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Betta fishes are amongst one of the smartest fishes and actively interact with their owners! This one plays tic tac toe with it's owner!
3 Jun 2021
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This video explains how to teach 'leave it' using the clicker training method. Not only is this method the most effective, but it also builds a dogs desire to find and interact with their owner OVER distractions. Using punishment while training leave it, diminishes yourself as something reinforcing to interact with. P.S. Please feel free to link to my videos BUT please do not use my videos without asking to promote YOUR dog training videos and products! (I cant believe this has happened! But it won't stop me making free videos for everyone else!)
20 Aug 2009
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Going away on holiday is fun for humans but not so much fun for the doggies that have to stay behind at home. Dogs are very social creatures and are not called man’s best friend for nothing. They want that interaction with their owners and find prolonged periods of separation extremely stressful. Make your holiday less stressful on your dogs by ensuring that they are taken care of by professionals. A great kennel will look after a dog’s physical and emotional needs. *******www.rydgespetresort****.au
13 Sep 2011
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