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25 Jun 2008
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Valley Town is a social documentary directed by Willard Van Dyke and was commissioned by the Alfred P. Sloane foundation during Sloane’s management of General Motors. It explores the effect of industrialization on American towns. A great piece of documentary filmmaking, Valley Town is the fictionalized boomtown that is created by machines, but is then destroyed by newer machines that make its workers obsolete. The effects of industrialization on population are devastating. An extremely sensitive and well made film, Valley Town portrays the shattered lives of the factory workers and their wives and children through haunting images of industrialization in America. Meditative shots of the demolished factory and its crestfallen workers is overlaid with beautiful songs sung by the workers' wives. Because of its message – the irresponsibility of large corporations was largely to blame for catastrophes of this nature – Sloane pulled it from post-production and had it edited to cast corporations in a better light and promote a new message of educating workers in order to keep them from becoming unemployable. This is an important moment in the history of General Motors. Still, the film retains the better part of its criticism of evil corporate America and captures the average lifestyle during industrialization in America.
18 Jul 2008
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This film is an engrossing journey through the history of forests and forestry industries in America. When Western European cultures first arrived in North America, there were forests as far as the eye could see. Those forests were quickly moved back in order to establish a system of agriculture. Trees were cut down at such a fast rate that there was an incredible amount of waste. Between waste and irresponsible fires, our nation’s forests were being destroyed completely. The film then details how National Parks were introduced to our society for the purposes of forest preservation. Sectioning off areas of timber for preservation became more and more common. But, just because a section is marked as protected, does not prevent the felling of trees in that area. Trees are cut down as they age and also to prevent rotting. Foresters are the men and women involved in the care taking of the forests. They enjoy working outdoors, using forestry equipment, oversee the replanting of the forest after burns, enjoy working alone, and speak to the public. They are also required to study forestry at a university and learning about logging industry history. The processing of lumber in the logging industry is also documented in the film. When logs are taken to the mill, they are stored in water. This helps to protect them against over-drying. Once lined up to be cut, a saw will begin to cut the logs into boards. The round and irregular ends are then cut off. They will be sorted by grade and put out in a seasoning yard for up to one year. Overall, this film is an informative piece about the history of logging and forestry careers.
24 Jul 2008
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Available October 7, 2008 on DVD! High school is a hectic time of change for most… But for happy-go-lucky Yamato, it’s gonna be a complete revolution! He’s the new kid in class, having transferred to the big city to attend Aoba High, where he finds himself smitten with the local rising star of track and field. Yet two people could not be more different! And as Suzuka remains completely uninspired by Yamato’s cheerfully irresponsible nature, things progress from bad to worse with record-breaking speed! So when the young man decides to step up his efforts and join the track team, his best might not measure up… It’s mixed signals and high school hormones with everyone running in circles! Throw in the antics of a handful of high school stereotypes, and Yamato’s completely out of his league! When love is not a spectator sport, the only question is who will go the distance? Visit *******funimation****/suzuka/ for more information.
30 Apr 2009
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*******www.instablogs****/ France shocked by the images of war published by Paris Match The French magazine, Paris Match, has acted irresponsibly by publishing pictures of Taliban along with guns, walkie-talkies and even a wrist-watch – belonging to 10 French soldiers they killed in an ambush last month. The pictures were allotted the front page on the glossy spread, completely unmindful of the psychological pain and suffering which the families of the deceased servicemen and their serving comrades in Afghanistan would have to undergo when they see the pictures. Although the freedom of press is fiercely protected in France, the act has outraged the public which implies that the magazine should apologize for its careless act and refrain from such actions in future. French media has every right to rekindle the argument regarding the role played by French troops in Afghanistan given the fact that nearly two third of the population is against their positioning along with US led coalition forces in Afghanistan and want them back in the country. It should remember that the same can be achieved through constructive means and not by ruthlessly trampling over the sentiments of the bereaved families. Mexican court upholds law favoring free, legal abortion Mexico Court's decision to uphold a law that allows legal and free abortion in Mexico City during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is widely acclaimed by the feminists, and why not. This ruling is of great importance and set a precedent for state legislatures to pass measures legalizing abortion. It is likely to encourage similar legislative drives outside Mexico City where abortion remains illegal except in certain cases, such as pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. It is even good as the abortions have long been available in Mexico and many poor women seeking to terminate pregnancies have obtained drugs from pharmacists without a doctor's signature. But this move would make abortions more widely available to women of all social classes while reducing the risk of death or injury from procedures performed in underground clinics. Moreover, it's historic with a wide impact on women's rights not only in Mexico but throughout Latin America. Baby peddling thrives in South Korea The South Korean fertility industry is one of the largest industries which operates with virtually no rules or governmental oversight. 'Ae Ran Won' are birthing rooms that supply the raw material (babies) for export to the United States. Korea is the largest supplier of babies to the U.S. and accounts for 62 percent of all babies adopted from abroad. While the surrogates make anywhere from $ 10000 to $75000, this luxury of creating babies also creates a plethora of dilemmas. For instance should doctors be allowed to implant multiple embryos? If triplets or even quintuplets are produced, should the adoptive parents be allowed to keep the most desirable of the litter and discard the remainder? Such choices present very hard questions about the worthiness of life. The complexities of baby trade are mind boggling and need to be approached with extreme caution and regulated closely, if not by the individual states, then by the federal government. Child labor and trafficking rampant in Malawi Child labor and trafficking in Malawi is nothing new. Children as young as 10 years old are trafficked from many parts of the country and are kept in critical conditions. These children are used in agricultural work, whereas girls are put in domestic work and in some cases, prostitution. Due to these conditions these children do not have the opportunity to access formal education. There are currently no proper records of children trafficked for child labor due to poor technical and financial capacity. The other weaknesses include lack of clear policy on child labor or child trafficking and therefore, those promoting this modern-day slavery have not been punished enough. There are some community programs aimed at curbing this problem, but they are so far insufficient. There is a crucial need for a law on child trafficking and child labor and an urgent need on educating the poor, the first victims of this menace, failing which, Malawi is doing nothing but breeding an HIV disaster.
1 Feb 2012
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*******www.instablogs****/ India and Nepal to revise Kosi Treaty Decision by both the countries to review the Kosi treaty is welcomed especially after the utterly futile mud slinging match that ensued between India and Nepal following the devastating floods in river kosi. The treaty signed in 1956 gives India the entire responsibility for design, construction, maintenance and repair of the kosi barrage leaving Nepal with little or no role to play in the project within its own territory. Yet, India continues to blame Nepal for the annual deluge conveniently forgetting the corrupt politician – engineer – contractor nexus within its borders that siphons million for repair and construction of embankments works that are never done. When Nepal next sits with India to discuss the Treaty, it must ensure that we get fair right to decide upon the matters which affect the people within our borders. It is for both the countries to ensure that any revised water agreement between both successfully prevents the reenactment of current tragedy. Satellite channels becoming popular in Egypt The fasting month of Ramadan is raining profits for broadcasting companies in the Middle East. 30 days of fasting in the month of Ramadan have transformed the long hours of darkness into prime viewing time. The month takes up as much as half the annual production budgets of some networks and generates a similar proportion of advertising revenue. Competition for airtime in the season also grows fiercer. The variety of programs aired is bewildering than ever. It includes fresh drama serials, score of religious Ramadan specials, celebrity chat-fests and reality shows etc. Satellite television has taken off in the region like nowhere else. In wealthy Gulf States, some 95% of households own digital receivers; even in poorer countries, such as Jordan and Morocco, the satellite penetration rate now tops 75%. Not surprisingly, the number of free-to-air channels available on Arab satellites has grown six fold in the past five years. For sure, gone are the days when people waited for the sound of canon shots to break their fasts its time to switch over to satellite television. Unity pact signed between Mugabe and Tsvangarai Mere glance at the fragile national unity pact signed between Mugabe and Tsvangarai through South African mediation, points towards the challenging days laying ahead before Zimbabwe. The division of powers proposed by the pact between two centers will provide enough opportunity for both the parties to be at loggerheads with each other. Success of the deal requires visionary leaders. Presently, Zimbabwe does not have a leadership which is ready to bury its differences and work for the good of the country. The whole pact is a sham construct. It allows Mugabe to retain himself as an absolute monarch after all the misery and despair he inflicted upon the ordinary people. Zimbabwe needs Tsvangarai’s leadership along with a viable economic reconstruction program to bail the country out of its current political and economic hardships. We should work for a Zimbabwe sans Mugabe. Indian Girl commits suicide over Big Bang fear It exemplifies the new height scaled by the Indian TV channels in terms of showcasing their irresponsibility. Such was the extent of media hype surrounding the experiment that people actually rushed to the temples to perform special prayers fearing the end of the world. This has not happened for the first time. Before this, natural phenomenon such as eclipses have been foolishly and thoughtlessly associated with black magic, blood sucking vampires and bad omen. Such programming only generates superstitions and fears in the minds of emotionally weak persons. The media should own up its responsibility for causing this untimely death and refrain from airing programs that generate nothing but fear and useless superstition. *******www.instablogs****/
20 Sep 2008
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www.dadlabs**** These baby products are horrible. So hypothetically irresponsible that we are outraged at the greedy companies that didn't create them. Keep your children safe from these bad products that don't really exist! From the Best of DadLabs, Season 3. Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Oct 2008
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Pas de diversion ! Le plan de communication présidentiel a placé sous les feux de l'actualité son divorce le même jour que la grande grève, plus suivie encore qu'au plus fort de la mobilisation de 1995. On pourrait gloser sur le fait que les Sarkozy nous ont servi une jolie comédie spécialement pour l'élection, en faisant mine d'être toujours ensemble : "J'ai fait mon devoir, j'ai emmené Nicolas là où il fallait qu'il aille", dirait à ses proches Cécilia, à en croire Le Nouvel Observateur. Mais non, ce sujet ne doit pas éclipser la bonne nouvelle du jour : toute l'opinion n'est pas anesthésiée par les médias dominants qui, à grands coups de sondages, accréditent l'idée que le président Sarkozy a le soutien des Français et qu'il n'existe pas d'opposition à sa politique. Mais quels enseignements tirer de ces sondages quand on voit BVA affirmer que l'opinion considère à 55% que la grève est injustifiée et CSA proclamer que 54% des sondés se prononcent en faveur de la même grève ? "CGT, FSU, FO, CFDT : solidaires, ensemble public-privé pour la défense de nos pensions, salaires, emplois et retraites", comme le proclamait la banderole de tête du défilé marseillais, au son de Massilia Sound System et son tube "Tout le monde ment, le gouvernement ment énormément", mais aussi contre les franchises médicales, la privatisation de l'école ou les expulsions de sans-papiers : les 130 manifestations organisées dans toute la France ont cristallisé tous les mécontentements et réuni 150 000 personnes d'après la police et 300 000 d'après les syndicats. Un sérieux tout de chauffe avant d'intensifier les luttes. "C'est un premier avertissement réussi", se félicite ainsi Olivier Besancenot de la LCR, qui fait le pari qu'il va "donner naissance à une mobilisation sociale prolongée pour contraindre le gouvernement à renoncer à ses projets politiques". "La journée de mobilisation contre la réforme des retraites prend une dimension exceptionnelle", lui fait écho le PCF, qui poursuit qu' "il serait irresponsable pour le gouvernement de recommencer l'entêtement du CPE". Justement, du côté du pouvoir, Sarkozy fait savoir qu'il "ira jusqu'au bout" et François Fillon déclare que "l'harmonisation à quarante annuités de la durée des cotisations de retraite de tous les Français, c'est un sujet qui n'est pas négociable". Ces deux hypocrites font mine de défendre la justice et l'équité : est-ce juste que chacun cotise 40 annuités sans que soit tenu compte de la pénibilité ? Les travailleurs qui ne sont jamais chez eux le week-end et pour les fêtes, ceux qui font les trois huit, ceux qui se bousillent le corps à force de tâches physiquement harassantes (combien de salariés du bâtiment avec le dos en miettes ?), ceux qui sont exposés aux maladies et accidents professionnels, tous ceux-là devraient cotiser aussi longtemps que les autres ? Et l'on sait en outre que ce n'est qu'un début et que la droite compte bien rallonger toujours davantage la durée de cotisation, Fillon l'a déjà annoncé. Peut-on encore conduire un train ou se livrer à des travaux de force à 65 ans ? Au final, puisqu'on ne pourra pas travailler plus longtemps (voir l'édifiant taux de chômage des séniors), la majorité des gens sera privée du taux plein et donc condamnée à tenter de survivre avec des retraites de misère. Voilà ce que Sarkozy et sa clique nous cachent. Mais qu'ils persistent donc, qu'ils s'entêtent, qu'ils continuent de prendre les Français pour des imbéciles : rien de tel pour doper la détermination des opposants. La Sarkozie s'est réveillée ce matin avec un beau mouvement social qui ne demande qu'à s'intensifier. Qu'un terme officiel soit mis à la pantalonnade du vrai-faux couple présidentiel n'y change rien et ne saura faire diversion. Les choses sérieuses commencent, messieurs : les forces de progrès vous ont envoyé le message qu'elles ne vous laisseront pas casser notre modèle social sans se battre. A bon entendeur. Olivier Bonnet
12 Mar 2009
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5 minute documentary of Santa's irresponsibility this year and short explanation for why you didn't get any gifts. Shot on December 23rd and 24th in Clearwater, FL. Not a white Christmas. Pre-school scenes shot at Sugar n' Spice Learning Center (*******sugarnspicelearningcenter****/). Thanks to all who cooperated, Santa isn't welcome in the mall. Merry Christmas! Hoy Productions (*******productions.hoyshouse****).
26 Dec 2008
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Aamir Khan recently gave a perfect example of hypocrisy. The actor blamed the media for being irresponsible during the terror attacks. And on the other hand, he used the same media for publicising his movie Ghajini.
14 Jan 2009
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I have had many questions about energy and how to reach the mindset necessary for pk. I feel that it would be irresponsible to discuss the techniques I am demonstrating without the aspect I cover in this video. The ideas represented in this video have all served me on my journey and better understanding of pk. It is my hope that the questions presented in this video will help you. Shirak
10 Feb 2009
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“A bizarre warning as well from the Department of Homeland Security about the threat to this country from those concerned about the issues of illegal immigration, second amendment rights, and concerned as well about the returning veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.” (CNN) Hello, I’m Charlotte Bellis and you’re watching Newsy****. *******www.newsy**** American media are nearly unanimous in their responses, condemning the report for political bias and ignoring the issue of Al Qaeda. MSNBC’s Morning Joe has this question… “What would you have said, if George Bush, Karl Rove, and the head of homeland security had issued a report warning about left-wing radicals wanting to blow up America? It’s frightening.” (MSNBC) The Washington Times, who broke the story, has this counterpoint from a former DHS staffer… “…I suspect that this report was under works before Obama’s folks came into office. The fact that they have an acting non-political appointed Under Secretary for Intel confirms this, and they issued a similar left wing analysis two months prior.” (The Washington Times) Rolling Stone magazine says the report oversimplifies the issue… “It irresponsibly conflates murderous hate-crime-committing white supremacists and homegrown terrorists like Timothy McVeigh with run of the mill rightwingers who, God love ‘em, have every right to vehemently oppose the federal government, abortion, and immigration.” (Rolling Stone) FOX News brings the perspective of one veteran… “Unfortunately, it appears to us to have a political bias to it, and unfortunately it’s a casual defamation of servicemen and veterans." (FOX News) Some have also claimed that the report was released to disrupt tea party gatherings on Tax Day in the U.S. So what do you think? Is the report unfair? Should the U.S. be concerned about attacks from right-wing extremists?
17 Apr 2009
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*******tinyurl****/free-tattoo - 1000's of Tattoo Designs - The Best on the Internet. Sagittarians are symbolized by a centaur archer and ruled by the planet Jupiter. On good days, Sagittarians are optimistic and freedom-loving, jovial, straightforward and have an intellectual or philosophical lean. If you catch a Sagittarian while they are out of sorts, you may find them to be blindly optimistic, careless, irresponsible, tactless or restless.
5 Sep 2010
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I work for a transportation company and if one of our drivers would be caught doing what this Romanian truck driver does, he would be fired immediately. Having fun while you're working is OK, but this is outright irresponsible behaviour.
28 Jun 2009
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Directed By Winston Moxam. Starring: Storma T. McDonald, Ross MacMillan, Ron Dini, Mariette Kiroual, Valentina Wilson, Miako Watson. Produced By Winston Moxam. Written By Gerry Atwell and Winston Moxam. Barbara James is a thirty-something, single, hip and opinionated pregnant Black woman. Her life takes an eventful twist of fate when, one particularly ordinary day, she wakes up and realizes that her unborn baby has stopped moving. On this particular day, Barbara James decides she must sort out her past, present and future. She must come to grips with 30 years of mistakes, miscalculations and misinterpretations, all bound up in a reality she has never faced before. Dealing with a judgmental mother, an irresponsible father who abandons her, an overly protective best friend, no money, no career, no place of her own and a ghost who haunts her, she must decide whether or not to keep her child. Barbara James represents and explores the transitions all of us must go through in our lives...always wondering where to go next and what to do when we get there.
18 Aug 2009
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The building fear of the H1N1 pandemic is not being helped by misinformation, exaggeration and simply irresponsible reporting. Dr. Loretta breaks down the Swine Flu scare and exactly what is being done, and what’s not being done, to protect all of us. Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Sep 2009
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