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This was taped at a half day seminar, I cover 8 steps to be a real estate investor, from learning the business to cashing the check. These are real world practical steps for flipping houses. *******www.FlipItRealEstate**** Thanks Scott Patterson
18 Dec 2007
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Managing broker for Vision Real Estate, Greg talks about his journey and success in the real estate business. His specialty is fix and flip properties and investors in Denver Colorado real estate.
24 Jan 2008
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We begin this mini-class with the term “stock market”…you think you know what it means…and you’re probably right…because “stock market” means a LOT of different things.It can refer to the physical location – the exchange – where you see frantic investors buying and selling and screaming and waving! But in other cases, it may not be a place at all, but an electronic network that allows trading worldwide. In news reports, “the stock market” usually refers to that day’s performance of the Dow Jones or S
5 May 2008
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When you consider investment choices – one is “Alternative Investments”. With “Alternative Investments”, the product is sold directly to you the investor – instead of being traded on an exchange. Sometimes, they’re not regulated, but there are generally rules that say who can invest. You know…the typical stuff like the content of your character…Kidding! We meant the content of your bank account. Most “alternative investments” require you commit - not in a ceremony in Vermont – but do prepare to kiss your money buh-bye… like for a decade or more! Alternative” isn’t easy…and isn’t for everyone. They charge higher fees than other investments – and they’re mysterious about how they operate and where they stand.
5 May 2008
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Watch & Learn 5 Great Real Estate Investor Resources to Help your House Flipping Investment Business For more FREE Videos & Information, logon now to www.INSTANTRealEstateSolutions****
9 May 2008
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Prepaid Legal is a well known company providing legal service contracts. But are their services appropriate for the needs of real estate investors? Are PPL plans sufficient for the challenging real estate market? Here's the good AND the bad...
22 May 2008
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Smart investing is not just a combination of instinct and research. In the second of a series of episodes about mass psychology and investing, David Driscoll explains how understanding the psychology behind behaviour can help investors avoid pitfalls and make better decisions.
4 Jun 2008
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Technical Analyst, Sudarshan Sukhani feels that Reliance Industries is not a buying opportunity for short term traders and for investors because they can get it much lower.
6 Jun 2008
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Real Estate Investors are being threatened by new legislation and proposals from many state legislatures as well as the U.S. Congress. Strategies like "Subject-To", "Contract For Deed" , "Sale Leasebacks" and "Foreclosure Consulting" are targeted.
11 Jun 2008
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*******SydneyRealEstateInvestors**** The home of wholesale property deals. Sydney property deals for the renovator for renovations, rei real estate investors or investor real estate and property development, lease options, we buy houses.
19 Jun 2008
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Real Estate Investor and Business Owner Kenny Rushing launched his new Real Estate Program "THE NEW JACK INVESTORS GUIDE" on Saturday June 28th, 2008 with a bangin' party hosted by Hip Hop Artist T-BOZ, formerly of TLC. The party was held at Kenny Rushing's multi-million dollar estate in Tampa, Florida. The guest list read a "who's who" in the Real Estate Industry. Names like Brenda Ayala-Figueruelo, Preston Ely, Mike Collins even Russ Whitney himself was there with his entrouage. Asked about his program Kenny replied "I'm really excited on getting this out.." and "'s the only product of it's like and will work in any market!" *******www.househustling**** produced by Felix "the dj" aka "the Internet Master Blaster" at Click Marketing Group, Inc. "Get Noticed" (727) 327-8895 *******www.clickmarketinggroupinc****
18 Feb 2009
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In the previous two sections (Part 1, Part 2) we talked about using the S&P 500 index's implied volatility (A.K.A. the VIX) to decode what investors are thinking about risk, fear, confidence and the trend. 100% free stocks and options education available from *******www.learningmarkets****
11 Jul 2008
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