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Through a combination of network organisation (optimized for high capacity and flexibility) and new mobile features (and designs), KDDI intends to be a forerunner in the upcoming third (and fourth) generational mobile technology. Wireless Japan was held annually at Tokyo's Big Site (this year it was held between the 19th and the 21st of July) and exhibits the latest technologies and services among mobile phone, terminal devices, applications, content, wireless LAN, UWB, WiMAX, ZigBee, TD-CDMA e.g
20 Sep 2006
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Digital Marketing School is in Japan, and caught up with Natsuko Kimura from KDDI Designing Studio in Toyko. Kimura San is the General Manager of KDDI Designing Studio, which showcases some of the innovations and future concepts of KDDI, one of Japan's largest mobile phone companies, employing 16,967 people in Japan. Kimura San shows us some fantastic innovations ranging from Mobile Phone musical instruments, Solar phones and phones with 3D video screens. A must see for all technology fans!
6 Oct 2009
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If you are looking for your global ICT partner, you've found the right place. We are Japan's telecommunications pioneer. With over 50 years worth of experience, KDDI is the leader in providing a one-stop solution in one of the world's most demanding markets. We have quality services, the capacity, financial stability and the spirit of innovation to put your data to work globally. KDDI Global Site
2 Jun 2017
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R-SIM 10+ iPhone unlock Tutorial manual
15 Dec 2016
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新版3G 智能iPhone手機星期五(6月25日)在日本開賣,為了早點拿到新手機,二百多個消費者早早在店門口排隊,讓代理iPhone的通訊公司總裁都覺得不可思議。 大約有超過200個iPhone迷在東京的經銷商外排隊,有些直接搭起帳蓬露營。22歲的大學生籐本泰介排在第一,他為了買到新手機等了將近24小時。籐本說:』iPhone開賣已經一年了,現在有很多新功能,但最吸引我的是可以看影片。』 許多顧客非常期待新手機的速度可以更快。46歲的未義博說:』無疑的,它非常快,這樣我會更常使用它,我真是迫不急待了。』 目前為代理iPhone的日本第三大通訊商軟銀(Softbank)。軟銀首席執行官孫正義(Masayoshi Son)在四月份時曾預測,他積極的行銷策略,將使營業額增長到42億美元。 孫正義早上七點,手機開賣前在外面對排隊的顧客說:』你們都已經預訂新手機了,而且完成了所有手續,可是你們還是整晚在這裡排隊。你們的精神實在令我吃驚。』 軟銀過去二年的顧客人數雖然不斷增加,但與使用日本系統的兩大通訊公司DoCoMo及KDDI相比,還是陷於混戰之中。 其他推薦: 2009新唐人電視台全球系列大賽、中國舞、聲樂、小提琴、漢服、中國菜、鋼琴、武術、油畫、攝影 *******competitions.ntdtv****/ 視頻百科 拓展您的視野! ******* 蘭州城管施暴引民怨 千人反擊回打 *******
27 Jun 2009
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