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As the results were announced at the US Ambassador to Kenya's Residence, he called the winning essay candidates to talk briefly on their letters to Barack Obama.They are humorous and inspiring especially to the young.
12 Nov 2008
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Kenya'nın muhteşem doğa manzaraları
24 Nov 2008
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Miss Judy a Kenya citizen tells her opinion after her cosmetic dental treatment at Mumbai in India. She was very particular to enhance the beauty and grace of her teeth and smile so she came to a dental treatment hospital of Mumbai as she knew that Indian dentists provided cost effective dental procedures with an international quality level. The advanced dentistry facilities in India provided a good result to Judy and she was able to get her teeth in the desired shape with a less cost cosmetic dental treatment at Mumbai in India. Cosmetic dental treatment is meant to enhance the beauty and smile of the teeth the dental procedures used in it are dental braces, dental bleaching and polish and dental caps plus dental fillings are also done so that the shape, colour and size of your teeth improves to your desired level. Cosmetic dental treatment in India at Mumbai, Chennai and Goa can greatly benefit abroad patients as its cost here is less and as cosmetic dentistry is not included in dental insurance so one can come to Indian dental surgeons to get it at low money budget. The medical care services in India are cost effective and of international level. You may get more info on cosmetic dental treatment in India at *******www.indianhealthguru**** or mail your queries at contactindianhealthguru****
1 May 2009
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Victor a Kenya patient got world class medical hospitalization for his urosurgery treatment at Mumbai in India. Victor searched for a medical treatment option that is cost effective and of world class medical quality. Finally Forerunners Healthcare came to te medical aid of victor and forwarded his medical case to one of its urology expert at Mumbai and the doctor provided the best health care amenities to the Kenya national during his hospital stay. Victor is happy and contended with his urosurgery treatment at Mumbai in India and recommends his friends to go to India to get a cheap cost medical treatment along with international medical standard. Urosurgery treatment in medical language is also called Urogenitial surgery it is a speciality that involves surgical procedures to reproductive and urinary organs. Although the functions of these organs are completely unrelated, these organs may use common ducts.The Urinary System (in males and in females) consists of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. The organs of the Urinary System are responsible for the formation and excretion of urine and urosurgery treatment deals with checking as well as curing the medical disorders related to these urogenitial disorders. The urology hospitals of India at Mumbai and Bangalore have experienced medical experts that provide medically safe procedures under urosurgery treatment in India with modern medical treatment protocols at a less cost. Medical tourism in India really cares for abroad patients who come to India for medical treatment. More over one can enjoy holidays and tourism at the best Indian tourism destinations. You may get more info on urosurgery treatment in India at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail your case details at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
29 Oct 2009
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Voi lodge Tsavo east Kenya, Dave and Stella on Safari
25 Dec 2008
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A sunset on safari in Kenya
24 Dec 2008
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Wild dogs on safari in kenya
31 Dec 2008
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Lions on safari in Kenya
25 Dec 2008
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Elephant playFighting in Kenya
18 Jan 2009
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*This documentary is predicated on a little journey I took throughout some of the most prominent areas of Kenya. *The main purpose was to show how much of a rich Country Kenya is, and how Kenyans as a people are some of the most creative beings in the world. *The motivation behind this concept came while traveling into Kenya on the airplane. I've always been disturbed by how some factions of the media portray Africa as a whole, while Kenya serving as one of the peas in a pot, and wanted to change a bit of the perception by highlighting positive aspects of the region, as opposed to showing kids with flies hovering over them, or poverty in general. Enjoy the video. God Bless.
15 Feb 2009
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Landmark Forum graduate Jamie Yallup created a leadership project in Kenya as her Team Game in World during her year in the Landmark Education Team Management and Leadership program *******www.teamleadership****
10 Feb 2009
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This is a video about the violence in Kenya that erupted following disputed national elections. Over a thousand were killed and hundreds of thousands more were displaced. There were many victims of horrific rapes and sexual attacks. CARE seeks justice for these victims by collecting testimonials and presenting them to the commission who are investigating the violence. Learn more about our work at: www.careinternational******* Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Jun 2009
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