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This video take you through the 50 multiple choice questions and the answers from January's New York State Chemistry Regents Exam. This includes test tips and tricks so you not only pass the exam, you ace it. Here is the link to the exam so you can follow along. The exam *******www.nysedregents****/testing/scire/chem-109/chem-109.pdf Reference Tables *******www.nysedregents****/testing/reftable/archreftable/ChemRef1-7.pdf
8 Aug 2009
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This video shows how to freeze beer instant in two seconds. with all the steps you have to take do do it. It is a simple Physics application of Boyle's Law. Liquids under pressure have a lower freezing point (and a higher boiling point - hence the pressure cap in your car radiator) than liquids at normal atmospheric pressure (NAP). When you unscrew the cap, the CO2 escapes, the liquid in the bottle is returned to NAP and then because it is at a lower temperature than 32 Fahrenheit (freezing point at NAP) it instantly freezes. instant freeze , kipkay , crazy experiment , awesome , tutorial , sex scene , how to do this awesome shit , shootingeggs , shooting eggs , bottle of beer carona This works with any carbonated beverage (never use beer). Take your beverage and cool it down to a temperature around 20F or -7C. Either the freezer or outside if it is c... MoreĀ»old enough. When opened it will freeze instantly. The reason: This demonstrates the principle of freezing point depression. Pure water at 1 atm will freeze at 0C or 32F. When something is dissolved in it the freezing point drops to a lower temperature. This is why when roads are salted there are puddles even though the temperature is below freezing. The more salt the lower the temperature must go before it freezes. When you open the bottle it does the opposite. The freezing point goes from (a guess) -10C to around 0C when the CO2 leaves the solution (the concentration decrease). Since the soda is at -7C it freezes instantly when the CO2 leaves the solution. from kentchemistry**** Freezing Carbonation Instanly Experiment Chemistry Physics Science Solubility Soda Chemie Chem Demo
14 Jan 2008
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