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Dog lover, savior of animals. Entrepreneur and start up founder. Joshua Tyler is known for his philanthropy and caring of animals. Recently moving to the United States to pursue his passion of building a tech startup to support shelters, trainers, teach, and educate
6 Aug 2018
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Song #13 Part of the Getty (Giovanni Rossi + Betty Suarez) Soundtrack. From the TV series Ugly Betty. Celebrating the first Anniversary of MGSG. Song performed by Joshua Tyler - All night from: episode 2.17 at the highschool stairs scene where Gio tells Betty to "just Be". (The lyrics are in the video) NOTHING can take Episode 2.17 from us. Nothing! :D TKAA is Getty at its best!!! The Getty Girls and Guys headquarters *******www.modegirl-sandwichguy**** We WANT GIO BACK!!! Screencaps from *******www.hellisbreaking****/gio Thanks also to *******www.ugly-is-in****/ ALL PICTURES AND MUSIC BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT INTENDED.
18 Jun 2009
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