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Majority of the people knows the thrill behind the steering wheel but only few get to enjoy the adrenaline rush of the steering wheel of a racecar speeding on a track.
24 Nov 2017
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Every single gamer has their own gamer face... each one is unique. The gamer face doesn't appear until the most intense moment of video gaming, and some people don't even realize they have a gamer face. This time around, the man who created Donkey Kong & the Super Mario series shows you his most intense gamer face on the internet. We give you, "The Miyamoto." Watch our daily Internet TV show about Video Games every WEEKDAY at 7PM ET/4PM PT at
11 Mar 2008
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That Natzy Nuisance is an astonishing slapstick comedy used as feel good American propaganda during the most intense moments of World War II. With subject matter that could never be released today, the dunces of this hilarious show are Hitler, Mussolini, and Suki Yaki (who’s essentially Emperor Hirohito). Typical of excellent comedies, forget the plot: this film is all about watching Hitler and Mussolini having a pillow fight! Bobby Watson is the best Hitler impersonator Hollywood has ever had, and his ridiculously exaggerated representation is priceless. That Natzy Nuisance is magnificent in many ways, being a riotous slapstick comedy and also jaw dropping propaganda meant to give some good cheer to a nation imperiled by war.
30 Mar 2008
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Almost a meditation about people sharing my life in one intense moment. Music: Jacques Brel
4 Aug 2008
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Lithia**** hooks up Medford, Oregon locals Ryan and Tiffany with an incredible brand new Scion xB - the most innovative and fun 2010 addition to the automotive industry! The ecstatic couple, along with close friends Randy, Jennifer, and their complimentary flip mino HD video camera from Lithia**** embark on the road trip of a lifetime headed for Reno, Nevada - making sure to capture every intense moment of pure hilarity along the way!
14 Oct 2009
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Intense moment between Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman in the movie "Brothers."
2 Dec 2009
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A Honeymoon in Venice, or a romantic journey, intense moments of feelings lived in these sets of another time, what more magic! What a shame to miss these beautiful particular sets and atmospheres by following the flow of the other tourists or by having eyes riveted on the map. Phototrek Italia suggests guiding you for a stroll from 2 to 3 hours in Venice, following courses removed from the big flows, to enjoy the atmosphere of real Venice and especially create photographic situations thanks to the glance of a professional photographer. You will be invited and guided in these sites of poses to create your unforgettable images in the city. While walking towards these places they will be told you some historic peculiarities of the Venetian Republic, the important being especially that you have a unique report of your passage in these places. *******www.lerayguillaume****/PhotoTrek-venice.html
13 Jul 2010
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Endless fighting and violence with plenty of intense moments
25 Mar 2012
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NCAA Football 13 review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of NCAA Football 13 for the Playstation 3. Released last week, this game was developed by EA Tiburon and was published by Electronic Arts. Although there aren't any groundbreaking additions to this year's release of the long-running football series, improvements have been made to the gameplay, making this a much less frustrating NCAA experience. In addition, the "reaction time" mechanic adds some cinematic and intense moments to the gameplay. This video review features video gameplay footage of NCAA Football 13 for the Playstation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Gabe.
14 Sep 2012
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Gloria Trevi's new album is a movie-inspired theme combining romantic ballads with songs that offer an erotic touch for grownups. Calling the album De Pelicula, the Mexican singer has had her life play out like a real life movie with such issues as being imprisoned and also suffering the kidnapping of her husband. Trevi tells People En Espanol, "If I had to say my life in terms of genres of film, it would be a tragic-comedy, because there have been very strong, intense moments, but there have also been moments of laughter, joy, success and light." Gloria also expresses that she's no longer the Trevi of 20 years ago. "I have more authority and experience to sing much more intense and about exciting things. I'm like a fine wine that tastes of mature woman."
26 Sep 2013
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Download NOW: App-Store: goo(.)gl/36bsB5 Google-Play: goo(.)gl/wcoMKW Evil War is a New take on 2D Shoot-Em-Up, Offering endless replayability the game challenges you with various unique enemies with various difficulties, your goal is to survive the waves for as long as you can. Challenged by hordes of enemies and Incredible, unique and challenging Bosses, the game frequently puts the player in intense moments and challenging situations! Overall Evil War is a unique take on 2D Shoot-Em-Up, offering the ability to battle endless waves of enemies both Boss and Minion. Evil War is both addictive and filled with endless fun (literally)! After defeat you are given the chance to return but before choosing to return, you can choose to purchase Power-Ups or Upgrade Essential Armour and Weapons. In Evil War you can expect: • Intense Boss Battles, with 3 unique and tricky Bosses • New and Interesting take on Egyptian-Mythology • Overwhelming odds, 100 vs 1(you)! • Exciting Upgrades, each with its own special touch. • Did I mention, Endless Waves of Deadly Mythological Enemies?! • Kill, Fun, Earn, FUN, Improve, FUNNER!, Repeat!
12 Jan 2017
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