and taffeta, pineapples, beans and chillies were the main materials used to create clothing at a fashion show put on by culinary students at a Mexican university. Students wanted to show people that you can do much more with food than eating it. Salami, basil and coconuts were just some of the other ingredients that were used to create some of the 16 garments that were on show.
17 Oct 2007
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Ingredients: words (ransom) jitter and explain supers ask the big questions, but you’re distracted by the brunette, you ok, ignore the overamped rgb boy, but you’ll be right at home with the rollin’ suburban primates little bit of parking lot, little bit of nature (came first), then disks re-orient the whole covet thy neighbor’s half-machine wife, then you’re slung back to the beginning, welcomed so warmly, milksmell, by the baby (that’s (a) promise)
19 Oct 2007
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Here's a trailer for my soon to lauch real-time, all natural cooking podcast series, The Enlightened Cook. You might know me from my earlier 7 yoga DVDs, but secretly I've always had a passion for cooking. In this series is designed so you can cook the dish along with me, as we take each step together. No tiny little dishes with pre-measured ingredients and technique that flies by. With The Enlightened Cook you learn to make delicious food, that just happenes to be super healthy.
31 Oct 2007
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An easy and really tasty curry made almost entirely from storecupboard ingredients. Make this when you have friends coming around - a little goes a long way and it's cheap as chips to make. Ed Baines as seen on ITV1's Daily Cooks!. For more great vegetarian recipe ideas visit www***oksforcooks****
31 Oct 2007
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A natural method used by the Turks for hundreds of years to bleach teeth. No chemicals just simple, safe ingredients that take just minutes to brighten your smile. Must try!!!!
3 Nov 2007
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Luxury Travel Rome:Most famous shopping street in the world-Via Condotti, Rome, at the base of the Spanish Steps is a luxury Italy traveler shopping paradise. Enjoy the famous Italian fashion designers, stop at Cafe Greco, the oldest cafe in the world, for a nourishing meal of fine fresh food ingredients and then get back out and shop Via Condotti to your heart's content. Luxury travel Italy must include fine shopping in Rome. The base of the Spanish Steps, Rome Italy, is the place to begin you travel in Rome.
3 Nov 2007
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"I am a health psychologist and have been an herbalist for 30 years...I had neglected to follow up with users of the Apple Patch diet but when a very satisfied user contacted me I did some additional research into Garcinia cambogia....the main ingredient....what I found pleasantly surprised me. It is indeed shown to produce weight loss in a safe and effective manner. I encourage people to try the easy to use Apple Patch to shed those unwanted pounds in a safe drug free manner." - L Thomas (MS) SD " I am 51 years old and last few years I have diabetes 2 and I am overweight. The first time I used Apple Patch Diet for one month and lost 10 pounds and 2 inches in my waist. Now after few months of using the Apple Path Diet regularly, my sugar level (Diabetes) is under control and I am very happy. " - Baig, VA " I'm feeling great and I'm losing inches too. All my pants are feeling more and more loose every week and I've only been on the apple patch diet for about a month now. I've lost about 2 1/2 inches off my waist. I use to have a slow moving digestive system. It could take me as much as two to three days to digest my food, but now my body is digesting my food every day naturally and without harsh stimulants like laxatives. I love this patch. " - Lawrence, LA " I am so impressed with the Apple Patch Diet. In only a couple of days I noticed a curb in my appetite and the cravings for munchies are gone. The scale looks better too! It's great to realize that for under $1.00 a day (under the buy one get one free offer) I'm loosing weight and feeling great!!! Thanks Apple Patch! " - Colleen, OH " My wife and a friend of hers walk a few times a week to loose weight. Her friend had also been using the apple patch diet. My wife noticed that her friend was loosing weight and told her she looks good. Her friend didn't tell my wife about the diet patch because she had ordered the Apple Patch for my wife for a birthday gift. My wife finally got her gift and has lost 5 pounds using the Apple Patch Diet. Now she is expecting another "gift" from me for Christmas! " - Steven, NJ For more testimonials or more information please visit our website. *******
7 Nov 2007
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Everybody’s looking for ways to save time now that the holiday season is here. One timesaving tip is as close as your grocery store, along with lifestyle expert B Smith’s entertaining shortcuts. If there’s one thing we all do over the holidays, it’s entertain. But the big question always arises, how do you find time for fun festivities during what’s probably the busiest time of the year? Some of b smiths entertaining shortcuts, are as simple as baking a pie with a pre made crust that tastes just like grammas, and then dusting the slices on the plates with a bit of cinnamon. B says another dinner party timesaver is to use frozen dinner rolls that store well in the freezer, but can be served to your guests using a variety of different ingredients to make them stand out. Like this tip B uses when she entertains: Put about a dozen cranberries in a clear votive candle holders. Fill them with tap water and top with clear floating votive candles. Light them just before your guests arrive. For more of B Smith’s Holiday shortcuts, visit pillsbury****. Produced for General Mills
8 Nov 2007
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Parody of America's reality TV show "America's Next top model" by Tyra Banks: 12 ingredients compete to prove they are qualified to be used for the world's next top food. Only 6 among the 12 will be selected on the basis of their nutrients. At the end, cucumber, bean sprout, zucchini, carrot, mushroom (with spinach), beef become the winners. What is the world's next top food that is made of all of these winners? That is Bibimbap! It is very tasty and healthy. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can make Bibimbap without beef. Try it.
16 Nov 2007
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Colin Alevras, the chef/owner of The Tasting Room, selects the highest quality ingredients supplied daily by local farmers who take pride in raising their animals & vegetables carefully and responsibly.
16 Nov 2007
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How to make poppy seed dinner rolls. Homemade, handmade. Poppy Seed Dinner Rolls are amazing, made with all-natural ingredients. With this recipe, you can totally resist the urge to reach for the ones on the supermarket shelf. Visit for step-by-step instructions and to order the dvd.
19 Nov 2007
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