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Eclipse Stunt Crew presenting their first Feature Film: "Kickback"
10 Apr 2007
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This board traveled 108 MPH. Have you ever wanted to see a live tablesaw kickback? It happens when the material being cut binds on the back part of the blade. This video was made to teach the concept and to help woodworkers have a better understand of how a kickback happens. Please do not try this at home. People have encountered serious injuries from tablesaw kickback. This kickback happened because of 3 errors by the operator. 1. The board was let go during the cut. 2. The board was pushed slightly away from the fence during the cut. 3. The safety features of the saw were removed (splitter and anti-kickback fingures). Kickback also occurs when the ripfence is used to crosscut. It can happen when the miter gauge and rip fence are used together or when the scrap material connects with the spinning blade.
9 Nov 2007
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Get a hot body and keep cool in the pool with Aqua Jogger exercises! eDiets**** presents the triceps kickback with flutter kick underwater with the help of Aqua Jogger.
2 Jul 2008
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Maximuscle shows you how to do a glute kickback: On all fours, kick back one leg, keeping the sraight, parrelell and toes pointing to the floor. Keep your back flat and your hands flat to the floor
2 Nov 2009
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Maximuscle shows you how to do a tricep kickback: Stand next to the bench with one leg kneeling on it, bent over supporting your balance with your arm, holding the dumbbell in the opposite arm. Keep you back flat, your head level and your elbow up, extend the arm back.
2 Nov 2009
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If you travel and are an iPhone devotee, Scosche has a simple and fairly elegant solution so you do not have to hold iPhone with the kickBACK kickstand it props up your phone so you don't have to hold your iPhone butterscotch****: *******
10 Apr 2010
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The rifle hits the girl right in the nose. *******siteindexed****
3 Jan 2008
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www.fastfitnessvideos**** 1. Free weights again 2. Use lighter weight than bicep curl 3. One hand against bench or chair/wall 4. Other arm bent at side so that upper arm parallel to ground 5. Upper arm is still while lower arm extends back until arm is straight
19 Nov 2008
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Get ready to be murdalized! In one of the most difficult side-scrolling platforming ninja games for the Sega Genesis.
24 Sep 2011
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Single resistance training exercise is good for "toning" by itself. Toning requires losing body fat and either maintaining or gaining muscle mass. If you have low body fat and little muscle, this exercise will do a great job at toning your triceps. Total Gym kickbacks are very effective at isolating the triceps. Kickbacks are far superior on the total gym than with dumbbells. The demonstration was performed on the GTS which is the gym version of the home exercise machine "Total Gym" Personal Trainer Mike Behnken, MS, NASM-CPT-PES, CSCS
27 May 2009
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If you don't have a dumbbell at home you can go ahead and use a can, bottle or something with a little weight to it.
26 Sep 2008
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The scandal of private prison companies paying Pennsylvania judges to fill up their jails with children. ******* *******democracynow****
10 Mar 2009
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The scandal of private prison companies paying Pennsylvania judges to fill up their jails with children. ******* *******democracynow****
11 Mar 2009
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Playmate Jordan Monroe pumps a little iron at the gym in a seriously skimpy workout outfit. In Playboy's Naked Workout series, watch as sexy, nearly naked Playboy models demonstrate your favorite (to watch) exercises, like stretching and stair climbing. See all 12 hot workout videos at *******www.playboy****/girls/landingpages/naked-workout/exercise1.html.
6 May 2010
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