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I Am The Only Unicorn Living As A Human Iam Pure{Untouched} Virgin & A Vegi I Have A Love Soul Mate {Female Unicorn Her Name Is Moonlight Rose} she is Beautiful she will be My Only Love You make me feel so special by the sweet things that you do,and sharing your life wonders your are a friend so true.Your heart is full of tenderness your cup overflows with love,I know that your friendship came from our dear Lord above.You are always in my thoughts as I hope I am in yours,your friendship is the sweetest fruit thru which life's blood just pours.Walk with me as we grow old please leave me not behind,keep me always in your prayers good friends are hard to find My Sweet Unicorn Love. Name: Antony{Unicorn Name Starlight} Age: 27 Well I Know Most Of You Would Not Believe Me As You Think Us Unicorns Are Not Real Iam Here Just To Feel What Being Human Is Like And To Keep Our True Image Going That Is Half Horse With Cloven Hoofs And A Tail Like a Lion's And White All Over With A Single Horn From Our Forehead. All that lives of legendry,Beauty, magic, mystery,Gentleness and purity,Dwells in me. I no mate, no kin, have known; None may claim me as his own; One is one, and all alone,It must be. Through their weariness and woe Men have sometimes seen me go,Felt a wind from Eden blowSuddenly: Though they hunt with spear and horn,Knowing life cannot be borne If they have no unicorn--I am free. Though they kill, and weep to see Beauty's symbol ended be One is one and lives in me To eternity The hunter stood beside me Who blew that mighty horn.I saw that he was hunting Me A gentle unicorn. But I a unicorn is noble i know My gentle birth I know that God has chose me above All beast on Earth.My placed on a ledge that climbs. The ledge that climbs high in the sky. It sparkles and shimmers a gleam so wide Us unicorns roam and rare-up high We are God's special creatures And live a righteous life. For We fear no man and scorn their dart. And only a virgin's magic power shall tame Our haughtly hea Love And Peace Let the rain come Let the flower grow Let the bird sing Let the baby smile Let's enjoy life But without love! Will there be peace? Will there be life? Poem For True Friends. You're a true friend, that I want you to know, Our love for each other has helped us to grow. We've been through some tough times, but we've made it through, The only one I ever trusted was you. Country: United Kingdom Occupation: Work On A Stud With Mares And Foals Interests and Hobbies: Walking In The Woods/Horses/Classic 80's Bmw 320i E30. Films and Shows: The Last Unicorn/Legend/Harry Potter/P.O.T.C./Labyrinth/ Tv:Stargate Sg1/Most Haunted/Ghost Whisperer/Mythbusters/Topgear/ Music: Eurodance/Opera