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Sports Training Tips ACL Injury Prevention
9 Apr 2019
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A quaintly dated fire safety film, Crimes of Carelessness enumerates the causes, dangers, and prevention methods for fires. According to the film, fire can strike anywhere at anytime: fire hazards are as ubiquitous as leaves on trees! Every year, fires destroy cities, forests, and homes, killing or injuring nearly 50,000 people. Fire accidents can be caused by putting a cigarette in the trash or throwing a cigarette from a car; children playing with matches; and people leaving electrical devices on without supervision. Steps towards prevention are easy! Use an ashtray. Keep matches away from children. Turn off electrical appliances after usage. Have the heating system checked once a year before the winter season. Do not smoke in bed. Lastly, keep the number of the fire department readily available in case of an emergency. Crimes of Carelessness is a fun vintage film that still contains valuable safety lessons for preventing burn injuries and fire damage.
28 Jul 2008
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*******www.2ebay.infoto bid on Energy drinks that reduce recovery time from excercise. Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Mar 2009
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the DVD volume 7 Boris provides a detailed verbal explanation followed by on screen caption commentaries at the time of demonstration on how to perform necessary warm up routine, including dynamic movements in vertical and a horizontal positions, on most body regions, post isometric relaxation techniques, appropriate exercises and more. This DVD is designed as a home study educational program and contains theoretical as well as practical parts. It's easy to study and you can use offered techniques immediately. Note that jogging and stretching alone is by far not enough for warm-up. Such routine can lead you to injury. If light jog and stretch describes your warm-up routine, you should learn from this volume# 7 DVD. Presented techniques and exercises will contribute significantly to neuromuscular reeducation (eliminations of compensatory movement and restoration of normal neuromuscular assembly work), which will help you to prevent sports related injuries as well to perform better in your sports discipline weather it is football, baseball, basketball, Olympic sports, martial arts or any other sport.
21 Apr 2009
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*******www.univchiro**** Seattle Chiropractor Dr. Raymond Sue gives some simple tips to athletes as well as those starting a new activity to ensure they can enjoy their sport/hobby injury free!
25 Sep 2009
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How balance can be improved with some simple exercises and chiropractic care. A lot of people are afraid of falling as they get older and get injuries that can sidetrack them for a long time. Athletes can also benefit from improved balance. Here are some simple solutions to help correct the problem.
20 Oct 2009
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www.owenchiropractic**** Dr. Chad Owen 210-342-1356 San Antonio chiropractic chiropractors chiropractor headache migraine ankle knee shoulder pain relief neck back specialist auto car accident Alamo Heights schertz selma cibolo 78216 78209 nutrition
22 Mar 2010
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Visit STT at *******www.SMARTERTeamTraining****. For more info, check out *******www.STTBlog.wordpress****. Join STT on Facebook at *******www.facebook****/SMARTERTeamTraining. Subscribe to STT on YouTube at ***********/SMARTERTeamTraining. And follow us on twitter at *******www.twitter****/SMARTERTeam. SMARTER Team Training has been developed to focus on athlete and team development, performance, and education. By incorporating the SMARTER Team Training programs into your year round athletic development program, you will decrease your injury potential, increase individual athleticism, and maximize your team training time.
7 Apr 2010
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*******www.theeyeinstitute**** In this video from CBS Channel 2 News, watch as Dr. Robert Cionni talks about the various outdoor eye injuries that he sees at The Eye Institute in Salt Lake City. As Dr. Cionni explains, most eye injuries can be prevented with sunglasses or protective goggles. If you do experience an eye injury, it’s critical that you are treated immediately to avoid any permanent eye damage.
17 Sep 2010
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*******axispt****/ AXIS PT specializes in orthopedic, manual and sports physical therapy. They provide patients with the greatest potential for full recovery from injury. AXIS PT treats more than the injury or dysfunction. They provide patients with a foundation for future wellness and injury prevention. In addition to addressing an individual's Physical Therapy needs, they implement preventative care strategies as part of a well rounded rehabilitation program. AXIS PT's licensed Physical Therapists have extensive experience with manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription. Stop in to see AXIS PT today and be sure to mention that you saw them featured on My Local Buzz TV! *******www.mylocalbuzztv****/business_listing.asp?PlaceID=31228
3 Oct 2011
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Defense soap products have been specially designed for athletic injury prevention. All infection control products have essential oils to naturally prevent skin infections.
29 Mar 2012
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Bikram Yoga
23 Aug 2007
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