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Kaiju Returns With Another Smashing Hit - Kaiju The Unconquerable Watch Out The Video Now And Enjoy The Unconquerable Vibes With Kaiju
One Kaiju Is No Problem, But Two Is Really Matter
11 Nov 2019
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Some of the chibis in clubland have gone missing and the king sends others to find them
11 Dec 2018
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Part 3 coming soon
11 Dec 2018
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in the year 2020 Donald Trump and Kamala Harris tie for presidency causing a recount of votes that sent the nation into riots making the government implement martial law
22 May 2019
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Kaiju Returns With Another Smashing Hit - Kaiju The Unconquerable Watch Out The Video Now And Enjoy The Unconquerable Vibes With Kaiju
18 Dec 2019
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First animation created by Paul Shih, A two mintues long animation based on 'kaiju' inspired character - Rainbow Monster. A silly little clip about "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT..." Featuring music from Belgium's talented electroacoustic musicians DimDim and Yoummie!
16 Oct 2007
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In this giant-monster movie with an all-vegetable cast, a mysterious cabbage meteor crash-lands in a toxic supercrunch site, mutating into a hideous monster that wreaks havoc on Matzoville. Can young Billy Tomato and Dr. Bell Pepper help BRANDCO corporation save Matzoville from being flame-broiled out of existence? Shot on HD with real food.
29 Jul 2010
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Trailer of the new Dreamworks animation.
30 Dec 2008
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G' death
4 Apr 2011
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Oh my God, theyre huge!!! No, its not another "Bouncy!" sequel, its "Rampage!", a tribute to giant monster movies! From Godzilla, King Kong, and Gamera to Cloverfield and Big Man Japan, it is the best kind of absolute chaos! Run, run while you can... For the complete fishtanksamurai collection (including the "Bouncy" videos that can't be shown here) go to: *******www.liveleak****/user/fishtanksamurai
8 Feb 2010
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Greenside, a biodome built in the wake of famine and poverty, houses the only cure for Jackson's ill girlfriend, Acacia. In order to obtain it, Jackson must infiltrate the heavily fortified Greenside, under endless waves of Zero Troopers all commanded to destroy him! ------- This is a film that we completed last year. Believe it or not, neither Sam nor Niko actually went to film school, so this is the closest thing we've got to a student film. We teamed up with our good friend Eric Lim to put this together. He produced it, and played the lead, and we took care of the shooting, directing, and editing. If anyone is interested in watching the full film, head on over to zerotrooper****. There you can stream it, or download it for your xbox 360 and PS3! ------ This was all shot on the Sony FX-1 with a 35mm adapter, and we used Final Cut Pro for editing, and After Effects for the FX! We'll be making a tutorial in a few weeks showing you how to do some awesome bullet hits similar to what we have here.
13 Sep 2012
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Click to tweet! - ******* We got a twitter! *******twitter****/corridordigital We got a facebook! *******www.fb****/corridordigital Want the song? *******www***rridor-digital****/music/Power_Mangers.mp3 Much like how a t-rex can't see you if you stand still, computers think you are invisible if you are covered in green. Ever since George Lucas discovered this fact in 1928, filmmakers have been exploiting this error to get away with embezzling money meant for the set construction department. The green fabric industry has never been the same since.
14 Sep 2012
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