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A funny commercial for insurance with some funny elephants.
30 Jul 2006
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Life Insurance
30 Jan 2007
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When your car gets crunched in an accident, you're grateful you have insurance. But what about when it comes time to get your car repaired? Some makes and models cost far more to repair than others, and those costs are reflected in your insurance rates. Insurers say collision repair costs among various vehicles can account for a difference of as much as ten percent of the insurance premium drivers pay. The federal government feels this issue is so important that it requires auto dealers to provide consumers with information that compares the differences in collision repair insurance costs among all the makes and models. And car makers are taking notice. Ford Motor Company now routinely consults insurance companies for suggestions so Ford can design and build cars, trucks and SUVs that are less expensive to repair, thus keeping insurance costs in check. Ford has many vehicles on the road right now that reflect that approach. In fact, Ford has the least expensive vehicle to repair in ten different vehicle segments measured by an insurance industry group (Highway Loss Data Institute.) Crunching your car doesn't have to mean crunching your wallet. Produced for Ford Motor Company
22 Apr 2007
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If you have life insurance you will be loved and after death... black humor
15 May 2007
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Bucharest Challenge 2007 - Lloyds TSB Insurance British F3 Int. Series Race event
20 May 2007
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How to do an Automobile insurance Quote
21 May 2007
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When I had my car crash, my existing auto insurance raised my auto insurance premium. Luckily, AutoInsuranceSpy**** helped to scout around to find the cheapest auto insurance quote for me. Thanks AutoInsuranceSpy**** !!!
14 Jun 2007
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Auto theft rate increases your auto insurance rate. Luckily, I've found my auto insurance company who saved me $51.77/month. Thanks AutoInsuranceSpy**** !!!!
20 Jun 2007
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It's a real live toyota car crashed into a parking auto. What happened to the car driver ? Did the auto insurance company pay for it ? How much was the increase of the auto insurance rate ? AutoInsuranceSpy**** provides exclusive auto insurance deal for ordinary people like you How exclusive auto insurance deal do you want ? => *******AutoInsuranceSpy****
7 Jul 2007
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Is bmw alpina really good in performance ? Auto insurance premium is expensive on good car too.. If you are the owner, how will you deal with it ? Luckily, AutoInsuranceSpy**** helped me to save 17% on the auto insurance premium. How much could you save ? => AutoInsuranceSpy****
12 Jul 2007
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INSURANCE Commercial
18 Jul 2007
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*******www.insurancehelp101**** Two idiots here are caught on tape ruining their own van and then trying to get paid for it with insurance
26 Jul 2007
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*******www.dentalinsuranceisaripoff**** Insurance Companies are ripping you off if you buy Dental Insurance. Get this FREE report while you still can.
31 Aug 2007
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*******www.dentalinsuranceisaripoff**** You may think that Dental Insurance is a good thing, but you'd be wrong. Dental Insurance Companies are ripping you off. So what Dental Plan should you buy. Watch our video and then download our FREE report, Dental Insurance is a Ripoff. You'll never feel the same way about Dental Insurance again.
28 Aug 2007
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is this the way allstate car insurance company operate ? watch the video and find out yourself => AutoInsuranceSpy****
5 Sep 2007
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*******dentalinsuranceisaripoff**** Dental Insurance companies do not want you to read this report. Dental Insurance is a HUGE waste of your money. Before you buy Dental Insurance read this FREE report.
6 Sep 2007
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