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25 Aug 2008
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With a difficult job market we need to channel our energy from negative thoughts to positive thinking. Remove the works should have, could have, or i would have from your life and focus on positive thinking and visualize what you want. Be apart of this empowering movement to turn this economy around and create opportunities in adundance.
18 Jan 2009
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Sometimes a little goes a long way. With a few minor adjustments, your resume can be improved to the point where it ends up in the callback pile as opposed to the trash bin. There are common mistakes many people make when writing their own resumes, but there are ways to fix or avoid resume blunders and ensure your resume will be read. Vist *******www.careerstrides**** for more information.
18 Jan 2009
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Have you been laid off or do you need a job, then check this video out. For the full version of this go to www.custom-hypnosis****. It is a free video
30 May 2009
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