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Rock / Alternative Everything ever created that sounds good. We're not "Pre" or "Post" anything. Thats just dumb. We're hard rock and roll plain and simple. If you insist that we elaborate: We lace our music with punk, old school blues, and all the good 90s artists. Our influences are George Thorogood, STP, Rage Against the Machine, 311, Hound Dog Taylor, and your mother. We're energetic, sarcastic, and classy. Ten Count Junky is not here to whine. They are here to Rock. Your. Face. And if your life sucks, you can be damn sure that they're going to do something about it. Like rocking your face. Because the musical ground is shifting. It's time for something more than self-pity. People want to believe in rock again, believe that it can tell them to grab life by both ass cheeks and kick it into the Pacific. The music of Ten Count Junky reminds its listeners of what's best in life: a bone-breaking, soul rattling good time. People hear this message, and they come back again and again.
24 Dec 2006
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From his tour in Australia to talking about Elvis hanging out at his local fish and chip store, the junkie tell all.
27 Mar 2007
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Junki's Birthday Charity Project in Thailand on 8 April 2007 at Ban Bangkae Residence to visited the senior persons (as we call them "Khun Ya, Khun Yai" or "Grandma" in English).
13 Jul 2007
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Junki birthday party 2007
15 Jul 2007
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junki charity catwalk & puppet auction
16 Jul 2007
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In this video crazy people witch look like santa clas are junky dancing. I saw it in the turkey.
21 Sep 2007
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Whereas Jim Carrolls The Basketball Diaries painted a chilling picture of a drug addicts world, An Officer and a Junkie crosses all boundaries. It is the memoir of Michael Winder, a West Point cadet who took so many mind-altering substances that he came to believe he was Frida Kahlo. Winder tells his story chronologically, weaving from month to month across the four basic stages of the substance abuse and recovery cycle (use, abuse, rehabilitation, relapse), as it narrates his disastrous foray into drug and alcohol abuse.
10 Jun 2010
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6 Nov 2008
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Franki dolls Toybox persents The Tone Junkies as they perform three songs live in the flashrock studio followed by a funny punk rock interview.They hail out of North Orange County where legendary punk rock bands such as The Adolescents and Agent Orange
9 Feb 2009
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Junkie like an empty room. By Trashu
22 Mar 2008
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Ali Sits Down With Junkie XL In Part 3 Of Her Exclusive Interview! Check Out More SXSW Footage www.vlaze****/sxsw
28 Mar 2008
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Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Festool C12 Cordless Drill. By Festool Junkie, dude!
26 May 2008
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