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Janitor finds skeleton dog and rushes to save him. But when vet lifts up his paws, tears start to flow A grey pit bull was neglected by his owner to the extent that he was nothing but skin and bones. Luckily, the poor animal was rescued just on time by a person we consider to be his guardian angel. One Clayton County maintenance worker saw the dog and knew that he should not leave him in that deplorable condition so he called the police but they told him that he could not save him because it would be considered theft. So the man contacted the animal control who left a notice on the dog owner’s door. However, the abuse went on, and then soon later, the maintenance worker finally got his chance. He found the poor dog in a small cage on the street. His owner after abusing and neglecting him, dumped him on the streets. It was a horrible way to get rid of a dog — especially one in such bad condition — but in the other hand, it was a good thing since it gave the maintenance worker a chance to help. He immediately took the dog out of his cage and rushed him to the closest animal hospital — one and a half hours away . “When he came up here he was crying, he was in tears, he was in disbelief,” Cinnamon Koch, who works at the animal hospital, tells NBC 11 Alive. “This is the worst case I have ever seen. He’s so sweet and loving. All he wants to do is kiss you.” The vet noted that in addition to being emaciated, the dog also had burns on his paws. She says that despite the dog is in a very bad situation, there’s still hope he will survive, thanks to the maintenance worker’s intervention at the right time. Since she had no idea what the dog’s name, she named him after his rescuer — maintenance worker Mikey. not long after Mikey’s rescue, four young girls heard about him and have donated their weekly allowance to help him recover. They visit the animal hospital as often as they can to see him. Mikey only weighed about 24 pounds (10 kg) when he was admitted — about half of wha
12 Sep 2018
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