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Wrist Assured Gloves are ergonomically designed to ease wrist strain and improve your comfort by relieving joint pain, nerve compression and stress on the soft tissues of the wrist during weight bearing exercises so common in yoga and Pilates.
4 Aug 2009
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A great way to increase balance, strength, joint protection and reduce the risk of falling for men and women of all ages.
16 Dec 2008
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Treatment for Ankle Arthritis - San Francisco Podiatrist Union Square CA Dr. Bill Metaxas discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for Ankle Arthritis. *******www.footankleinstitutesf**** OSTEOARTHRITIS OF THE FOOT AND ANKLE What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a condition characterized by the breakdown and eventual loss of cartilage in one or more joints. Cartilage-the connective tissue found at the end of the bones in the joints-protects and cushions the bones during movement. When cartilage deteriorates or is lost, symptoms develop that can restrict one's ability to easily perform daily activities. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis, reflecting its nature to develop as part of the aging process. As the most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis affects millions of Americans. Many people refer to osteoarthritis simply as arthritis, even though there are more than 100 different types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis appears at various joints throughout the body, including the hands, feet, spine, hips, and knees. In the foot, the disease most frequently occurs in the big toe, although it is also often found in the midfoot and ankle. Signs and Symptoms People with osteoarthritis in the foot or ankle experience, in varying degrees, one or more of the following: • Pain and stiffness in the joint • Swelling in or near the joint • Difficulty walking or bending the joint • Some patients with osteoarthritis also develop a bone spur (a bony protrusion) at the affected joint. Shoe pressure may cause pain at the site of a bone spur, and in some cases blisters or calluses may form over the surface of the bone spur. Bone spurs can also limit the movement of the joint. Causes Osteoarthritis is considered a wear and tear disease because the cartilage in the joint wears down with repeated stress and use over time. As the cartilage deteriorates and gets thinner, the bones lose their protective covering and eventually may rub together, causing pain and inflammation of the joint. An injury may also lead to osteoarthritis, although it may take months or years after the injury for the condition to develop. For example, osteoarthritis in the big toe is often caused by kicking or jamming the toe, or by dropping something on the toe. Osteoarthritis in the midfoot is also often caused by dropping something on it, or by a sprain or fracture. In the ankle, osteoarthritis is usually caused by a fracture and occasionally by a severe sprain. Sometimes osteoarthritis develops as a result of abnormal foot mechanics. People who have flat feet or high arches are at increased risk for developing osteoarthritis in the foot. A flat foot causes less stability in the ligaments (bands of tissue that connect bones), resulting in excessive strain on the joints, which can cause arthritis. A high arch is rigid and lacks mobility, causing a jamming of joints that creates an increased risk of arthritis. Diagnosis In diagnosing osteoarthritis, the foot and ankle surgeon will examine the foot thoroughly, looking for swelling in the joint, limited mobility, and pain with movement. In some cases, deformity and/or enlargement (spur) of the joint may be noted. In addition to the foot examination, x-rays may be ordered to help the doctor diagnose osteoarthritis and evaluate the extent of the disease in the foot and ankle. Treatment: Non-Surgical Options To help relieve symptoms, the surgeon may begin treating osteoarthritis with one or more non-surgical approaches. When is Surgery Needed? If non-surgical treatment fails to adequately reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis, surgery may be recommended. The goal of surgery is to decrease pain and improve function. The foot and ankle surgeon will consider a number of factors when selecting the procedure best suited to the patient's condition and lifestyle. Visit our website: *******www.footankleinstitutesf****
26 Aug 2011
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Exercises for weight loss exercises are exercises that are performed to boost the actual function of heart and the exercises for weight loss vascular method healthy. This helps throughout raising the heart price. By performing these, the heart rate is taken care of for a definite stretch of time, which strengthens the guts. Jogging, walking faster, floating around etc are all regarded as exercises for weight loss exercises. Exercises for weight loss exercises can help one lose weight more rapidly, and if you're looking to lose weight, it is not something that can be ruled out from your daily program. Doing these workouts can be a great way to keep in very good condition and lose weight faster compared to any other form of exercise. Easy Exercises for Weight Loss Exercises for weight loss exercise could possibly be of two types, steady but very slow and intensive. Your slow and steady workouts are executed for 30 to 45 moments duration. This is lacking in intensity and helps burning the carbohydrates as well as the fats in a synchronized design. These exercises are very useful when you are joint protection simply because they build of muscles strength which in turn has the capacity to bear a significant part of the muscle weight. The high depth workouts are usually carried out in short durations using intervals and this is actually a intensive and energetic muscle training which uses up several times more calorie consumption when compared to slower strength ones. Easy Exercises for Weight Loss When undertaking exercises for weight loss exercises, it is good to take pleasure in them under specialist supervision. If you have any kind of predisposed conditions, make sure you inform your personal trainer. Let us discuss some popular exercises for weight loss exercises burning calories. Step exercises are probably the most popular among females. In the duration of thirty minutes you can burn up for you to 400 calories. Riding a bike is another exercises for weight loss exercise which can help to lose up to 250 in order to 500 calories in your body. Swimming is also regarded as a great exercise, and is for many the most effective and demonstrates the fastest results. It may burn more than 300 calories every 30 minutes and the interaction along with water keeps the skin balanced. Rock climbing is another exercises for weight loss exercise that's helpful in activating nearly all muscles of the entire body and also improves co-ordination amongst body parts contrary to the gravity. This exercise can help rip of Three hundred and fifty to 380 calories inside 30 minutes duration. Running is yet another more common workout, which will help to shed More than 200 calories in Half an hour. Along with these explained exercises it is also advised to help keep a healthy diet regimen. Great sleeping habits, keeping away from junk food and proper inside take of water, vitamins and minerals are advisable. A healthy diet with proper combination of exercises and yoga can do miracles for your body. This will stimulate anti aging factors and the body healthy. The body is just like a worship location and utmost proper care should be taken to ensure that is stays clean and appropriate. Very good habits, good life-style can keep diseases out of your body and can help your mind function much better. In order to get better benefits, you must follow the exercise regime, healthy and balanced diet, along with improved lifestyle. You'll notice results in quicker span of time this specific these techniques. It is also a good plan to have a dietitian and fitness instructor who can provide you tips for that uniqueness of your entire body. With the right program, anyone can lose 20 pounds inside a short amount of time! Good luck!
3 Mar 2012
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16 Jun 2012
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If you are chronically tired, then you should watch this video right now: *******www.howtochangeyourownbatteries****/go/SAMe In this video I will discuss SAMe Dosages I will now give you a set of dosages Which have shown results in various clinical studies They will give you a reference point And then I will show you how I recommend you use this supplement Dosage: For energy and mood: 200-800mg/day in 1-2 doses; For arthritis and joint pain: 600-1200mg/day in 1-3 doses; For bone and joint protection: 200-1200 mg/day; For depression: 400-1600mg/day in 1-4 doses; For liver diseases: 600-1200mg/day; For cholestasis: 600-800mg/day have been used All this being said, what I generally prescribe is 200-400mg/day in 1 dose I don't like big dosages What I like to do is use low dosages and synergize with compatible substances I believe this is best for two reasons: 1) It allows you to avoid side-effects and 2) It prevents the body from adapting to high dosages while at the same time safe-guarding against deficiency That being said, It is best practice to test out higher and lower dosages And see where it is best for you I am of the opinion it is better to err on the side of lower dosages than higher dosages This of course depends on the substance we are discussing In the case of SAMe, the best dosage for daily long term use is: 200mg/day immediately after waking up Regularity is key when it comes to the human body The more consistent you can be, the better Try to use the same dosage, the same time of day and the same combination of supplements For example My course focuses on giving you a proven blueprint Unless you are like me and enjoy experimenting in this area I suggest you follow my guidelines exactly They are the way they are Because of over 10 years of trial and error What I recommend you do is take 400mg/day of SAMe for the first 1 to 14days When you notice increased feelings of well being and increased energy Then reduce to 200mg/day The reason I want you to do this is So that you see and feel that SAMe works After that, I prefer the lowest dosage, Unless there is a specific condition such as disease or injury In this video we have discussed SAMe Dosages and Some guidelines on how to get the most out of this supplement ***********/watch?v=_qPU7p8m-TA
9 Mar 2013
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