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realannoyingorangeHEY! I'm the funny Orange... I'm the ANGRY ORANGE!!!! MERCH: MUSIC! ******* AO TOYS! ******* T-SHIRTS! *******store.annoyingorange****/ iPHONE/iPOD GAME! ******* iPAD GAME! ******* ANDROID GAME! ***********/gp/product/B005UOK2KY/ref=mas_pm_annoyingorange GET A TEXT WHEN I UPLOAD NEW VIDEOS! ******* FOLLOW ME: TWITTER: *******twitter****/annoyingorange FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/annoyingorange INSTAGRAM: *******instagram****/annoyingorange GOOGLE+: ******* MY WEBSITE: *******annoyingorange**** PRODUCED BY: DANEBOE: *******youtube****/daneboe SPENCER GROVE BOBJENZ: *******youtube****/bobjenz AARON MASSEY: *******youtube****/podunkpictures ART: DEREK GONZALEZ: *******youtube****/plastiqa ANIMATION: Michael Wingate & Steven Zurita WRITTEN BY: DANEBOE *******youtube****/daneboe
1 Nov 2013
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Ben "Obama Girl" Relles, Ricky "lazydork" Stern and Joe Bereta in a promo for Battle of the Viral Video Superstars
6 Nov 2007
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Joe Bereta and Gary "Numa Numa" Brolsma in a promo for Battle of the Viral Video Superstars
6 Nov 2007
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Two pairs of notable YouTube directors square off in an epic adventure so exciting that you'll forget to ask the question, "So what were the Old Adventures of Ben and Jared?". Starring Ben Mallahan, Jared Reilly and Nic Morden from "Gamers", and Luke Barats, Joe Bereta and Caleb Strine from "Barats and Bereta ****"
28 Nov 2007
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*******www.jtwebman****/shows/my-top-3-news-youtube-shows-jtwebman-77/ Welcome back to the JTWebMan show. Like I talk about last week I am changing it up and todays show I am going to highlight some of the shows I watch on YouTube. This week I am going to stick with the News Shows that I enjoy so lets get started. First off I love the Philip Defranco show. I am a huge fan which if you might have known from some of the t-shirts I wear. He has a Monday through Thursday show where he talks about the news and pop culture that matters to him. This past couple months my show has been a little like his show though I am not as funny or good as he is. The Philip DeFranco Show: *******youtube****/sxephil Philip DeFranco’s Twitter: *******twitter****/PhillyD Phil has also started another new show called SourceFed. This show stars 3 different hosts with a few guests talking about news items Monday through Thursday as well and do 5 videos a day in under 20 minutes or less. The nice part about this show is they always have 2 hosts that banter back and forth on the subject. It makes it very playful and makes the show very funny and educational at the same time. If I had to pick only one show I watched on YouTube it would be this one. Sourcefed Show: *******youtube****/SourceFed Host Elliott Morgan’s Twitter: *******twitter****/elliottcmorgan Host Joe Bereta’s Twitter: *******twitter****/joebereta Host Lee Newton's Twitter: *******twitter****/leenewtonsays If you are more into geeky tech news then WilsonTech1 might be the show for you. Lamarr Wilson is the host and producer and he is hilarious. He is a lot like Phil in he covers news that he enjoys but it tends to be more tech and web news then politics and celebrities. WilsonTech1 Vlog: *******youtube****/WilsonTech1 Lamarr Wilson’s Twitter: *******twitter****/WilsonTech1 Please like and share the show as it does help out alot and have a great week!
11 May 2012
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The cast from the show Electric City accepts the award for Best Animated Series at the 2013 Streamys presented by Joe Bereta, Trisha Hershberger, Elliot Morgan, Lee Newton, Meg Turney, and Steve Zaragoza of Sourcefed. Electric City thank the Streamy’s, Tom Hanks, Samantha Sharerd, 6 point figure, and Yahoo.
18 Feb 2013
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The first thing most people think after watching this video: "Why the hell did you make this?" My answer: Why WOULDN'T I make it?
28 Nov 2007
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22 Sep 2019
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It's a race to the bottom as two douche-bags battle for douche supremacy. Joe Bereta: Self, Announcer Tom Luke Barats: Self, Announcer Bob Poker Players: Caleb Strine, Todd Hosheit, Adam Tucker Softball Girl: Celina Hernandez Basketball Players: Ben Mallahan, Phil Pierce, Tyler Tupper Audio: Caleb Strine Open Graphics: Tyler Jacobson Special Thanks/Apologies: Joe Vander Weil, Ashley Mannan
6 Apr 2009
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Johnson and Richards make a great team-- that is, until they are pitted against one another for a promotion. Episode 1 of 4. Richards: Luke Barats Johnson: Joe Bereta Woman: Lori DeCicio Billy: Angelo Camacho Boss: Frank Swoboda Camera: Tyler Tupper Production Music: 5 Alarm Music Check out Ad Guys Episode 2 at www.myspace****/baratsandbereta You can also check the video page at:
7 Dec 2008
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