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Amazig 3D Light Video
6 Dec 2019
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6 Dec 2019
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These 2 games are impossible to win - pretty interesting though
15 Apr 2007
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Key-Lamp with White Light. Promotional Gifts. The mini light bulb is in reality a light in the shape of a light bulb, quite interesting though. It is a small LED that makes the light bulb light up and look very real, and bright. Also can be dangled as a key accessory.
23 Mar 2009
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Gizmodo has the exclusive details on Microsoft’s new “Courier” tablet PDA / Computer / Book … erm… thingy. The new device looks really interesting, though we don’t know much about it except a leaked video sent to Gizmodo. What does this mean at large, and what are our initial impressions? We hit up Iyaz Akhtar from Gadgetell and Gary Krakow from BuyMeGetMe****, among other places, for their impressions of the device and what MS has to do to be in the driver’s seat ahead of Apple’s rumored tablet launch. Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 Sep 2009
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No special affects, just gross incompetence, interesting though, looks spooky.
7 Jun 2010
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BY HARUMENDHAH HELMY ANCHOR CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy The fight for control of several key Libyan cities increasingly looks like it will end in a stalemate — as neither side appears strong enough to defeat the other. (Video: France 24) As military efforts prove precarious, Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s regime is now stepping up its diplomatic efforts. It sent out an envoy to Greece to hold talks over the weekend. RT reports Gaddafi may now be open to making a settlement deal. “...but that plan would see someone from his inner circle taking over power. It is interesting though, when I’m here in Tripoli and I’m talking to officials, they are all tight-lipped about any kind of settlement deal. People here are simply refusing to believe or even entertain the idea that Gaddafi could be seeing some kind of way out of all of this. And certainly if you talk to protesters here they are just completely aghast at the suggestion.” The New York Times reports two of Gaddafi’s seven sons are crafting a proposal to push their father out of power. The plan aims to make way for a constitutional democracy under the leadership of Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s second oldest son. “...the proposal offers a new window into the dynamics of the Qaddafi family at a time when the colonel … is relying heavily on them. Stripped of one of his closest confidantes by the defection of Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa and isolated by decades of attempted coups and internal purges, he is leaning on his sons as trusted aides and military commanders.” Discussions about the proposal are said to still be in the initial stages. But, France 24 is already pessimistic about the idea. “It does seem unlikely the latest proposal would gain much traction. Gaddafi himself has yet to approve, and the rebels have already dismissed the idea. They’re still calling for Gaddafi’s departure, along with his entire family.” As Gaddafi’s regime searches for a way forward, rebel forces are gaining international support. The LA Times reports, Italy is now the second Western nation to recognize the rebel council as the legitimate Libyan government. “...yet another blow to the embattled regime of Col. Moammar Kadafi. … [The Italian foreign minister] said the Tripoli government had lost its legitimacy and any solution for the future of Libya had the condition that Kadafi and his family had to leave Libya.” Gaddafi’s European envoy will visit Malta and Turkey later this week to drum up support for a possible settlement deal. The regime rejected a cease fire proposal from the rebels just last week. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Apr 2011
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Accompany a scientist-doctor, George Hampton, as he goes on an interesting-though not approved-visit to Planet Mars in this riveting sci-fi that fuses drama, romance, science, Greek, and more. Let this space exploration commence as author Leo Gaton brings you The Mars Episode. Will George still find his way back to Earth-or will the beauty of the unexplored lure his brilliant mind to stay? What will George discover when he embarks on this space journey? Is it everything he expects it to be? Find out as you follow him when his space shuttle kicks off to space-towards Mars and its moon-in this cosmic adventure.
23 Jul 2011
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Blogging is easy. Anyone can do it. But getting to the top in search engine results is another matter. If you are trying to learn how to make money blogging, below are some things to keep in mind. After all, if you can consistently create blogs that get on page one of Google, you can build gigantic lists that can create a steady income stream and create sites that can be worth a lot of money. The most successful blogs don't become that way by accident. Some of the characteristics of successful sites have some things in common. Remember, readers visit blog sites for content. They are often looking for solutions to a problem, or looking for some specific information that is useful to them. In fact, when you create content, do so with the intention of providing information that your visitor would have been willing to pay for. If you have something they really want, they won't mind exchanging their email address for it, and now you are on your way to building a list that adds incredible economic value to your site. If you really want to know how to make money blogging, ask your readers. It is not difficult to find plug ins where you can conduct on site surveys so your customers tell you what they want to help you make your site even more popular. When you create content for your site, you are competing with hundreds or even thousands of other sites claiming to offer similar information or solutions. Be prepared to offer your visitor more value than other sites in your niche if you want to dominate. Another good tip on how to make money blogging is to encourage your readers to leave comments and feedback. This is something other readers enjoy and will keep them on your site longer and get them to come back again. It is OK to have controversial issues covered on your site. This will help encourage visitors to participate in a dialogue and post their comments which sets up a social environment on your site. When you post to your blog, always keep in mind that you want to enhance your search engine rankings, so write with search engine optimization in mind. Before you begin to write a post, have in mind which keyword or phrase you want to incorporate in your content. When you are writing headlines, write them for effectiveness. You want to draw readers into your content and keep them on your site. Most people will scan a page for information of interest and headlines are their clue as to whether there is anything worth reading on your site. When people come to a site for the first time, if it is not easy to find what they are looking for they may leave quickly. Well written headlines that pop out at them are a good way for you to help a reader quickly identify the information they are looking for. You might consider using password protected posts so that your regular site visitors feel that they are being included in something special. You can send them a password to unlock the content in an email newsletter you create. This also creates curiosity and will encourage more people to visit your site after receiving a newsletter from you in their inbox. Vary your writing style to keep your content fresh and readable. Include short information pieces along with longer articles. Inject interest though opinions and humor where it is appropriate. Set up a posting schedule for yourself and maintain it consistently. Keep a list of topics handy so you always have ideas on what to write about. Keep your site topical and fresh. Over time, this helps establish you as an expert in your niche and will help get better search engine rankings if you use SEO in your articles. If you allow comments in your blog, don't ignore your readers. Check your blog for comments or have a notice emailed to you when you receive new comments. If you require all comments to be approved before they are posted, then do so in a timely manner and answer questions as soon as possible as a reader may be checking back for your response. Do not abandon your site. Keep it current. New content helps you maintain rankings. Take time to review what the competition in your niche is doing with their blogs. You will get some good ideas by doing so, and it is a free education. Keep an open mind and learn new techniques when learning how to make money blogging.
13 Oct 2011
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All this poor kid wanted was some alone time with one of his lady friends. She wasn't very interested though! Welcome to life young man.
18 May 2012
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Don’t know what was the occasion but they really enjoyed their dance while on duty hanging behind on the garbage truck. The music was interesting though.
30 Aug 2018
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