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Trailer to a new Russian film "Invincible". The cinema is removed in the best traditions of a spy thriller. The basic plot will be connected round the officer of external investigation Egor Kremneva who should overcome set of barriers, for the sake of the purpose.
9 Oct 2008
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to US Army, IMCOM-Korea IMCOM-Korea supports Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members with Army-standard installation facilities, spacious housing areas, 5-star restaurants, new first-rate recreational centers, and spectacular access to Korean food and culture. Korea is a great place to live, work or visit. Whether this is your first tour to Korea or a return assignment, you can look forward to a personally and professionally rewarding experience in the Land of the Morning Calm. To learn more about living and serving with the US Army in Korea, visit us online at learn about serving in the US Army, visit one of the largest ground forces in the world, the U.S. Army needs to make sure that all forces can get the correct information. The Army communications maintenance team is responsible for making sure that all communications equipment is in top working order. This equipment allows the Army to track and direct troop, aircraft and watercraft movements. An Avionic Communications Equipment Repairer is an essential member of the Army communications maintenance team and is primarily responsible for performing intermediate and depot maintenance on aircraft communications equipment. Some of your duties as an Avionic Communications Equipment Repairer may include: - Maintaining, testing and repairing communications equipment - Installing and repairing circuits and wiring - Calibrating and aligning equipment components - Troubleshooting faulty communications equipment - Replacing faulty components and parts - Modifying communication equipment - Performing operator maintenance on tools and test equipment
4 Mar 2011
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Lt. Col. Willian Ewart “Dan” Fairbairn was a master of close combat work with and without weapons. Here, in the vintage film, he demonstrates truly effective hand-to-hand combat for the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner of today’s C.I.A.) during WWII. Aside from viewing these admirable videos, please visit the Integrated Close Combat Forum at *******kilogulf59.proboards80****/ . You will not only gain further knowledge on these and other related topics but also perhaps help to educate some others in addition.
29 Sep 2010
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Balochistan, March 29: Political activists, youth, students or women – No one in Balochistan has the right to raise their voice against atrocities committed by Pakistan. And, those who dare, are forcibly detained by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. The issue of enforced disappearances has been a major source of unrest among the Balochs ever since the Musharraf regime launched a military operation in Balochistan in 2004. Baloch nationalist parties claim that around 4,000 Balochs are missing from across the province.
29 Mar 2010
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Balochistanon/ London, April 05: March 27, 1948 the Pakistani army attacked the sovereign state of Balochistan and occupied it illegally. Since then, Balochs have been observing the occasion as `black day’. And this year too, businesses were shut and vehicles remained off the road in all towns and cities of Balochistan on March 27. The Baloch in Diaspora observed the `Occupation Day’ in Sweden, Canada, America, Norway, South Africa and UAE to show their solidarity with the Baloch Nation. The Balochs in the United Kingdon held a protest in front of BBC world Service in protest against the Pakistani occupation of Balochistan in 1948.
5 Apr 2010
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Muzaffarabad,June 15:Despite being the flash point of the dispute between India and Pakistan for over six decades,the political stalemate over the Himalayan region of Kashmir is far from over.A latest independent survey has also indicated that 98 percent of Kashmiris are against joining Pakistan and a plebiscite is no longer an option in the Valley.
16 Jun 2010
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Rumors out of China has the Taliban training monkeys to fight against U.S. soldiers. The international media are largely reacting in disbelief.
16 Jul 2010
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Check out Linkin Park's new single 'The Catalyst' in full as they provide the soundtrack to upcoming first person shooter Medal of Honor.
7 Aug 2010
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UK Defense Secretary Liam Fox has called for an all out ban of a video game because it gives players the option of assuming the role of the Taliban against coalition forces.
27 Aug 2010
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Pakistan has closed off a key supply route for U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan. This after Pakistani officials reported a coalition helicopter crossed its border and killed three Pakistani border troops.
2 Oct 2010
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Nine years later – the search is still on for al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Now, NATO officials say they know where bin Laden is hiding - or at least how he's living.
21 Oct 2010
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In 90 minutes, Iraq's capital is hit with 17 separate explosions. The attacks are the latest in a series of violent acts unfolding this week.
5 Nov 2010
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A UK home-grown suicide bomber wins the jackpot lottery. A short film directed and produced by Javier Badillo (*******www.javierbadillo****) Cinematography by Matt Drake Sound Design by Andres Santana
14 May 2011
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BY MILA MIMICA President Obama’s putting boots on the ground in Uganda -- to the tune of 100 U.S. troops in support of that country’s fight against rebel forces. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir reports. “President Obama sent a letter today to Congress announcing the U.S. military will put 100 combat-ready troops on the ground in central Africa to help the local military help remove the Lord’s Resistance Army’s Joseph Kony and his commanders.” As Washington Post’s Elizabeth Flock explains, Kony and the LRA are responsible for wreaking havoc across central Africa for more than two decades. “...the group has engaged in an armed rebellion against the Ugandan government and committed an extraordinary number of human rights violations … [T]roops enter a village, killing the adults and kidnapping the children. The boys are enscripted into the army and the girls are taken as ‘bush wives.’” CNN’s Barbara Star points out the intervention in central Africa is part of recent intelligence-gathering attempts. Barbara Star: “US troops may wind up now in Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s part of a growing military effort to engage in Africa.” General Martin Dempsey: “And so our presence on the African continent is part of our network of building partners, of gaining intelligence.” The fact President Obama chose to send a letter to Congress after deploying troops to Uganda as well as in Libya earlier this year is drawing some parallels between the two incidents, but a contributor to Fox News says the two cases are not created equal. “It is surprising. Although this is very different from the Libyan case... Congress unanimously in both houses passed a law in 2009 calling on the president to put a stop to Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army.” Although it took the administration two years to act on that law, Henry Okello Oryem, Uganda’s foreign acting foreign minister, told Al Jazeera the country has needed international military aid for decades. “For 20 years, the government of Uganda has been pleading with our American and European friends to help in the LRA problem, because these are international terrorists … We wanted our friends to help in providing technical support, such as intelligence, because they have the best." According to The New York Times, the U.S. sent 17 counter-terrorism specialists to Uganda during George W. Bush’s administration. But... “Unlike the earlier effort, the 100 military advisers sent by Mr. Obama will be armed. They will be providing assistance and advice to their African hosts, Mr. Obama said, and ‘will not themselves engage LRA forces unless necessary for self-defense.’”
18 Oct 2011
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Safe House, 2012
21 Feb 2012
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The courageous rat has attacked cats
24 Feb 2012
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