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Since Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) refer to the rights to exclude others from using or commercializing an asset protected under a trademark, copyright, or patent, they sometimes confer negative rights. This concept shows that there is a growing need to revise the Intellectual Property Law in South Africa (SA) to ensure that those who want to access healthcare aren’t denied healthcare lifesaving medication.
17 Dec 2019
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Like many other nations, the immense umbrella of Intellectual Property Law in South Africa (SA) also encompasses the legislation that involves patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and copyright protection. Intellectual property (IP) refers to intangible assets that are created through human intellect. Although beneficial to the owner (creator/ producer) in many ways, these IP assets are vulnerable to exploitation by third parties and should be protected by a powerful means. IP law is one of the best ways famous for protecting intangible IP that can hold immense value. It is a crucial source used to restrict the unlawful use of inventors’ unique assets, and thus, ensure the Intellectual Property Protection in South Africa and other regions worldwide.
23 Dec 2019
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