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clip Basis of Kabbalah 1 (promo)
18 Jul 2009
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*******www.kabbalahcentral**** Many would say that Kabbalah is practiced like any other number of esoteric religion in modern society.
21 Nov 2009
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*******www.kabbalahcharms**** |Learn about Kabbalah and Kabbalah Jewelry, Talismans, Amulets, Charms and How to avoid The Evil Eye. Beauty and Protection with Kabbalah; Kabbalah Jewelry incorporates symbols and Inscriptions from the Kabbalah. Kabbalah Amulets as well as Kabbalah Jewelry are manufactured using specific words, or combination of letters, to send a message to the Creator regarding your needs and desires, in order to transform your life.
1 Nov 2010
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The Kabbalah, that mystical segment of Jewish studies that is supposed to give explanations as to the relationship between the spiritual and the physical, is now a popular theme for a variety of jewelry pieces. A considerable amount of charms, amulets and other items are being marketed as Kabbalah Jewelry. These items vary in design as well as cost, with some of them being made of gold, silver and other metals, semi-precious stones. The popularity of these items is well known as many of them are alleged to bring the wearer good health as well and happiness and prosperity. Not only Jews, but many non-Jews, including movie stars, entertainers and celebrities are seen wearing Kabbalah jewelry.
26 Nov 2010
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"Discover Authentic Kabbalah" Lesson 5, Feb 16, 2012
23 Feb 2012
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*******www.torahcafe****/rabbi-yossy-goldman/why-is-madonna-studying-kabbalah-video_ddac90364.html We've all heard of the Kabbalah Center- of their overpriced products claiming to be "holy" and of Madonna's extensive involvement in the Center. But how can we understand these 2 extremes- someone as material as Madonna being involved in something as spiritual as Kabbalah? Rabbi Goldman starts from the beginning by answering the question "What is Kabbalah" and goes on to explain how to reconcile these two seemingly opposite dimensions.
12 Jul 2012
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BENZION LEHRER PRELIMINARY INTERVIEW. singer, guitarist, healer benzion lehrer shares with franklyn wepner his reasons for beginning wepner's merkavah theater training process in safed, israel. the process is always evolving. at the present time the focus is on integrating the michael chekhov acting technique with gestalt work on awareness and dreams. theoretically, since the framework of chekhov is the neo-platonic christian kabbalah of rudolf steiner, we will be examining parallel jewish sources. especially relevant to us is the text of the zohar, as it is summarized clearly and succinctly by leo schaya in his "the universal meaning of the kabbalah". benzion lehrer may be reached at thereturninglight****, and franklyn wepner may be reached at fwepbezeqint****.
8 Mar 2013
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CHEKHOV EXERCISES ARE GESTALT THERAPY & FICINO NEOPLATONISM. this video shows parallels between 41 chekhov actor exercises and gestalt dreamwork. in the "find your center" exercise, when an actor identifies with a center in his body he does what a gestalt therapy client does when he identifies with and play acts a particular dream image in his dreamwork. chekhov uses the jargon of renaissance neoplatonic philosopher marsilio ficino. in his 1475 commentary on plato's "symposium", called "about love" ("de amore"), ficino substitutes renaissance artistic metaphors for traditional religious metaphors to describe the various worlds, pure ideas and sefirot (points of view) of the kabbalah. this shift of terminology makes ficino's judeo/christian kabbalah acceptable to chekhov's audience of non-religious actors willing to tolerate chekhov's talk about "spirit" and "love". ficino sees god as love, a god who radiates out lines of awareness and love in all directions. god then endows each of these lines with a center, "identity", or "i-consciousness". michael chekhov and fritz perls invite their students to play god. actors and gestalt clients are now "creators" of a phenomenological universe - a universe which chekhov calls "fictional" and perls calls "phoney". the spiritual pilgrim is invited to "identify with" (play act) various images of his imagination, his dream or centers in his body. by doing so, the actor or gestalt client has shifted his former "i-consciousness" so that now he himself is radiating out from a point at the end of one of those lines which god originally emanated. next, by setting up friendly, loving dialogues between these various centers an actor or therapy client or kabbalist can reintegrate his fragmented personality and find his way back into "the one in the many", identity in difference, his true original godlike self, the actor's spiritual "characterization", true divine beauty, what kabbalists call "god" and what michael chekhov calls "human love". chekhov is calling upon each of us, performers and audience members alike, to accomplish this "transformation" or spiritual journey. what makes this tool kit a technology of the sacred rather than merely preaching and wishful thinking, is that for those willing to accept the terminology of michael chekhov and/or gestalt therapy, and make the necessary effort, these exercises, as michael chekhov claims, do provide a specific, concrete path that leads to artistically usable results. gestalt terminology is secular, chekhov terminology is "spiritual", kabbalistic terminology is religious. the choice is yours. same trip, different labels. TAGS chekhov technique, chekhov exercises, michael chekhov technique, michael chekhov exercises, marsilio ficino, neoplatonism, italian humanism, gestalt therapy, gestalt dreamwork, zohar kabbalah, chekhov actor training, classical acting technique, chekhov actor exercises, nachman of breslav, ashlag kabbalah, likutei moharan, commentary on plato's "symposium", plato's "symposium", ficino's "de amore"
16 Mar 2013
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rav laitman explains about science and spirituality
21 Jan 2007
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Rav Michael Laitman, PhD interviewed by Shalom TV & RTN president Rabbi Mark Golub. Clip 4 of 4 from the full interview.
25 May 2008
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Rav Michael Laitman, PhD interviewed by Shalom TV & RTN president Rabbi Mark Golub. Clip 3/4 from the full interview.
15 Jul 2008
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Rav Michael Laitman, PhD explains that people are not “good” by nature, but that they have an opportunity to rise above their nature.
19 Aug 2008
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An explanation of where suffering comes from and what its spiritual root is.
19 Aug 2008
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Essa risponde a una domanda che non può essere risolta in nessun altro modo. Essa risponde, fondamentalmente, a ״Qual è il significato della vita?״
7 Sep 2008
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Prophecy, Obama
21 Jan 2009
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In regard to the neighbor I can be like the Creator on the Effects Source : 2009-01-01The Revelation of Godliness, item 14, lesson 8 Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman min. Category: Science & Technology
2 Jan 2009
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