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4 bohemian friends escape from their homes, on their way to freedom they go through different adventures
29 Nov 2006
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* FACEBOOK opens platform to other social networks. * PARAMOUNT puts ad-supported Jackass online. * HBO taps NIELSEN for VOD ratings. * SCRIPPS launches new real estate site at FrontDoor****. * MTVN distributes clips on AOL Video. Get the full story at *******www.Media30****
13 Dec 2007
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DJ Johnny "R" in his mix ,Ibiza 2009! Choon in!
8 Feb 2011
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The hair tutting is pretty cool. The shadow dance as well. Good job.
3 Jul 2012
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Gary Vaynerchuk visits Bar Boulud in New York City and tastes some young Burgundy wines with Daniel Johnnes.
12 Feb 2009
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*******www.bkwine****/wine_tours/wine_tours.htm --- Interview with Kurt Angerer of Weingut Angerer proprietor, winemaker, owner. The vineyard is located in Kamptal in Austria. The winery is an old family winemaking business. Kurt Angerer 23 ha vineyard planted with gruner veltliner, riesling and the red wine grape varieties zweigelt and pinot noir. He has a variety of soils, e.g. granite, gravel, and loess. ******* Music by Johnne Tuzza: Maple Leaf Rag, *******www.podsafeaudio**** By BKWine, *******www.bkwine**** See all our wine videos on our BKWine TV channel: ***********/bkwine
27 Mar 2009
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*******www.bkwine****/wine_tours/wine_tours.htm --- We meet with the winemaker Serge Ferigoule at Domaine du Sang des Cailloux. It is located in Vacqueyras, in the southern Rhone Valley in France, and produces mainly red and some white wine. It covers 17 hectares of vineyard on the garrigue plateau between Vacqueyras and Courthezon with soils that are mainly clay and limestone with an addition of the galets roules, big stones, typical for the region (famous above all in Chateauneuf-du-Pape). The vines are on average quite old, 50-60 yrs Serge Ferigoule make essentially two different red wines: The cuvee classique, named after his daughters Doucinelle (Doucinelio), Florette, Azalais, depending on the year; and an old vine cuvee (vieille vignes) Cuvee Lopy. The name of the winery, Sang des Cailloux, literally means the blood of the stones but it is not really a reflection of the hardship of being a winegrower, but rather that the colour of the soil at one period of time in spring is of a particular shade. They work essentially in organic farming, albeit not yet with any eco-label. The language is French [F] Nous rencontrons le vigneron Serge Ferigoule au Domaine du Sang des Cailloux. Le vignoble se situe a Vacqueyras, dans le sud de la Vallee du Rhone en France. Il produit principalement du vin rouge et un peu de blanc. Le domaine fait 17 hectares sur des sols argilo-calcaire avec un peu de galets roules, plus connu au Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Les vignes ont un moyen d’age de 50-60 ans. Serge Ferigoule fait principalement deux vins : La cuvee classique, nomme d’apres ses trois filles : doucinelle, Florette et Azalais, et une cuvee vieille vignes : Cuvee Lopy. Le nom, Sang des Cailloux ne fait pas vraiment reference a la vie dure d’un vigneron mais provient de la couleur du sol au printemps sur certaines parcelles. La culture est essentiellement biologique, mais sans revendiquer un label specifique. *******www.sangdescailloux****/ Music by: Johnne Tuzza, Maple Leaf Rag, PodSafeMusic**** By BKWine, *******www.bkwine**** See all our wine videos on our BKWine TV channel: ***********/bkwine
10 Apr 2009
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*******www.bkwine****/wine_tours/wine_tours.htm --- An introduction to Austrian wine and wine regions with views of some of the vineyards. On the grape varieties grown: gruner veltliner, riesling, zweigelt, gewurztraminer, pinot noir and others. Some words on the wine styles, the fresh crisp and fruity white wines. Views from the different wine regions and vineyards: Wachau, Niederosterreich, Rust, Neusiedlesee, Burgenland, Styria. Some lie along the Danube (Donau) river. The country has almost 50,000 hectares of vineyards. *******www.winesfromaustria**** Music by Chris Mosley, DA Palm, George Wood, Johnne Tuzza. *******www.podsafeaudio**** By BKWine, *******www.bkwine**** See all our wine videos on our BKWine TV channel: ***********/bkwine
24 Jun 2009
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*******www.bkwine****/wine_tours/wine_tours.htm --- Premiere partie de l interview avec Alain Vironneau, president du CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux, l’interprofession bordelais charge d entre autre la promotion, le marketing et beaucoup d autre projets communs des vignerons), et avec Georges Haushalter, vice-president. Qu est-ce que Bordeaux a fait pour aujourd hui etre la region viticole la plus connue au monde et peut-etre celle qui a eu le plus grand succes ? (son importance dans le cadre des appellations en France ; le classement de 1855 des grands crus et la suite ; la reconnaissance mondiale ; plus de 150 ans de bon marketing ; une heritage ; un nom synonyme de grands vins…) Il y a quand meme beaucoup de producteurs de vins de Bordeaux qui ont de difficultes aujourd hui... Quel sont les axes de developpement pour ameliorer la situation pour les producteurs de milieu de gamme ? (Le bordelais n est pas uniquement une source de tres grands vins mais aussi une region ou on trouve beaucoup de vin avec un excellent rapport qualite prix...) [E] Part one of the interview (in French) with Alain Vironneau, president of the CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux – the growers collaboration, marketing and promotion organisation) and with Georges Haushalter, the vice president. *******www.bordeauxprof****/ Music by: Johnne Tuzza - Maple Leaf Rag, *******www.podsafeaudio**** By BKWine, *******www.bkwine**** See all our wine videos on our BKWine TV channel: ***********/bkwine
1 Jul 2009
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