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What is Artificial intelligence? It makes a computer work as human beings do. It facilitates tasks that normally require human interaction, such as voice recognition, visual perception, decision making and translation between languages. What is Machine learning? It is about educating computer systems to recognize patterns in the way human brains understand them. Few more important terms to consider that are directly related to the topic are: Deep learning: can be understood as a way to make neurons understand how to solve a particular programming problem. Neural network: involves the interconnection of several networks or artificial nodes or neurons. The output of a neuron acts as an input to the next neuron in the network. Logistic regression: involves modelling a binomial result with one or more explanatory variables. Linear regression: implies a linear relationship between individual input variables. Now, let's see how machine learning and artificial intelligence have innovated and eventually transformed the development of mobile applications: #BenefitsOfArtificialIntelligenceAndMachineLearning 1) Trend forecast AI filters enabled in smartphone applications help forecast the weather. Funny filters help to animate the photos in the image gallery, detect the customer's face, locate facial features and add filters, etc. 2) Security / Quick authentication Facial and fingerprint sensors enabled with AI functions to help determine essential security functions within applications 3) Predict user behaviour ML even helps marketing professionals understand user preferences and purchase patterns in the application. Watch the video to know more or you can even visit – HERE OR you WISH to READ instead of watch? Here you go! - READ
30 Jul 2019
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This prank has a SEAL of approval from us! Who knew that seals are intelligent enough to pull off pranks!?
8 Aug 2019
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This pig casually opens a latch to the door with its mouth. Who could've known they are so smart. Amazing.
16 Aug 2019
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Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be described as the communication services with connections of things to things and things to humans. Call Us: +91-9741117750
14 Aug 2019
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Our ancestor says eat almonds every day as it is brain food. See video for more.
2 Aug 2019
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Get access to quality, verified and highly responsive database for your targeted audience. Leverage your business upon us and get recognized in the global market.
12 Aug 2019
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Welcome To The Age Of Artificial Intelligence! Transform Websites Into Automated Leads And Sales Bots! No special skills or experience needed to use this revolutionary AI technology to get leads, sales and profits starting today!
17 Aug 2019
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I discuss famous Atheist YouTube cartoonist "Darkmatter2525".
27 Jul 2019
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Can effectively begin to bless the entire world with the most favorable communications skills.
7 Aug 2019
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Humans may have evolved from monkeys, but in a few ways, we humans lack common sense, which monkeys have.
20 Aug 2019
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Struggling to choose between an Impact Printer or and Thermal Printer? Check out our latest video that breaks down the pros and cons of both types of POS printers. We compare both types of printers with different parameters like cost, performance, best brands, maintenance, set up and many more.
21 Aug 2019
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"Key Features: Large sturdy foot plate and variable resistance cam design to regulate the load throughout the exercise, to ensure the correct muscle are targeted. Intelligent ergonomic design with adjustable back support pad. Smooth running cam system gives a safe. efficient workout. Power transmission via the hip relieves the spine. The sled can be adjusted to a starting position suitable for every user size. Placards, placed in the most visible position, provide step by-step instructions, as well as pictures to illustrate proper use and muscles trained. Hand grips secured in place with aluminum collars, comprised of an extruded rubber compound that is non absorbing and wear resistant."
24 Jul 2019
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