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The Internet has turned into a playground of "Lurkers", surfing around discovering new destinations. Sites like Amazon**** and eBay rely on thousand of users to build the content on their sites. User generated content goes beyond the creation of videos but the actual foundation of many top internet web sites. Great sites need many workers to satisfy the lurkers.
28 Sep 2007
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Search Engine Marketing Expert Gregory Markel explains how Search engine optimization is no longer only about websites, because Search Results now returns images, videos, blogs and news that can rank higher than a traditional website. This is why site owners need to include assets like images, videos, new release and blogs in their search engine optimization efforts.
28 Sep 2007
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Email, Skype, even broadband isn't guaranteed to be working when you really need it. Technology needs to be developed a "KidMa" (Kid & Grandma proof) manner, so there is no need to hope it will work - it just does.
1 Oct 2007
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Finding an "in" where ads are deemed as important as content is considered an advertisers utopia. Magazine hold a secret key for advertisers, ads are view as quality content.
2 Oct 2007
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Every business plan needs to identify its competitor and how they are competing. Once you know all the players on the field then you can understand what they are doing and even better why they are not doing. Successful companies learn by other companies errors and make sure they never create those mistakes.... Find your competition and embrace them!
3 Oct 2007
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If we are to be masters of communication then we need to take the time to make sure everything we say is understood by the ones that are listening.
5 Oct 2007
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Can perfect be a bad thing? It happens too often when a product never gets release because the creators are trying to make it too perfect. Over developing may may lead to paralyzing an opportunity.
5 Oct 2007
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As the internet population grows, more new users are coming from countries like China, Korea and Saudi Arabia, who has alphabet characters which are non English. This creates an issues with the major search engines. Will the big search sites spider these non-engish sites or will they acquire companies that do.
8 Oct 2007
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Mobile TV is growing around the world and Korea is one of the leaders using Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB). Korean Television Personality Kimmy Kim shows how easy it is to get TV on the phone.
10 Oct 2007
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With all the new online tools available at no cost, it is so easy to collaborate around the globe. Skype allows anyone to be part of a conference call and Google Docs gives everyone a live open document for the masses to edit real time.
15 Oct 2007
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In the land where broadband is pervasive and ubiquitous, Korea is lacking WiFi. Work ethic mandate an office environment where workers plug in and telecommuting in nowhere in sight. A wired connected society eliminates the need for Wifi and locations for Road Warriors to call there temporary office.
16 Oct 2007
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What's the life span of a CD / DVD. How long can you feel confident the data will be accessible anytime you need it. Is there a difference between a Movie / Music Disc or a disc you burn?
17 Oct 2007
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Stanford & Berkeley attracts some of the top visionaries, creating some of the greatest companies that have changed the technology landscape. With these leaders calling San Francisco their home, it get the title of the "Tech Capital of the World"
19 Oct 2007
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The Hollywood's mash-up really don't work for Hollywood so why does the tech world try using Hollywood's ideas. When creating something try being original and not Copying.
22 Oct 2007
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As Southern California is attached by a series of wild fires how does social networking sites help the community? Uniting people around the world to help the suffering and find ways to send assistance and support.
23 Oct 2007
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