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Just A Vessel™ is an international recording artist signed to American independent record label Depymusic. Just A Vessel™ specializes in Rap, Hip Hop, and Alternative music. Currently, Just A Vessel™ feels compelled to address the harsh realities around gangs, genocide, and moral ethics.
This is an upgraded version I made of a user named Just A Robot when he made a commentary on TMossBoss's video about defending reactors. If you don't know who Just a Robot is, he's basically a robot who does commentaries on reaction channels, political videos, feminist videos, etc. He makes some excellent points and even has a great sense of satire. As for TMossBoss, he's a reactor. But his videos are awful and the way he makes arguments............UGH!
20 Oct 2018
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This is an upgrade of JAR's commentary on a male wannabe feminist's response to TL;DR's response to him.
18 Apr 2019
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Why The Terminators Are Proba
3 Mar 2018
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This is a movement test with a new character i made. I'm a starting amateur animator and I'm in it for the fun. Finally I'm planning a real larger project and i'm planning to use this model as the main character. The basic animating if this model went ok. I'm still not happy yet with the eye blinking, but hey its a test. It's not decided if I will add arms for more interaction. The voice will be a vocoder effect of some sort, it will not talk just make robot like sounds. For now I put a nice music clip under it I Found on ccMixter. Creative Commons Music License: *******ccmixter****/media/files/click/5770 Click: After Winterdreams. Hope you liked the clip, any comments will be appreciated. The planning for my project is januari first or earlier. The working title is "Robot Surprise". Greetings, GroeneG Gproductions
16 Oct 2007
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Just buy ROBOT KID..
18 Jan 2010
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At RobotWorx we don't just sell robots, we buy them too! We specialize in reconditioning all used robots, putting them through a vigorous 168 pt. process, ensuring the robot comes out as good as new. For more information, contact a RobotWorx expert at (740) 383-8383 or visit us online at www.used-robots****.
18 May 2011
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Rad Raygun review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Rad Raygun for the Xbox 360 developed by and published by TRUFUN Entertainment. Rad Raygun isn't just any robot. He's an American robot, and Washington has given him a simple mission—to stop the communists. And not just any communists! They're robot communists. Rad Raygun provides a satirical look at the politics and culture of the 1980s, wrapped up in a Mega Man-like action/platformer. This video review features video gameplay footage of Rad Raygun for the Xbox 360 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
26 Feb 2013
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For more on LEGO NXT as well as downloadable apps for your NXT and other robots visit us at *******RobotAppStore**** Facebook- ********www.facebook****/RobotAppStore Twitter- ********twitter****/RobotAppStore VIDEO TEXT:Pod Cast #2 Welcome to Robot App Store's LEGO NXT Tutorial series. In this video we will discuss how to program Lego over Bluetooth. LEGO NXT has 2 ways it receives commands: through Bluetooth or through USB communication. This type of communication is called NXT direct commands or Lego NXT communication protocol or "LCP." NXT communication protocol bypasses the Mindstorm's or any other third-party software. This protocol is used for controlling NXT from a remote device like a smartphone, PC, or other robots. Sending commands to Lego NXT through Bluetooth is rather simple- the idea is to transfer a bulk of bytes to the robot for immediately execution. These commands are divided into two groups: • System commands, commands that control the administration of the brick or the protocol. An example of this would be accessing the file system on the brick. • The second group is Direct commands these commands control robot's motion and sensor's reading Some commands are a request for feedback from the robot like getting a sensor's data, while other commands are just a set of orders. To find out more about programming your LEGO NXT or to discover pre-made downloadable apps for your NXT, visit us at RobotAppStore**** the first App Store just for robots. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
5 Apr 2013
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