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This action packed short scenario depicts several fight scenes in which Dale, the Black Samurai, is beset upon by the Toad Master of Hawaiian Shirts. The Toad master chickens out and his henchmen jump in to the battle. The outcome is uncertain, so see if the Black Samurai is up to his task. A great short film by Jim Caron the famous cartoonist and painter.
9 Feb 2010
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Atom Girl features the Angel of Death emerging against the backdrop of an atomic bomb explosion. It is extremely dramatic in it's portrayal of innocent children going to "duck and cover" in a useless attempt at survival. The sound track is from the Lebanese Monkey Tribe. The awesome drum track is Jim Caron on the drums. Jim Caron is an incredible drummer as well as comic strip artist, painter, music writer and video artist.
8 Sep 2009
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Jim Caron produced this incredibly weird music video that is truly one of a kind. The visuals are extremely unique and have no precedent in the art world or video industry. Jim Caron created the music and visuals to this excerpt from the Ruxo Electro Alien Dance Show.
8 Sep 2009
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Jim Caron created this great rock video in a single person operation. Jim Caron wrote the music and performed all the instruments. Jim Caron also did all the vocals on this video. This was originally released as the "Fat Dracula" band's opening . It'ssong a great original tune and licensing is available. Contact Jim Caron at jcaron6666aol****
9 Sep 2009
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Jim Caron wrote and produced this music video. Originally released as the Fat Dracula Band then as the Lebanese Monkey Tribe. This cool and smooth rock tune is romantic in nature and has an excellent bridge with psychedelic visual worthy of an extreme acid trip! Check out this very cool, original music video from Fat Dracula featuring Jim Caron
10 Sep 2009
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Jim Caron produced this music video of a Dale Marcelle tune entitled "Evolution". Jim Caron also plays drums in this recording and has played drums with Dale Marcelle for many years under the name Kickfire! This video also featured the very talented "Bug" Tajima,
8 Sep 2009
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