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I made this shortmovie way back in 2003. It was pure joke about those "Getaway in Stockholm" etc. car movies spreading the internet. We filmed this clip in one summer night and released it into internet. At those days newspapers wrote constantly about people filming their high-speed races and so on.. This film was only couple of days in the internet, and then something happend that none of us expected.. National newspaper writed huge column about these videos and even mentioned our video. And police started to investigate this film! They thought that this was genuine "speeding" film :) And we even mention that film is fake and parody in the titles!!!! I had to visit local police station and explain that it's fake and that the driving was speeded up in editing phase. After long investigations (that included "police laboratory research") they let us go with a warning not to encourage people to film illegal driving.. I just founded this clip from my old backup DVD, so here it is for your pleasure.. :) Wicked! This is the FULL 7min version !
24 Jun 2007
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Black brick kiln investigation in China
26 Jun 2007
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28 Jul 2007
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Accident car investigation
27 Sep 2007
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Part 3 of the Curbside Investigator Vidcast. Scott talks about travel, weather and why making the right choices means success or failure in the Private Investigations business
10 Dec 2007
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Exclusive clip from the new season of The First 48 on A&E! Miami homicide detectives investigate a crime scene where a car is attempted to be driven into water. Season premieres Thursday, January 10 10PM/9C. *******www.aetv****/the_first_48/
1 Jan 2008
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Exclusive clip from A&E's The First 48. Dallas investigators view a crime scene of a Filipino man gunned down in his home. Tune into the season premiere on Thursday, January 10 10PM/9C. *******www.aetv****/the_first_48/
1 Jan 2008
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This is a promo video I made a few years back with my business partner. It was done before youtube, firewire or any of the tools we take for granted today. You can reach Sunset West Investigations at www.sunsetwestpi**** and the license is PI18562
10 Feb 2008
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law order police detective investigate people secrets find records government lawyer be ahead of criminals www***smosbis****/law
17 Feb 2008
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crime scene investigation Lindsay Lohan recreates Marilyn Monroe's last nude photo shoot news. And Also Lots of rumours, gossip other Celebrity . Join Us At *******hilton-lohan.blogspot****/
12 Sep 2008
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UN Human Rights Official Wants Investigation Into US Government Role In 9/11
28 Jul 2008
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WeAreCHANGE Amy Goodman supports Investigation into WTC7
15 Apr 2008
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