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Directed by Michael Apted. With Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlyle. James Bond uncovers a nuclear plot when he protects an oil heiress from her ...
23 Oct 2010
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James Bond 007 - Pierce Brosnan The World Is Not Enough (1999) is the nineteenth spy film in the James Bond series, and the third to star Pierce Brosnan as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond..The pre-title sequence begins in Bilbao, Spain, featuring the Guggenheim Museum. After the opening scene, the film moves to London, England, showcasing the SIS Building and the Millennium Dome on the Thames. Following the title sequence, Eilean Donan castle in Scotland is used by MI6 as a location headquarters. Other locations include Baku, Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan Oil Rocks and Istanbul, Turkey, where Maiden's Tower is shown.[9] The studio work for the film was shot as usual in Pinewood Studios including Albert R. Broccoli's 007 Stage. Bilbao, Spain was used briefly for the exterior of Swiss bank and flyover-bridge adjacent to the Guggenheim Museum. In London outdoor footage was shot of the SIS Building and Vauxhall Cross with several weeks filming the boat chase on the River Thames eastwards towards the Millennium Dome, Greenwich.[10] The canal footage of the chase where Bond soaks the parking wardens was filmed at Wapping and the boat stunts in Millwall Dock and under Glengall Bridge were filmed at the Isle of Dogs. Stowe School, Buckinghamshire, was used as the site of the King family estate on banks of Loch Lomond. Filming was then shot in Scotland at the Eilean Donan Castle to depict the exterior of MI6 temporary operations centre at "Castle Thane". The skiing chase sequence in the Caucasus was shot on the slopes of Chamonix, France.[9] Filming of the scene was delayed by an avalanche, but the crew wasted no time by helping the rescue operation.[11] The Q Boat stunt on the River Thames.The interior (and single exterior shot) of L'Or Noir casino in Baku, Azerbaijan, was shot at Halton House, the Officer's Mess of RAF Halton, and RAF Northolt was used to depict the airfield runway in Azerbaijan.[9] Zukovsky's quay-side caviar factory was shot entirely at the outdoor water tank at Pinewood. The exterior of Kazakhstan nuclear facility was shot at the Bardenas Reales, in Navarre, Spain, and the exterior of oil refinery control centre in Swindon, United Kingdom. The exterior of oil pipeline was filmed in Cwm Dyli, Snowdonia, Wales, while the production teams shot the oil pipeline explosion in Hankley Common, Elstead, Surrey. Istanbul, Turkey, was indeed used in the film and Elektra King's Baku villa was actually in the city, also using the famous Maiden's Tower which was used as Renard's hideout in Turkey. The underwater submarine scenes were filmed in The Bahamas.[ The BMW Z8 driven by Bond in the film was the final part of a three-movie product placement deal with BMW (which began with the Z3 in GoldenEye and continued with the 750iL in Tomorrow Never Dies) but, due to filming preceding release of the Z8 by a few months, several working mock-ups and models were manufactured
24 Oct 2010
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This video goes over everything from the music, cool cars, locations and weapons you'll use in James Bond 007: Blood Stone.
1 Nov 2010
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Steer your way through falling lighthouses and passing boats in James Bond 007: Blood Stone.
3 Nov 2010
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Chase the bad guys down through dangerous oncoming traffic in James Bond 007: Blood Stone.
3 Nov 2010
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James Bond 007: Blood Stone - Launch trailer
3 Nov 2010
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This cinematic trailer launches James Bond 007: Blood Stone with all the car chasing, gun fighting, explosive action packed sequences you expect and love.
4 Nov 2010
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15 Nov 2010
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Directed by Michael Apted. With Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlyle. James Bond uncovers a nuclear plot when he protects an oil heiress from her After fending off the hit squad, Bond visits a casino owned by his acquaintance, Valentin Zukovsky (Robbie Coltrane), to acquire information about Elektra's attackers; he discovers that Elektra's head of security, Davidov (Ulrich Thomsen), is secretly in league with Renard. After spending a night with Elektra, then stowing away in Davidov's car to a nearby airstrip, Bond kills him and boards a plane bound for a Russian ICBM base in Kazakhstan. There, Bond poses as Russian nuclear scientist Mikhail Arkov (Jeff Nuttall) to enter the silo and find out why Renard's men are there. He is tailed closely by Dr. Christmas Jones (Denise Richards), an American nuclear physicist who is suspicious of his identity. Inside the silo, Bond watches as Renard removes the GPS locator card and a half quantity of weapons-grade plutonium from a bomb. Before Bond can kill him, Christmas blows his cover and Renard steals the bomb and flees, leaving everyone to die in the booby-trapped missile silo. Bond escapes the exploding silo with Christmas in tow, but not before retrieving the locator card.
1 Dec 2010
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16 Dec 2010
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Take a tour of James Bond Island in Phuket, Thailand – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Climbing out of the greenish waters of Phuket, Thailand are the unusual islands of Khao Phing Kan and Ko Tapu. Together, these islands are most commonly referred to as James Bond Island, because of their appearance in The Man with the Golden Gun. In this movie, Ko Tapu, the odd, pillar-like island, was the location of a large weapon. This island does exist in real life, but it is not possible to actually land on the island, though boat tours bring you close. Just a few hundred feet from Ko Tapu is the larger island of Khao Phing Kan. Though this island has several steep shores, there are beautiful beaches on which to land, with many sights to see.
5 May 2011
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15 Jul 2011
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