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It is interesting to note that as far as neo-Darwinism has actually influenced medical diagnostics, which hasn't been that much, it has led to medical malpractice: Evolution's "vestigial organ" argument debunked Excerpt: "The appendix, like the once 'vestigial' tonsils and adenoids, is a lymphoid organ (part of the body's immune system) which makes antibodies against infections in the digestive system. Believing it to be a useless evolutionary 'left over,' many surgeons once removed even the healthy appendix whenever they were in the abdominal cavity. Today, removal of a healthy appendix under most circumstances would be considered medical malpractice" (David Menton, Ph.D., "The Human Tail, and Other Tales of Evolution," St. Louis MetroVoice , January 1994, Vol. 4, No. 1). "Doctors once thought tonsils were simply useless evolutionary leftovers and took them out thinking that it could do no harm. Today there is considerable evidence that there are more troubles in the upper respiratory tract after tonsil removal than before, and doctors generally agree that simple enlargement of tonsils is hardly an indication for surgery" (J.D. Ratcliff, Your Body and How it Works, 1975, p. 137). The tailbone, properly known as the coccyx, is another supposed example of a vestigial structure that has been found to have a valuable function—especially regarding the ability to sit comfortably. Many people who have had this bone removed have great difficulty sitting. *******www.ucg****/science/god-science-and-bible-evolutions-vestigial-organ-argument-debunked/ Surgical removal of the tonsils and appendix associated with risk of early heart attack - June 2011 Excerpt: The surgical removal of the appendix and tonsils before the age of 20 was associated with an increased risk of premature heart attack in a large population study performed in Sweden. Tonsillectomy increased the risk by 44% (hazard ratio 1.44) and appendectomy by 33% (HR 1.33). The risk increases were just statistically significant, and were even higher when the tonsils and appendix were both removed. *******medicalxpress****/news/2011-06-surgical-tonsils-appendix-early-heart.html#share International HoloGenomics Society - "Junk DNA Diseases" Excerpt: A primary goal of IHGS is to elevate awareness of the fact that "some, if not all" hereditary diseases do not stop at the boundaries of "genes" *******www.junkdna****/junkdna_diseases.html Excerpt: "elaborated in more detail in my “Obituary of Junk DNA “ *******www.junkdna****/#obituary_of_junk_dna” ,,,uncounted millions of people died miserable deaths while scientists were looking for the “gene” causing their illnesses – and were not even supposed to look anywhere but under the lamp illuminating only 1.3% of the genome (the genes)." *******www.uncommondescent****/intelligent-design/the-discovery-institute-needs-to-be-destroyed/#comment-357177 "Certainly, my own research with antibiotics during World War II received no guidance from insights provided by Darwinian evolution. Nor did Alexander Fleming's discovery of bacterial inhibition by penicillin. I recently asked more than 70 eminent researchers if they would have done their work differently if they had thought Darwin's theory was wrong. The responses were all the same: No. Philip S. Skell - (the late) Professor at Pennsylvania State University. *******www.discovery****/a/2816 Darwinian Medicine and Proximate and Evolutionary Explanations - Michael Egnor June 2011 *******www.evolutionnews****/2011/06/darwinian_medicine_and_proxima047701.html
25 Dec 2011
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Evolution Exposed and Intelligent Designed Explained
3 Apr 2012
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The piece surfaces issues of religion, race, humanity and ignorance. The project was inspired by the religious debate between creationism and evolution. A child plays teacher come newscaster presenting the difference between Neanderthals and Humans. A seemingly random collection of images flashes by in the lower right hand corner of the screen; like those irritating pop-ups on your favorite TV show. The images were downloaded from a Google search on “intelligent design”. The juxtaposition of the child’s narrative and the images is both hilarious and socially poignant.
28 Aug 2008
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What do you think about intelligent design?
17 Oct 2008
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The DNA Code - Solid Scientific Proof Of Intelligent Design - Perry Marshall - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4060532/the_dna_code_solid_scientific_proof_of_intelligent_design_perry_marshall/ Biophysicist Hubert Yockey determined that natural selection would have to explore 1.40 x 10^70 different genetic codes to discover the optimal universal genetic code that is found in nature. The maximum amount of time available for it to originate is 6.3 x 10^15 seconds. Natural selection would have to evaluate roughly 10^55 codes per second to find the one that is optimal. Put simply, natural selection lacks the time necessary to find the optimal universal genetic code we find in nature. (Fazale Rana, -The Cell's Design - 2008 - page 177) The coding system used for living beings is optimal from an engineering standpoint. Werner Gitt, - In The Beginning Was Information - p. 95 Collective evolution and the genetic code - 2006: Excerpt: The genetic code could well be optimized to a greater extent than anything else in biology and yet is generally regarded as the biological element least capable of evolving. *******www.pnas****/content/103/28/10696.full The Capabilities of Chaos and Complexity - David L. Abel - 2009 Excerpt: "A monstrous ravine runs through presumed objective reality. It is the great divide between physicality and formalism. On the one side of this Grand Canyon lies everything that can be explained by the chance and necessity of physicodynamics. On the other side lies those phenomena than can only be explained by formal choice contingency and decision theory—the ability to choose with intent what aspects of ontological being will be preferred, pursued, selected, rearranged, integrated, organized, preserved, and used. Physical dynamics includes spontaneous non linear phenomena, but not our formal applied-science called “non linear dynamics”(i.e. language,information). *******www.mdpi****/1422-0067/10/1/247/pdf There are no physical or chemical forces between the nucleotides along the linear axis of DNA (where the information is) that causes the sequence of nucleotides to exist as they do. In fact as far as the foundational laws of the universe are concerned the DNA molecule doesn’t even have to exist at all. Stephen C. Meyer - Signature In The Cell: "DNA functions like a software program," "We know from experience that software comes from programmers. Information--whether inscribed in hieroglyphics, written in a book or encoded in a radio signal--always arises from an intelligent source. So the discovery of digital code in DNA provides evidence that the information in DNA also had an intelligent source." *******www.evolutionnews****/2009/07/leading_advocate_of_intelligen.html DNA Optimized for Photostability Excerpt: These nucleobases maximally absorb UV-radiation at the same wavelengths that are most effectively shielded by ozone. Moreover, the chemical structures of the nucleobases of DNA allow the UV-radiation to be efficiently radiated away after it has been absorbed, restricting the opportunity for damage. *******www.reasons****/dna-soaks-suns-rays 3-D Structure Of Human Genome: Fractal Globule Architecture Packs Two Meters Of DNA Into Each Cell - Oct. 2009 Excerpt: the information density in the nucleus is trillions of times higher than on a computer chip -- while avoiding the knots and tangles that might interfere with the cell's ability to read its own genome. Moreover, the DNA can easily unfold and refold during gene activation, gene repression, and cell replication. *******www.sciencedaily****/releases/2009/10/091008142957.htm Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
15 Feb 2010
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Unlocking the Mystery of Life, Intelligent Design and Evolution
8 Feb 2010
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Chemical Cycles: Long term chemical balance is essential for life on earth. Complex symbiotic chemical cycles keep the amount of elements on the earth surface in relatively perfect balance and thus in steady supply to the higher life forms that depend on them to remain stable. This is absolutely essential for the higher life forms to exist on Earth for any extended period of time. *******www.uen****/themepark/cycles/chemical.shtml Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles - music video ***********/watch?v=R8-E6cDCr5U nitrogen fixation - video: ***********/watch?v=GVbHIR2xZ0E Engineering and Science Magazine - Caltech - March 2010 Excerpt: “Without these microbes, the planet would run out of biologically available nitrogen in less than a month,” Realizations like this are stimulating a flourishing field of “geobiology” – the study of relationships between life and the earth. One member of the Caltech team commented, “If all bacteria and archaea just stopped functioning, life on Earth would come to an abrupt halt.” Microbes are key players in earth’s nutrient cycles. Dr. Orphan added, “...every fifth breath you take, thank a microbe.” *******www.creationsafaris****/crev201003.htm#20100316a Planet's Nitrogen Cycle Overturned - Oct. 2009 Excerpt: "Ammonia is a waste product that can be toxic to animals.,,, archaea can scavenge nitrogen-containing ammonia in the most barren environments of the deep sea, solving a long-running mystery of how the microorganisms can survive in that environment. Archaea therefore not only play a role, but are central to the planetary nitrogen cycles on which all life depends.,,,the organism can survive on a mere whiff of ammonia – 10 nanomolar concentration, equivalent to a teaspoon of ammonia salt in 10 million gallons of water." *******www.sciencedaily****/releases/2009/09/090930132656.htm GOD'S RATIO *******www.creationanswers****/inteldesign/GODRATIO.HTM 1.618 Phi, The Golden Ratio, God Creator of Heaven and Earth ***********/watch?v=0hvD5kLqjuw Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/2009/10/intelligent-design-anthropic-hypothesis_19.html
26 May 2010
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DNA Intelligent Design by The Creator
8 Dec 2017
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DNA Intelligent Design - A Sign by The Creator
18 Dec 2017
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Virtual try on could help fashion designers adjust the placement and size of graphics and make the separate and circular patterns. The effect of the final virtual try-on can be seen by downloading the high-resolution pictures. It helps customers to see the effects of ready-to-wear very quickly and save the costs of development and sampling. POP Fashion is aiming to help designers to improve efficiency and save development costs for enterprises. So we created design tools that are based on intelligent design and virtual technology to help fashion designers in the design development process.
11 Sep 2018
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New Age Geography: are countries in shapes related ther role in world history. Patterns of geographic coordinates related to Bible Passage numbers. Intelligent Design in world geography. From Revelation13****.
2 Dec 2007
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. (expelled) *******www.getexpelled**** (get-expelled)+(ben stein)+(get_expelled) . About (expelled) . *******www.myspace****/expelledthemovement . Expelled movie Religion Richard Dawkins Sternberg Intelligent Design Meaning life Ben Stein Academic Freedom Atheism Baptism Baptist Carolyn Crocker Catholic Catholicism Christian Christianity Creation Creationism Creationist Discovery Institute Dissent No Intelligence Allowed Free Freedom speech Gospel Motive Entertainment National Academy Sciences National Council Churches National Science Teachers Association Natural selection Origin life Premise Media Protestant Random mutation Suppression Theism Theist
15 May 2008
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