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Designing for brands requires smart, business-minded design teams with a broad range of creative talent and experience. Our team at Kaleidoscope integrate strategy, design and prototyping to solve complex business challenges that deliver tangible results across multiple touchpoints. To better understand the customers experience, we identify their unmet needs and develop new strategies to bring you as close to them as possible. Looking for experience within a specific demographic, category of the market? Please feel free to reach out.
I'm here to show the world, seen with my own eyes. Well-being to all and my thanks for your feedback to my publications.
This beautiful kaleidoscope is made of plastic with glass mirrors and lens;Multi-angle;Paper wrapped with animals' world picture;Easy to use and funny, place the magic wand through the holes in the kaleidoscope, side the black O rings onto each end of the wand to hold it in place, hold the kaleidoscope with wand the up and down so the glitter falls in the wand, look through the kaleidoscope and watch as the fireworks explode before your eyes!
21 Apr 2011
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my 50mw green laser kaleidoscope gift from *******www.laserpointerpen****
10 Dec 2009
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Wave length:532nm Output Mode: Constant Wave Output Power:150mw Project distance : 5000 meters away Batteries: Alkaline AAA x 4pcs. Dimensions: Φ27*150mm Expected Life: 5,000 hours Elegant gift box included Made LED, Kaleidoscope into 150mw green laser pointer . Press the push button to turn it on. Release the push button to shut if off automatically. Press the "LED" button to turn LED on(the second picture),press the "LASER" button to turn kaleidoscope laser pointer on(the third picture),whirl the head to see different kaleidoscope shapes. Take off the head, it works as 150mw green laser pointer.
31 Jan 2010
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a kaleidoscope - a very funny and interesting science kit China supplier:*******chinagift.en.ecplaza****
13 Mar 2010
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Be creative and enjoy! Any interesting color and shapes will work just fine with these Kaleidoscope Coloring Pages online. If you are like me, and you had a kaleidoscope then let Your kids give it a try!
24 Jan 2011
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This video was recorded during Voltergeist's set at the first ever Kaleidoscope Festival in St. Andrews (Fife) at midnight on Sunday 2nd October 2011. Voltergeist is using a Korg Legacy MS20 controller, custom mapped to Ableton Live 8, and a Korg Wavedrum II for live percussion looping. The track "Bones" appears on the debut EP "Earthen Spirit Loops", on Microrave Records [MRR000]. *******bazaar.voltergeist**** *******www.facebook****/voltergeist *******www.kaleidoscopefestival******
11 Nov 2011
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Kaleidoscope View of a Mad Mad World - 60 sec
15 Jun 2012
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Kaleidoscope review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Kaleidoscope for Playstation 3. Kaleidoscope is unlike anything else. Released as a PS Mini, the game starts with you fighting against attacks. You press the face buttons in the direction the attacks come from. After some of this, switching game styles into a shooter then changing again. The game's graphics are flashing lights, that mix with the soundtrack to create an eerie effect. This video review features video gameplay footage of Kaleidoscope for Playstation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
18 Sep 2012
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Mad big ups to Logistics here with another bad tune from 2006 available on Hospital Records -- www.hospitalrecords****/ btw, Logisitcs should do an Essential Mix!
14 Jan 2008
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Make a simple device which can make hundreds of beautiful patterns and designs using just 2 mirrors and a laser
12 Aug 2010
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Make a classic optics toy from an old CD case.
3 Nov 2008
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Make a classic optics toy from an old CD case...... please rate and comment my videos!!!
22 Jun 2008
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