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Is it a trend with all dogs that they go out of their ways to attack innocent jets of water when you're watering your plants/cleaning your car?
9 Sep 2019
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Location: Venecuela
16 May 2018
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The dog just will not quit jumping in front of the hose to 'catch' the jet of water from the hose.
18 Aug 2019
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A jet of water is being used to clean up a section of the road and it looks satisfying!
25 Dec 2019
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Nessie the serpent is a musical instrument known as a "funtain". It's interactive, and lets you manipulate jets of water, to control the tone, volume, and pitch of the music from the instrument. Kids love it.
1 Jun 2007
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*******www.outdoorfurniturecommercial****/ After that, your deck jet of water from the hand pump sprayer. All you need to do to implement this project,
19 Jan 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/lima_tours_lima_by_night.html Limas new attraction, the Magic Water Tour or El Circuito Magico del Agua, has only been in place since 2007. But its already attracting massive crowds and starting to draw international visitors with its spectacular mix of light, lazers, music and water. Built in the Parque de la Reserva near the National Stadium, the water park consists of 13 fountains in a range of styles. The largest fountain sits in an open plaza, surrounded by classical arches. Its central spout reaches a height of 80 meters or 260 feet. A favorite for children is the Fuente de los Ninos where jets of water leap up to form the walls of a maze, and spouts shoot in from the edges to drench the unwary. Other fountains take the form of a pyramid, more traditional ornamental styles, and the popular Tunnel of Surprises creating an arch over the path thats 35 meters long. As with most of the fountains, its best seen at night. Another reason to wait until dark is the spectacular main show at the Fantasia Fountain. A long string of jets, seems to dance to the music in a lazer and light display every night. It centers on a fine mist that acts as a video screen showing Peruvian wildlife including the condor and jaguar, natural landscapes from across the country, and archaeological sites like Machu Picchu and Chan Chan, all set to a mix of Peruvian folk music, and dramatic Hollywood soundtracks. Theres a safe, family atmosphere throughout the park, including in the large crowds that flock to watch the main show, even in the middle of winter. In early 2009, the Guinness Book of Records deemed the water park the largest fountain complex in the world, and it covers most of the original parks 8 hectares. It makes for an unusual, lighthearted night out in a city more famous for its architectural and gastronomic wonders. For more information about this touristic destination, please visit this page:
18 Oct 2009
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Let iWaterFlow bring out the child in you! Use the jets of water and tilt the game to place the rings on the spikes. Test your dexterity with this reproduction of the water toys you played with as a child.
23 Oct 2009
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The brightly colored Cowfish doesn’t have a skeleton. Like other trunkfish, his body is made of bony plates that fuse together in a boxy shape. The bony box is so rigid that trunkfish can move only their fins, eyes, mouth, and tail. Cowfish can grow up to 12 inches long, and have a short spine over each eye. Smooth Trunkfish also have a body of bony plates, and are closely related to the Cowfish. They are incredibly cute and fun to watch while you’re diving. Trunkfish eat small crabs and shrimp off of rocks and coral. They also find food by spitting jets of water into the sand. Cowfish and Trunkfish are featured in the Flat Cay West segment of Diving St. Thomas, Volume 1.*******island-showcase****/cowfish-and-trunkfish.html Your Ultimate Virgin Islands Vacation: *******island-showcase****/
27 Apr 2011
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